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My Scale Collects Dust

My scale’s collects dust and I’m perfectly okay with that!

I don’t even care anymore. Up until a year ago, while I knew that stepping on the scale regularly wasn’t the healthiest nor mentally healthiest, I still did it. This had became my habit, that I used to step on the scale multiple times per day to check my weight. It reached the point where I’d get so depressed seeing my weight go up a number for a couple of days, then drop one pound and then a week later drop 5 only to go up two.

It was ridiculous!

I was letting it rule my life and that has got to be one of the worse ways to find joy in this journey.

Let me digress for a second… Losing weight shouldn’t be viewed as a quick measure. There are no magic pills, shakes, or what have you to make the weight melt off. Think about it, the weight didn’t just pack on over night, so why would one think it would fall off the same way.

The best way to view loosing weight is looking at it as a journey. Because you’re not just changing your eating, your changing your lifestyle, your way of thinking, your wardrobe, and quite possibly your friends depending on if they’re toxic and can’t support your new ways.

Anyways, I have finally come to terms that stepping on the scale does more harm than good for me. Especially since I’m lifting more weight, and my muscles are growing. Muscles weigh more than fat. So of course the scale’s going to jump in numbers vs decrease.

The scale’s not going to look at my biceps and say

“WTG lady, those guns are looking sharp!”


“Damn girl check out those quads, the gains are noticeable!”

It’s okay though, I get it, the scale’s one dimensional and prefers to focus only on one thing. I can accept that, but doesn’t mean I have to stick with nor support it. The scale’s not looking at the waist of my jeans and noticing that there’s a 2 inch gap now, even when the numbers have gone up. Nor does the scale notice I’m on the last hole on my belt vs the 4th to last. It most definitely isn’t noticing that the ‘under the bra back fat bulge” is gone nor that my traps are on point!

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And it sure as heck not caring about my numbers in the gym! Like when my push press increased by 50 pounds, or when I hit a new snatch PR of 85 pounds vs 65 I’ve had for the past year.

With that said, my scale’s collecting dust and I’m fine with it. I may pull out the tape measure for a good old fashion taping of body parts (ie: waist, arms, thighs, calves, hips) but it’s all for seeing gains vs becoming a “cardio bunny”.

What’s your relationship like with your scale?