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Best Walking Trainers For Women With Flat Feet

Perhaps you have heard the terms running shoes, training shoes, and walking shoes. Are they really that different? Do you really need a different shoe for each activity? Simple answer. Every shoe was designed with the specific activity in mind.

A pair of walking shoes or walking trainers is the most essential piece of equipment for a comfortable walking. It’s important that you choose a walking trainer that is specifically designed for walking rather than a running shoes. If you have flat feet and experience foot pain, particularly in heel or arch area, You should definitely try walking shoes for flat feet. It’s an additional expense, but it’s one that will pay off. You’ll have greater comfort, stability, and less pain.

Best Walking Shoes / Trainers For Women in UK 2023 – Reviews

1. Skechers Women's Go Walk 5'' Slip On Trainers
best walking trainers for women in UK
Skechers Go Walk 5 comes in many sizes, colors, and variations for you to choose from. The well-loved Go Walk 5th edition appears to have been a huge success. This shoe is a comfortable, reliable walking shoe that can be worn every day. The Go Walk 5 features Lightweight, responsive ULTRA GO cushioning and high rebound COMFORT PILLAR technology. It also provides Air Cooled Goga breathable insole that wont make your feet sweat even if your wear in warm conditions.

The shoe has a slip-on style to save time and make it easy to put on. It also features a collar and padded heel to secure the foot in place. This shoe has a single foam unit as its platform. It has a dual density characteristic and a tougher layer at its bottom for increased durability.

The ULTRA GO proprietary component provides the primary cushioning. This full-length EVA foam unit is lightweight and responsive. It can also flex with your foot to provide a smooth, comfortable transition from heel to toe. The Ultra Go comes with high-rebound, underfoot pods. They are part of the Comfort Pillar Technology, and are strategically placed throughout each sole to respond to each step.

To cover the feet, the shoe uses a softly woven mesh fabric. This mesh fabric has large ventilation pores that allow for air circulation. The heel section of the upper is covered by a synthetic overlay panel. It provides stability and support for the rear foot.


  • Lightweight and very comfortable to wear
  • Durable with high traction rubber outsole.
  • Dual density sole to increase stability and support
  • Air cooled Goga Mat insole for additional padding and create breathable foodbed
  • The uppers are made of durable, breathable mesh
  • Good appealing design


  • Upper material may stretch out over time
  • Some users complain the size of the shoes are larger when compare to respective standard size
2. Vans Ward Suede/canvas, Women’s Low-Top Sneakers
best low top sneakers for women in UK
Vans Ward Low-Top effortlessly combines classic style with comfort. It’s a great addition to your daily sneaker collection. This sneaker is affordable and offers the durability and versatility you need in a street-style sneaker. This shoe features a low-top, lacing-up design that adds some fashion to street style. Vans signature waffle sole is combined with suede and canvas uppers to create a shoe that looks and feels great.

This sneaker is available in a variety of colors, so it’s sure to suit anyone. It also has an unisex design that allows for versatility shopping. The canvas material is light and airy, which allows for cooling wear and also helps prevent the buildup of sweat and odour-causing bacteria.

The outsole is durable and will not wear down from daily stress, so you can continue to enjoy these shoes for many years. Also the new and improved vertical lines give the waffle sole superior handling. The outsole’s unique traction gives you the freedom to skate on wet or dry surfaces without worrying about slips.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • One of the most affordable sneakers in the market
  • Stylish and classic look
  • Can be wear on different ocassions
  • Durable that will last long
  • Easy to wash and maintain


  • Some users complain, not comfortable when worn first time
3. PUMA Women's Carina L Sneaker
best stylish trainers for women in UK
Puma has created a new sneaker inspired by the classic version. Puma Carina is a timeless design made with premium materials. This pair is a great choice for most women because of its lightweight and comfortable ride. The style is versatile and can be paired with any casual outfit. This model is great for women looking for fashionable, yet affordable sneakers.

The slip-on design allows for easy customization of the fit to your liking. SoftFoam technology was added by Puma on its sockliner to provide flexibility and comfort. The Puma Carina low-top is only available in women’s sizing.

Puma Carina comes in simple and versatile design. The premium suede upper is paired with a raised platform sole. The thick sole makes the classic silhouette a striking sneaker. This sneaker can be paired with just about any street style. This sneaker can be worn by ladies with sports-inspired outfits such as a monochromatic tracksuit or jogger pants with oversized hoodies.


  • Simple, versatile and comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight and fits true to size
  • Dual-density insole provides two layers of Cushioning
  • Lace closure for a snug Fit
  • For added support and comfort, this pair features a padded tongue and collar
  • Soft and flexible rubber sole


  • Some users complain it makes a squeaky sound
  • Toes are little on the tighter side
4. Superga Unisex's 2750'' Cotu Classic'' Trainers
best trainers for women in UK
Superga, an Italian footwear brand, is most well-known for its iconic sneaker design. Although the design dates back over 100 years, it has been updated over time to include new heights, fabrics and weather-friendly options. The Superga Cotu is a traditional sneaker, yet it attracts more fashionable ladies than a traditional one, including celebrities and royalty. Kate Middleton, among other places, was seen wearing one at the London Marathon.

These trainers are made from cotton and canvas with a rubber sole. They’re both practical and comfortable. As for comfort and breaking in Supergas, they take a few weeks of consistent wear to really get the canvas pliable. Although the Superga Cotu sneakers do not have built-in arch support. Many travelers opt for a removable or gel arch insole to customize their level of comfort.


  • Simple, Casual and comfortable to wear
  • Vulcanised gum sole
  • Easily washable
  • Fully breathable cotton
  • Lace up design


  • Not much wide
  • Some users complain about size issue
5. BUBUDENG Women's Trainers Air Cushion Sneakers
BUBUDENG Women's Trainers Air Cushion Sneakers
This trainer is ideal for neutral runners and low-mileage runners. The sole is soft and lightweight, which allows for better support and flexibility. It’s lightweight and easy to wear. The shoe’s weight is reduced by the EVA midsole and knit mesh upper. It also offers exceptional durability and cushioning.

The knit construction offers lightweight comfort and breathability, while the sleek upper gives you a sock-like feel. The Women’s Running Shoes are flexible and provide stability while providing cushioning and support. To increase traction in high-abrasion areas and to keep you steadfast through the toughest workouts, there is a texture under your toe and heel.


  • Mesh and synthetic upper materials offer a snug, sock-like fit. Knit tennis fabric, comfortable and breathable
  • Lightweight, flexible with air cushioning and rubber sole
  • Slip resistant
  • EVA midsole


  • Not quiet durable

What is Flat Feet

Flat feet occur when your arches on the inner side of your feet are flattened. This allows your entire soles to touch the ground when you stand up. Flat feet, which is common and often painless, can develop when the arches aren’t formed during childhood. Flat feet may also occur after injury or simply from the daily wear and tear of aging.

How to Choose Best Walking Shoes

Walking shoes are not same as running shoes, they are different as they each addresses specific foot movement. Walkers generally strike with their heel first and then roll down the steps. Runners, on the other hand, strike first with the mid sole and roll through the step. They need a built up heel to absorb the impact and a flared heel to stabilize. Walkers don’t need either of these. Below are the important factors that should be taken into consideration before buying a walking shoes for flat feet.

Arch Support

Since people with flat feet have arch that is less pronounced, You need to have a pair walking shoes that provide sufficient arch support. A good arch support can make walking more enjoyable. Studies have shown that a flat arch support can reduce oxygen consumption. Because of this, wearing arch support insoles for walking can help with uphill and downhill exercises for people with flat feet. Consider the shape of your trainer. Sometimes, you can see a curve that indicates good arch support.

Stiff heel counter

You need to provide support for your heel so that the heel stays in place and the foot doesn’t move inward. For comfort, look for a firm heel counter and a padded heel. A snug fit in the heel area, is what you should be looking for. A good heel counter can help to prevent feet from either over pronation, or supination.

Toe box

Toe boxes are the portion of shoes that protects and covers the toes. There are many styles and shapes of toe boxes depending on what type of shoe you have, but they should have enough space for the toes and to be able to move around freely. The space should allow for free movement, such as wriggling and bending your toes at the knuckles. But it shouldn’t have too much space that can cause discomfort. Women with flat feet, should look for model that have elastic around the top line to have better grip.


Before you buy a pair of walking shoes, make sure to check out the cushioning. Flat feet will require more support. However, it is difficult to tell how well-cushioned trainers are from just looking at them. However, you can look at the description to see what kind of cushioning is used.

You can find more information in the reviews if the description isn’t clear. Customers often discuss how comfortable the walking trainers are to wear and how well cushioned they feel.

Sturdy Sole

The most important part of footwear is the sole, especially the midsole. There are many materials available for midsoles that provide the shoe with greater or less cushioning, support, flexibility, and durability. Sole should be firm in the heel and midsole. This will allow you to use the shoe in many environments.