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Best Massage Chairs in UK

If you’re feeling achy and tired, it’s time to treat yourself with an at-home massage chair. As work becomes more virtual, people are sitting for longer periods of time which can cause them to slump over their keyboards.

A massage has been shown to help with numerous health and well-being issues, including stress, anxiety, posture, relaxation, relief from acute pain, energy balancing, and more. While you may think a massage is impractical, it may just be the one thing you and your body need.

Interested in saving time and money when it comes to massages? Do you want the experience without having to hire a professional or or the hassle of making your way to a massage center or spa? Surprisingly enough, you are not alone. It is estimated that 12% of massages occur in the home and do not involve professional assistance. As it turns out, an increasing number of people are turning to massage chairs.

Massage chairs have been around for decades but the technology has improved tremendously in recent years. With more and more companies jumping on board, you can find massage chairs that include a diverse range of options including heated massages, shiatsu, and zero gravity.

If you’re looking for a massage chair, it can be tough to figure out which is the best option. You might not know what separates one type of model from another, and may even struggle with deciding on features that are most important to you. Check out our list below – we’ve broken down all the options so they’ll make more sense when choosing between brands.

Best Massage Chairs and Chair Pads in UK 2023 – Reviews

1. Julian Bowen Malmo Heat Massage Recliner and Footstool
best massage chair in UK
The Malmo Massage Recliner and Stool is a stylish, comfortable reclining chair with an 8 point massage unit and lumbar heated pad for maximum comfort. Crafted from soft touch leather fabric or walnut laminated wood in brown or black colors to fit any decor, it features sleek armrests that lift up when you get out of the seat as well as built-in integrated storage compartments under the seats where you can put your remotes on one side and drinks/snacks on another so they are always at hand during relaxing time!

The massage function of this recliner chair is basic vibrate function with 3 levels and various patterns that target different areas. You can also activate certain parts on their own, such as lumbar and shoulders or back and thighs – it’s an innovative system which works well without making much noise! The chair also comes with heat function to warm up your lower back and shuts off after certain amount of time to avoid getting too hot.


  • Provide massage for should lumbar back and thigh
  • Features 5 massage mode and 3 intensity levels
  • Makes less noise
  • Comes with Lumbar heated pad
  • Auto shut off heat function to prevent over heating
  • Chair can be reclined up to 45 degree
  • Upholstered in soft touch faux leather
  • Footstool included


  • Comes with basic massage function.
  • Does not provide 3D/4D or therapeutic massage.
  • Not much padding and cushioning
2. Comfier Neck and Back Massager with Heat - Shiatsu Massage Chair
best massage chair pad in UK
The Comfier is an innovative massage cushion that features a multitude of functions and customization options. You can experience the soothing effects on your neck, back, shoulder and thigh with its deep kneading shiatsu massage.

The vibration seat adds another dimension by vibrating in harmony with nodes along four different points: your waist area for circulation; the two sides either side of it for muscle tension relief; as well as 4 nodes at varying heights around where you’ll be sitting so they work together to provide stress-relieving pressure while also massaging areas all throughout the lower body!

The massage chair pad provides customizable settings, like optional heat and rolling massage. The rolling massages are gentle enough to be used on the back for a soothing warmth that loosens stiff muscles after work or helps you sleep better at night with its heat setting. With spot massage techniques, this will allow you to have targeted therapy by focusing your 4 rolling nodes wherever you need to most

It also features compress massage that are designed to provide additional relief for lower back and hip pain. The gentle pressure felt while using the device is very relaxing, making it an ideal way of relieving stress during a busy day at work or school.


  • 4 kneading massage nodes in the neck and back areas
  • Customizable heating and rolling function
  • A 3D air compression function
  • Spot massage for specific body areas.
  • Detachable and washable cover for neck and flap for back


  • Not efficient for shorter person
  • Some users felt the massage to be strong and abrasive
3. HoMedics ShiatsuMax 2.0 - Electric Heated Shiatsu Back Massager
best massage chair pad 2021
If you are feeling overwhelmed at work, this massage cushion can serve as your personal masseur. With a strapping system that fits on any chair and an array of features to choose from for the best experience possible, it is sure to relieve some stress!

The Max 2.0 is a uniquely designed seat cushion that you can put on any chair, so it’s perfect for people who want to be able to customise their experience and tackle specific back problems with ease! The Shiatsu Double Massage Nodes combine the traditional Japanese technique of massage with a modern design to give you an invigorating and relaxing experience. The 14 different programs are perfect for any type of body, including Shiatsu and Rolling massages designed for your back; heat option is also available if that’s what you need!


    • 14 pre-programmed modes
    • 2 double massages nodes for Shiatsu massage across the back and shoulders.
    • Adjustable height and width
    • Heating function included
    • Adjustable headrest, bolstered sides and seat


        • Massage can be strong and intense for slim person
        • Not suitable for shorter person
4. Snailax Full Body Massage Chair Pad
best massage chair Pad
Snailax Massage Chair Pad offers a gentle and soothing massage experience, with the added ability to control intensity for different levels of relief. The 8 upgraded flexible shiatsu rollers provide great support in order to make sure that you receive maximum relaxation across your back–making it perfect whether you are lounging or sitting at work.

The chair massager has 4 shiatsu rotation nodes to provide deep kneading massages for neck and shoulder. The detachable flap allows you choose a softer or more intense massage on your neck, back, and seat. The massager also has compression support for the buttocks and lower back. With 3 levels of compression massage and 3 levels of vibration intensity the Chair Massage Machine can meet all needs with its adjustable features!


        • Deep Rolling Kneading Back Massage Seat Cushion with Heat
        • Adjustable Neck Massager with Pillow Pad for Neck, Shoulder and Back
        • 4 AirBags Provides Air Compression Massage
        • 3 vibration Massage Intensity for Seat Vibration
        • Spot Massage for Back


        • Neck massager is very high for shorter person
        • Some users feel the 4 air bags does not provide anything
5. More4Homes CAESAR Electric Auto Recliner Massage Chair
best recliner massage chair in UK
You won’t find a more luxurious chair than the Caesar massage chair by More4Homes. This armchair is upholstered with super-soft bonded leather, so you can enjoy it for many years to come! If you need some comfort in your own home and don’t want to leave anything out then this would be perfect choice of furniture for your living room or bedroom. The design leads directly into the arms so that when someone sits down they will feel supported on all sides while still being able to reach everything around them easily.

This electric motor recliner will make your life so much easier! The massage function on this chair not only provides a subtle vibration that helps to relax your back, but it also includes heating functions for complete relaxation. Dual cup holders provide an easy place to put drinks and snacks so you never have the hassle of searching around again during movie time. For those who want a truly relaxing sitting or reclining experience while watching their favorite TV programs in style, this recliner is perfect!


        • Designed with full lumbar support
        • Backrest provides additional support for your head and neck
        • Extra-soft padding in arms and backrest
        • Very comfortable seat material
        • Easy to use
        • Include Heat function


            • Expensive
            • Can feel rocky when massaging

Why Buy a Massage Chair?

When you think of a massage, the first word that comes to mind is probably “relaxation.” While this may be true for most people, there are actually many other benefits besides: massages can increase your immunity and energy levels while also boosting general wellness. Various studies has been do into the benefits of massage therapy, and if you own a good massage chair, You can enjoy them on daily basis.

Stress Management

According to the American Psychological Association (APA) roughly 1 in 5 people are dealing with high levels of stress at any given time. Combined with anxiety, it is not uncommon for people to experience depression. A massage chair is a proven tool for stress management, providing a relaxing and calming experience that many people enjoy.

Consider a massage chair to be the ultimate self-care. Investing in your own well being, you purchase the chair to treat yourself a little. It is not uncommon for massage chairs to provide emotional release, allowing individuals to meditate, relax, and enjoy an experience that reinvigorates and delights. Give yourself a break and purchase a massage chair for your own emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Rehabilitation Pain Management

Another important reason to get a massage chair is rehabilitation and pain management. Millions of procedures are performed every year. Often this includes a lengthy recovery time that involves a lot of rehabilitation and pain management. A massage chair can provide the very best in recuperation. Many chairs incorporate modes for acute pain relief, providing localized treatment that reduces the pain that many people feel. It helps to reduce the amount of medication you would otherwise be taking.

Massage chairs are also famous for how they can help with chronic pain. Whether it is a week after a surgery or a year, some individuals will feel chronic pain indefinitely. A massage chair can help to reduce flare-ups and make day-to-day living far more manageable.

Body Relaxation

Even when there is nothing psychologically or physically wrong, a massage chair still provides an incredible body relaxation that is well worth the cost. Relaxing the body helps you to calm down and appreciate living in the moment. It makes been proven that massages can make food taste better, colors look brighter, and smells stronger. Simply put, massage chairs can make us relax in a way we are not even aware we are missing.

In addition to relaxing our bodies, massage chairs can aid in aligning our posture. Helping with posture change, you will sit up straighter and easier with frequent massages. Along with feeling relaxed, it is not uncommon to feel like you have increased energy. This is often referred to as energy balancing. If nothing else, the massage will leave you feeling fantastic.

Improves Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

A deep tissue massage, heating cycles and zero gravity positioning all contribute to restoring the body to a fit state after a workout. The quick recovery time means you can restart your day to day activities comfortably without any pain or discomfort from an earlier injury.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Research has shown that massage may lower stress, blood pressure, and heart rate. In a study of hypertensive women in particular it was found to reduce their blood pressure acutely over the course of one session. More research is needed but this supports what we know about other kinds of complementary treatments for reducing pain after surgery due to cardiac issues as well as anxiety too.

Reduce Headaches

With the help of a massage therapy, it is possible for headache sufferers to reduce their pain. A study found that therapy includes benefits such as improved blood flow and loosening tight muscles in order to relieve tension and stress from your body. Subjects who participated in this study reported an increase in serotonin levels which left them feeling less distressed, more rested, or having fewer headaches!

Improve Sleep

Modern day life has caused a surge in insomnia and fatigue. The constant exhaustion can be overwhelming, but there are ways to get relief! Massages were found to be an effective way of reducing sleep problems with its relaxing effects on the body. That’s why it is no surprise that massage chairs have grown so popular over recent years because they offer this same rejuvenating effect while allowing you comfort at home instead of going out.

How to Choose the Best Massage Chair

Buying a massage chair is no small investment and with so many features, you want to be sure that it’s the right choice. Below are some of the most important aspects you should keep in mind before buying a massage chair.

Types of Massage Chair

There are different types of massage chair available and those include:


The recliner is the most traditional type of massage chair and it’s one that won’t break your bank account. It features plenty of kneading, rolling, and tension relief techniques for a relaxing experience at home. It is usually more affordable compare to zero gravity or other types of massage chair.

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Zero gravity

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs come with an all new system that mimics the experience of space flight. As you recline and let your back stretch out, pressure is decreased for a more comfortable massage time. It let you escape the stresses of everyday life and experience a weightless sensation. The zero gravity position not only feels good but also provides relief after every long day at work.

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Full body

A full body massage chair is an investment that takes care of your whole body. It can be cradled in a way to provide all over relief and often provides higher quality than other chairs because it claims to imitate the feel of human hands for anyone seeking this experience.


Ottoman’s are often a key component of modern massage chairs. They provide comfort and leg extension during the massage, which is why they’ve become such an integral part to modern therapy units.

Massage Rollers

The type of massage rollers is a key consideration for those looking to buy a massage chair. There are different types of rollers available in the market, with advanced models able to change height and width for optimal comfort. Massage chairs comes with any of the three options: 2D, 3D, and 4D.

2D Massage Rollers

A massage chair that offers a 2D system is the simplest and most common option on the market. When massaging, rollers move up and down and left to right in an effort to provide you with relief from muscle tension or soreness. You can adjust speed as well as some depth settings; there are many great options out there for any budget!

A user who just wants a no-frills experience would be happy with something like this – it’s not expensive but still provides good results!

3D Massage Rollers

3D massage systems are more advanced form of a relaxing chair. They combine all that is offered in 2D with one additional step that will deeply penetrate into your shoulder muscles, giving you an intense experience. Massage Chairs with 3D system have rollers that move up, down, left and right, and also in and out. The rollers can protrude further out from the track to reach those places typically neglected by chairs such as neck and shoulders which makes this more exciting for any kind of user!

4D Massage Rollers

4D massage chairs are the next generation of 3D massage chairs. They do all the same movements as a 3D does, but it also allows to adjust the speed when the rollers go in and out.

Massage Tracks

There are three different types of tracks that massage chairs use to roll across. The type you choose can impact the feel and range of motion it provides, which is important if you’re looking for a deep-tissue or relaxing session.


S-Tracks are designed to move back and forth, mimicking the natural curvature of your spine. They also typically have a varying length up top depending on their size – usually around 24 to 32 inches in total. S-tracks are the most common track type that are used by many massage chairs.


L-Track chairs allow for the user to get a more comprehensive massage, not just their upper back. With this chair’s ability to reach lower down on your body from neck area all the way over and under both glutes and hamstrings, you can be assured that every part of your problem areas are being digested by its kneading nodes as it rolls up or down along them!


Lastly, the most latest that only advanced massage chair provide is SL track. SL track is extended version of S track with curves that L track massages all the way down to the buttock.

Massage Chair Airbags

Massage airbags are small pouches that work in tandem with the massage chair to provide a more intense and localized deep tissue experience. Essentially, these bags inflate when pressure is applied on them by compressing muscles against it which then stimulates blood flow resulting in both muscle stiffness and general tension being removed from an area of your body you need it most!


Heat and massage offer a similar experience. When combined, they can create an even better outcome by building off each other to increase the benefits of both therapies. Heat helps get blood flowing, while massage works to release toxins from your body, increasing circulation that will help you feel more flexible and less in pain after treatment is over with. Both heat therapy as well as therapeutic massages are beneficial for improving arthritis or deep tissue injuries such as muscle stiffness or inflammation.

There are many massage chairs offered by quality brands that provide heat therapy. Massage chairs provide lumbar heat, where the heating elements are located in the lower back.

Massage Chair Motor

Motors are important mechanical aspects of any massage chair. These motors generate power to move nodes and rollers to the required areas, as well as allow the needed adjustments to the seat back.

The massage chair has preset patterns and programs used to soothe the user. The motors, nodes, and rollers can be changed manually through a control pad accompanying all models of chairs. These changes have an effect on how much pressure is applied to certain areas that need it most- from top of the spine down through lower back with a tapping motion or rolling motion for lighter massages up to kneading motions when desired for heavier ones!


Every year massage chairs get better. Providing a wider range of unique massage options and ensuring that you leave the experience more relaxed and energized than before you started, a massage chair can be among the best purchases you make. Great for improving your health and wellbeing, the massage chair can also aid in treating acute issues including localized pain. For those not comfortable overly medicating, a massage chair provides an alternative approach to pain management that is far safer. It also makes an excellent present or gift for someone you love.

If you are interested in purchasing a massage chair, then your first step should be to identify the amount you are willing to spend and your price point. As you can tell through the reviews listed above, there are different levels of massage chair that gradually increase in luxury and price. Using our list as a starter, you can explore additional options yourself. Remember, every minute you spend researching a massage chair before purchase will save you ten times that amount in hassle and cost later on. Choose carefully and enjoy!