Best Zero Gravity Chairs In UK

It’s no secret that the best zero gravity chair is one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture you can buy. Zero gravity chair works by reclining your body into position where all of its weight is evenly distributed across multiple parts of your back and spine for maximum comfort. It also relieves pressure on your back and legs. But which is the best zero gravity chair?

The answer to this question depends largely on what features are important to you. In this article we will discuss different types of chairs, as well as their pros and cons. We will also give a comprehensive buying guide for each type so that you know exactly what to look for when purchasing a new chair!

What is zero gravity chair

In zero gravity chair, the body is suspended in a position with no force of gravity acting on it. A zero-gravity recliner works by reclining your body into this position evenly distributing your weight across the chair. This is similar to how astronauts take positions during liftoffs from Earth – they assume an upright and horizontal “zero” gee suit so that their bodies won’t be crushed under intense amounts of pressure when escaping our planet’s gravitational pull!
relaxing in zero gravity chair
Zero Gravity chairs are one of the best recliners you can buy. Zero gravity chair also relieves pressure on your back and legs while sitting up straight, which makes it an excellent choice if you have back problems.

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If you don’t have the time to wade your way through this entire review, you can rely on our top 5 picks.

Best Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs UK 2023 Reviews

MVPower Sun Lounger Zero Gravity Chair Review
best zero gravity chair
The MVPower Sun Lounger Zero Gravity Chair is the perfect choice for your relaxation needs. It’s made of high-quality materials, so you can use it outdoors without worrying about it getting wet or damaged. Plus, its ergonomic design and excellent seating comfort will make this your go-to place to relax! It’s also easy to assemble without any tools required – just unfold it and enjoy! You’ll love how comfortable this lounger feels in any setting – at home or on vacation.

With its adjustable bungee cords that can be set from 0 to 160 degrees, you’ll always find the right position for relaxation or sunbathing. And with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to slide into a zero gravity position. Any angle can be set from 0 to 160 degrees. The chair can slide smoothly into an ergonomic zero gravity position. Interchangeable bungee cords can instantly adapt to your body, whether you are relaxing or sunbathing, you can always find the right place.

It’s lightweight, foldable and space-saving design makes it easy to take with you anywhere. This comfortable recliner can accommodate people weighing upto 140kg.

  • Ergonomic design and comfortable chair
  • Built with sturdy and durable steel that can carry maximum weight of 140Kg
  • 0-160 ° adjustable backrest
  • fully padded and adjustable pillow
  • Detachable tray that can hold cup and cell phones
  • Lightweight and foldable


  • Some users find it difficult to fold
CHAIRQEW Zero Gravity Chairs Reclining for Heavy People Review
best zero gravity chair 2021
If you’re looking for a zero gravity chair that is strong and durable, this is the one for you. This top rated lounger has everything you need for your outdoor needs including stylish design as well as strength in its frame and adjustability so that no matter where you are sitting with this chair, be on poolside or at beach side; there will always be room to relax.

The CHAIRQEW Zero Gravity Chair was designed with heavy people in mind. It’s made of high-quality fabric, which makes it tear-resistant, waterproof, comfortable and breathable. And because it’s environmentally friendly, the main steel pipe is made of high quality flat tube which is strong in bearing capacity and durable. This chair can hold up to 200kg.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Maximum load capacity of 200kg
  • Great for heavy people
  • Extra wide
  • Can recline from 90 to 170 degree


  • Expensive
  • Comparatively heavier
SA Products Zero Gravity Moon Rocker Sun Lounger Review
best zero gravity chair 2021
The lounger features a removable head rest cushion for extra comfort as well as foam padded armrests. Made from a hard-wearing powder coated steel frame with easy clean textoline fabric, the classic black colour will easily co-ordinate with other garden furniture. This zero gravity chair not only looks sleek, but they are also quiet comfortable to sit and relax.
This chair is perfect for those looking to create a more comfortable seating area on the beach or at their summer home. The lightweight construction allows you to carry it with ease and store it in your car without any difficulty, making this model an ideal choice when traveling by RV!


  • Looks sleek and stylish
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Made up of sturdy stainless steel frame
  • Built in headrest pillow


  • Assembling is little difficult
VOUNOT Set of 2 Zero Gravity Sun Loungers Review
VOUNOT Set of 2 Zero Gravity Sun Loungers
VOUNOT Zero Gravity Sun Loungers are made of durable Textoline fabric that is breathable, waterproof and wear resistant. The recliner’s incline angle ranges from 90°-127° so you can find your perfect position for relaxation. You’ll be able to adjust the incline angle according to your needs, which makes this lounger comfortable and cozy. This chair also features a detachable headrest and armrests that are adjustable as well. There’s even a phone holder on the side of the chair so you can place your mobile device while resting in comfort!

With its sturdy metal frame, these loungers can hold up heavy weights up 120kg with ease. Folds up instantly and is lightweight for easy portability and space saving. You can put it in your car while traveling or use them at home as well! This lounge chair is perfect for a good tan in the summer sun or just relaxing after work on those hot days.


  • Foldable, lightweight and easy to carry
  • Made up of sturdy material with maximum load capacity of 120Kg
  • Adjustable recliner’s inclination angle from 90° to 127°
  • Include Cup and Phone Holder and built in pillow
  • Made up of Textilene mesh which is breathable and dries quickly


  • Armrest are little hard
Amazon Basics Zero Gravity Chair Review
Amazon Basics Zero Gravity Chair
The AmazonBasics zero-gravity chair is built to last and provide reliable support for a variety of body types. It’s made from powder-coated steel which makes it lightweight yet sturdy, while the double bungee system ensures that you’ll be comfortable no matter how much weight your carrying around. It has a breathable mesh fabric, padded headrest and arm rests for comfort during your work day or leisure time at home. The chair includes an adjustable contoured pillow which will provide you with maximum support when reading for hours on end without straining in the process. This durable chair can support up to 136 kilograms of body weight with ease and comfort.

  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Sturdy, locking frame
  • Can support up to 136 kilograms of body weight
  • Padded Headrest and Arm Rests


  • Difficult to carry

How to choose best gravity chairs

So what do you need to know before buying a zero gravity chair? What features should be at the top of your list? In this section we’ll go over all necessary details that you should consider before investing in quality zero gravity chair.


Best zero gravity chairs are not cheap, so it’s important to know that the investment will last. Durability is a key factor in making sure your chair is worth the cost and you’re happy with what you buy. The perfect zero-gravity chair should be comfortable, durable, and designed to withstand all of your summertime activities.

With that in mind, you want one from a reputable brand with premium quality components. Check for aluminum frames mentioned throughout this review as well as breathable materials which are easier on sensitive skin during the hot season!

A good zero gravity chair should have a strong steel frame, with the best ones being made of stainless steel and aluminum. The nylon fabric on cheaper models is more likely to wear out faster than higher-quality fabrics because it’s less durable and can stretch over time from use or shrink in extreme climates such as very dry or very humid climates.

Size and space

Size is important because the best zero gravity chairs are designed to fit a variety of people. For example, some models come in extra-large and medium sizes for taller or shorter users respectively while others also have adjustable features that let you change the height and width without getting off your chair.

The wider seats on various models make it easier to get in and out of the chair, which can be a problem with some chairs that have narrower seats. Finally, you should also consider how much space the best zero gravity chair will take up because it needs to fit in an appropriate place.

Frame-Lock Mechanisms

Many best models of zero gravity chair comes with frame locking mechanism, where you can lock the position of chair where you find it most comfortable. This particular feature also provides an element of safety because it prevents people from tipping or rolling off the chair at their current spot on the couch to sit in another position.

Zero gravity chairs come with either single or double locking systems, but we recommend going for one that locks both sides of the seat. It provides a more stable lock so it won’t slip around while getting up from this amazing furniture piece!

Powder coating

The best models come with powder coating, which is a type of paint that comes in an ultra-thin layer. It prevents the chair from getting scratched or dinged up during use and it also looks amazing!

Powder coatings are available in different colors to match your decorating needs; you can get these chairs in black, brown, silver, or even white!


You may be looking for a zero gravity chair that you can easily bring to the beach, sporting events, camping trips or outdoor gatherings. When considering where and how often you will use your new purchase it’s important to take into account compact folded dimensions when selecting one of these chairs.

Ergonomic Armrests

Choose zero gravity chair with ergonomic armrests, it allows you to rest your arms without having them get tired and sore from holding up the book or tablet that you’re reading!


Some models come with canopy, which is a perfect addition for those who like to read outside in their chair. It provides shade from the sun and it also makes your reading experience much more comfortable!

Side Tray and Cup Holders

Some models come with side trays and cup holders, which are very convenient for those of us who like to sip on our morning coffee while soaking in the sun.

History of zero gravity chair

First zero gravity chair was invented by NASA in the 1960s for use during space missions where astronauts would need to sit comfortably while they were not using their muscles.

The first commercially available zero gravity chairs didn’t come out until 1985 and had a price tag of $5000 each! These original models required cranking or pulling on levers to recline the chair, and they were not really comfortable compared to what is available today.

In 2003 NASA developed a new plastic called polyether ether ketone which was used for aircraft seats that allowed astronauts’ bodies to be suspended in an upright position without any effort on their part thanks to gravity! The material created these “zero-gravity environments” which are now available for purchase in the form of zero gravity chairs.

Today, these zero-gravity environments that NASA created and turned into a chair are popular around the world as they can help people enjoy more relaxing time while reading books or watching television with no strain on their back or neck muscles.

Benefits of zero gravity chair

Zero gravity chairs are the healthiest way to sit. If you deal with swelling in your legs due to edema or painful varicose veins, a zero gravity recliner can offer much-needed relief. By elevating your legs over the level of your heart, proper circulation is increased helping reduce swelling and minimizing stress on your heart as well! The strain from gravity on our vertebrae also greatly reduces so if you have back or neck pain it’s like all tension just melts away!

The best thing about these chairs is that they are relaxing, and the only movement you need to do is lean back into it. This helps reduce muscle tension, which can be a problem for people who sit at desks all day long. These chairs also help relieve pressure on your spine because you don’t have to keep yourself upright with muscles. Zero gravity chairs are particularly beneficial for people who spend a lot of time sitting down, such as office workers. They can help prevent chronic back pain and neck aches from poor posture.

Frequently asked questions about zero gravity chair

How much weight can a zero gravity chair support?

The best way to figure out how much weight your chair can support is by checking the product description on each model that you’re considering, or contacting customer service and asking them directly! However, if you want a ballpark estimate then it’s safe to say that most zero gravity chairs can hold up to 275 pounds. That being said, some models being able to hold as much as 350 pounds.

Can You Sleep in a Zero Gravity Chair?

Some people may think that you can sleep in a zero gravity chair, but this isn’t possible. Zero gravity chairs are designed to help relieve back pain and improve blood circulation by reducing the strain on your spine while sitting upright for long periods of time.

For people who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep due to chronic back pain, a zero gravity chair might be the solution. The design of zero gravity chairs will limit your ability to tense up and release tension while you’re sleeping; this will reduce your back pain and make it easier to fall asleep or stay asleep.

Do zero gravity chairs fully recline?

One of the best things about zero gravity chairs is that they recline fully. They’re also nice because you can adjust them to any position, from almost completely upright to a full 180 degree horizontal lay-down .

Do zero gravity chairs improve breathing?

It’s common for people with chronic back pain to experience difficulty breathing while they’re sleeping. This is because the muscles in your chest will tighten up as you sleep, restricting airways and making it harder to breathe. A zero gravity chair might be helpful if that sounds like a problem because they are designed so that you have no other choice but to lie down and relax.

How to set up zero gravity chair?

If you’ve ever tried to put together one of those complicated home gyms, then putting your zero-gravity chair together will be a breeze. It’s not as challenging or intimidating because there is no need for sitting and trying to understand hundred pages worth of instructions when assembling the few pieces that go into making up this easy-to-use chair!