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Why You Should Never Take Your Body For Granted

I’m sure that at least once in our lives we ​​were inclined to take seemingly ordinary things for granted, because we thought it is logical and normal to do so.

Health is the most important thing, but unfortunately we do not think about being healthy until we are not anymore.

If you have ever had an injury or a disease, you know how painful and exhausting in every way it can be when you have no control over your body.

When things you did every day with ease now required somebody to help you with, things like getting dressed or making breakfast…

For a couple of days now I have been in that situation and I have realized how we should never, never take our body for granted, even if we are capable, we should not ignore it and stop being grateful.

Whether you have been in a similar situation or not I hope you’ll take a few moments to read my experience. The only reason I decided to share it with you is to inspire at least one of you … To stop and think for a moment … because your body is your home wherever you go. Appreciate it while you have it.

My experience

A few days ago, with all my neglect, while not looking where I was walking, I slipped and fell. At first, it did not seem bad to me personally. After I fell down, I got up and went on. But after just a couple of minutes my leg started hurting and I couldn’t stand. Every step was painful and the swelling on the foot was getting worse and worse.

My first thought was: Oh, what am I going to do…summer will pass and I cannot go anywhere like this..I was angry and sad …

But when my doctors told me that it was a ligament sagging and my foot was not broken I realized something…I thought about how lucky I had been and instead of being grateful, there I was concerned about other stuff which at that moment shouldn’t have been a priority at all.

The first days were like hell. I was frustrated that I could not do anything by myself. I  needed help from my parents or boyfriend for everything and that annoyed me. I could not move without feeling pain. I was so miserable and worried that I wasn’t the best person for company. Also,  I cried a lot those first few days.

However, as the days went by, I accepted my situation and now I am trying to be more positive and optimistic.

The reason why I am sharing this with you is that all of you who have a body capable of moving at this time shouldn’t  take it for granted. Be grateful for every step you  are able to make from your sofa to the kitchen in order to make that breakfast, coffee or go for a walk, a run… because just yesterday I could do all those things by myself and today I need help for every “ordinary” thing.

Your body is your home wherever you go.

What I learned thanks to this injury

My recovery is still going on and I believe that in a couple of days when the doctors take off my cast, that I’ll be able to stand again … But anyway, and as strange as it sounds, this injury seems to be quite useful to me. The whole experience turned out to be a sudden eye-opener for me.

I promise myself that I won’t ever take my body for granted again.
I promise I’ll take care of my body and I promise I’ll love my body more.

Because believe me, I can hardly wait to go outside again, to walk, to run, to jump around happy and grateful that I am alive and healthy, and that my body is capable of all these “little” amazing things.

Have you ever experienced any injury or illness that has affected your daily life? How did you deal with the situations? Write to me in the comments if this text for a moment made you  stop and think about how you treat your body. I would like to hear your opinion.