Best Recliner Chairs

The best seats in the house are typically what most want to get. Comfort is often considered as the primary factors on how to choose seats. Recliners are designed in such a way where the backs can be lowered to provide comfort for the back while the front ends are raised. Often, it comes with the backrests that will be tilted quite easily, and in modern houses today, this is fast taking the place of conventional sofas and chairs.

Best Recliner Chairs UK

Are you pulling your hair in frustration for not being able to find the best recliner chair? Well, help is just around the corner. Today, we present to you the top five recliner chairs that the market has to offer.

1. GFA Lincoln Standard – Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair

Best Recliner Chair UK 2020

This stylish recliner chair is literally the cream of the crop in its respective price range. It’s attractive, comfortable, and adjustable, all at the same time. As advertised, it’s adequately filled at all the right places. Moreover, this chair is quite roomy. So, you won’t have to squeeze your thighs to fit in. Better still, it can support bigger guys as well, up to 125 kg or 20 stone. Believe it or not, the frame of this chair is as sturdy as it can get. In terms of functionality, it’s right on the money too. For instance, the backrest and the footrest operate independently of each other due to the dual motor fitted in the chair.

The best part is that the dual motor stays silent during operation. Yes, the chair rises and reclines very smoothly. Better still, this chair features side pockets, which can be used as a temporary storage space for your magazines, cell phones, remote control, etc.

  • The Autumn Mosaic fabric used in the construction of this chair is quite modern-looking.
  • Compared to other reclining chairs out there, this chair is far softer and more comfortable.
  • The GFA Lincoln Standard Chair comes with a warranty of one year to take care of bitter experiences.


  • It’s shipped in two large boxes, which should tell you that it doesn’t come assembled.

2. Evre Recliner Arm Chair with Adjustable Leg Rest and Reclining Functions

Best Recliner Chair UK 2020

The Evre Recliner Arm Chair is spacious, comfortable, multifunctional, and fantastic at all levels. You will absolutely love it for the fact that it offers multiple different reclining positions and a foldable footrest. Moreover, it looks pretty modern as opposed to old-school. At the same time, it’s sturdy like those old-school chairs that can last a lifetime. Above all, it’s not overly big or small. The size is perfect enough for most needs. Not to mention that this chair is very supportive around the lumbar region.

Furthermore, the material used for the chair is well-stitched at all the places. And it’s a breeze to wipe down, in the event of any spills. Seriously, this chair is ideal for all purposes that a well-made recliner chair can be used for.

  • Featuring a back friendly-shape, the Evre Recliner Arm Chair can hold up to 130 kg of human weight without any fuss.
  • Thanks to the detailed information, this recliner chair can be assembled in no more than ten to fifteen minutes.
  • According to the vast majority of past purchasers, the chair gets delivered ahead of the specified delivery date.


  • There’s no noteworthy drawback to bitch about other than the fact that you might have to fight with your family members to keep them from using it too often.

3. Yaheetech Recliner Arm chair W/Adjustable Leg Rest and Reclining Functions

Best Recliner Chair UK 2020

This recliner chair will make you feel as if you are resting on a comfortable sofa or bed. It’s definitely comfortable, rightly-sized, and brilliantly made to provide the right amount of support to the lumbar region. So, you will be sitting on it as soon as you are back from work. This thing is really a fatigue-reliever. In fact, it’s so comfortable that if you sit on the chair for too long, you might doze off. The best part is that you will find the chair extremely comfortable in all the reclining positions.

Although a person has to use his/her body to recline the chair, it’s remarkably effortless and easy to release the recliner. Not to discount the fact that this recliner chair isn’t too big. Consequently, it won’t consume a lot of real estate in your home or office.

  • The chair comes well-packed, it can be moved solo, and it’s easy to put together single handedly without any special tools.
  • The maximum holding capacity of this recliner chair is 265 lbs/120 kg, which is better than decent on any given day.
  • You will also be pleased to know that the chair sells in three different attractive colors: beige, brown, and black.


  • This chair is more far suitable for adults as opposed to kids. That said, it can be shared with kids as well.

4. BOJU Adjustable Living Room Recliner Chair

Best Recliner Chair UK 2020

If you can’t bear sitting on your existing chair for too long, you should consider adding the BOJU living room recliner chair to your shopping cart. Frankly speaking, this chair takes seating comfort to the next level. In other words, this adjustable recliner chair has a lot going for it. As marketed, the cushioning on the chair is pretty firm. At the same time, it allows your body to sink into it, which can be quite sleep-inducing for most people, especially after sitting on it for a while.

The fact that it reclines nicely, and it’s comfortable to lay on, you will have no issues sleeping on it. Of course, it’s advisable to not make this a habit. But then, you won’t wake up with sore back because of how supportive, comfortable, and adjustable this chair is. For the price, the chair also looks quite stunning, which is to say that it looks much more expensive than the price paid for it.

  • The chair is remarkably well-made. Unlike the rivals in the same price range, it shows no sign of poor workmanship.
  • Although it’s shipped in a fairly large package, the chair comes very well-packed.
  • The hidden footrest is a wonderful space-saving addition to this recliner chair.
  • When used conservatively, the BOJU living room recliner chair can literally last a lifetime.


  • The assembly instructions are not particularly clear in the latter stages. That said, it’s not too difficult to figure it out.


Best Recliner Chair UK

If you need a chair that won’t take a toll on your back and neck, you should get this best recliner chair in a heartbeat. Seriously, this chair is far better than all the other ergonomic chairs out there. In fact, the More4Homes CAEDAR chair will put most of its leading rivals to shame. Even without the massage function, it’s totally worth the asking price. For those who don’t know, the padding on this chair is incredibly soft, and it reclines to an angle where you can almost lay down flat. As marketed, the massage is very soft and relaxing. So, it’s not a bogus feature. Of course, you will love the rocking motion too.

Frankly speaking, you won’t mind spending all day long on this chair. Credit to the Swivel part, you can also turn the chair very easily without having to move it. Furthermore, this thing features cup holders and pockets for added user convenience.

  • The mechanics of this chair are truly praiseworthy. And, the chair looks reasonably stylish as well.
  • Unlike other reclining chairs, it won’t take a lot of effort from your side to recline or rest the chair in any position.
  • It offers a lot of massage options, which is a nice bonus by itself. As advertised, the heating function is brilliant as well.
  • Contacting the company won’t prove to be a stressful affair because the company genuinely cares about its customers.


  • The cup holder is not very deep. So, a large bottle may fall if you are rocking the chair.
  • You will probably need a helping hand to put together this adjustable reclining chair.

Why Buy a Recliner Chair

People often make the mistake of implying that the use of the recliner chairs are only for design and style. While this is certainly one of the major reasons why the chairs are used frequently, the fact is that the major reason recliners are more popular is because it is a seat made for relaxation. Imagine just lounging around while watching your favorite movies or perhaps reading a good book through the night on a chair that speaks of comfort.

Comfort relaxation is something that most people want to get from their chairs, and the recliners are the first choice when looking for such. Typically, the second reason why most prefer these seats is because it is actually easier to operate. The inclined position usually just takes a simple push to the front or a button to give the reclined angles that gives support to the body.

Lumbar and neck support are also two reasons why the recliner chairs are very popular. People who have back problems in the lower lumbar areas will benefit from the use of these chairs at home. Generally, it gives their back the full support that prevents pressure when sitting down. As the upper body is sometimes heavier than expected, it needs to have the back support, and the recliners will be able to give this feature.

People who want comfort can certainly benefit from the use of these chairs. However, people with medical conditions and need to stay relaxed and easy will benefit more from these chairs. As a matter of fact, there are some specially designed chairs that are crafted in the market for the purpose of being used for people with severe medical conditions.

Types of Recliner Chairs

The recliners typically come with the advantage of being able to rock and swivel according to your movements. However, there are some chairs that will be limited to have only one of these functions rather than all of it. Hence, it would seem ideal to choose a chair that will fit your needs and whether it will be something that can bring you comfort to the body.

The Types of Recliners In Demand In The Market

The first type of the recliner chairs that are in the market is the rocker recliners. These are the chairs that are often quite similar to the old fashioned rocking chairs, and it comes to be a handy piece of furniture that can rock you to sleep. If you happen to have a baby, these recliners would be a great choice as you get every opportunity to comfort your baby and give you a rocking motion that is sweet and melodic.

Lift chairs are a second type of recliners that are found in the market. These are the chairs that are able to bring about comfort for people that have limited functions to their legs. Massage recliners are also an option to choose from, and these chairs will give you the comfort of having chairs that are quite easy on the body. As massage chairs, it comes with the automated function of giving the body massages with different variations. This is a popular chair that can be found in many massage parlors for people who just prefer to get the basics.

The Family Chairs

These recliners are typically for the use of the entire family. Most people forget that almost anyone can sit on these recliner chairs when they are empty. Hence, it would seem best to consider the chairs that are able to bring comfort to the body at all times. Whether it may be you or your husband and even your kids, you need to make sure the recliner chairs will be perfect for the entire family. As long as the chairs are fit for the room and the people around, then it could be a perfect choice to have.

Of course, as the chairs are typically considered as a family seat, then you need to make sure that you choose a chair that will be safe to use. Quality construction is important for the safety aspects of the chair, and you need to make sure that you gauge these aspects properly. Recliner chairs are always evolving, and you need to choose one that fits your style.