Protein powders for women

Best Protein Powders For Women

Protein powder is often associated with muscle mass gain and improved performance, which in fact may reserve them for men.

But protein powder is definitely not just for men.

Protein is also important for women and is probably the macro nutrient that most women do not get enough of in their diet. Plus, if you want to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight, protein is your best friend. So, if you’re ready to discover the best protein powders for women, take a look at the table below.

Best Protein Powders For Women in UK 2023 Reviews

1. Diet Whey Protein Powder Shakes

best protein powder for women 2021

This protein shake comes with 21g of proteins in each scoop with 27 essential vitamins. It keeps you feeling full for a long time, making your diet plan craving-free. You can substitute it for breakfast and lunch/dinner and have one full meal with 1000 calories.

The shakes are thick and creamy if you make them according to the instructions. And if you want to make it thick, you can add some frozen berries like blueberries to make it even yummier and thicker. There are no GMOs or artificial preservatives in the drink, just pure natural goodness which vegetarians can consume without worry. It does contain lactose, dairy products, nuts and food colourings; so people who have allergies, be careful while ordering this product.

Following a strict diet can help you lose 2-4 kilograms in a month even if you substitute 1 of your meal with this shake, it can help you slowly get into that shape. The shake comes in multiple flavours like Banana, Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry and Ice Cream Vanilla. You can order the flavour you like with the same results.

2. PINK SUN Whey Protein Concentrate Powder

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This Whey Protein is gluten-free, SOY free and made from the unadulterated milk of grass-fed, hormone-free cows. It is 82% protein which can be consumed by vegetarians, diabetic and people on wholesome diets. The product is packed where NUT products are also packed so make sure to stop its use if you see any allergic reaction.

It has trace amounts of non-GM sunflower lecithin added to it to make it soluble in liquids. There is no artificial sugar added to the filtered whey. The package is a zip lock which you can seal after they use. There is no need for a separate container to store this Whey Protein.

You can mix it with any liquid of your choice. You can make a nice smoothie of berries and bananas with it or have it with water. Since there is no flavour added, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea to have it blandly with just water.

Since this is just pure whey, you can take it as part of your post-workout drink or just as a regular drink by replacing your one time snack with this. Take one scoop of this whey (25gms) and mix it in a shaker or a blender and have it cold or whatever temperature suits you.

3. Vegolife Vegan Protein Powders

protein powder for women 2021

Vegolife Vegan Plant protein is another completely vegan protein. Its protein blend includes Pea Protein Isolate and Soya Protein Isolate. Other than that, it includes Green Tea Extract, Acai Berry Extract, Flaxseed powder and plant-based sweeteners that are proteins themselves.

The recommended dose is one scoop (30g) in a day with 200-300ml of water or and any non-dairy milk. You get 21g of protein in this one shake with 0.6g of fat and 106 calories. It is no alternative to a wholesome diet, but if you are looking to get some lean muscles, it is a great idea to have it daily during breakfast.

You can sweeten it by adding a banana to your shake or some oat milk. Since it is flavoured, you can have it easily with just water. It dissolves nicely in warm water. Since it is gluten and dairy-free, you can rest assured that it won’t upset your stomach. In terms of giving a wholesome vitamin content, this protein powder lacks Vitamin B12 and Vit D but has many other minerals and vitamins. As said before, this shake is no replacement for a regular healthy diet but can help you get those lean muscles with daily use.

4. Form Performance Protein

best protein powder for women 2021

It is a Vegan protein powder boosted up with BCAAs and Digestive Enzymes. It comes in Chocolate Peanut, Tiramisu and Vanilla flavour, which means you can add water and enjoy it.

The protein is extracted from various organic sources likes algae, hemp, pea, and brown rice. It is boosted with Digezyme that makes it easier on your digestive system to absorb this wonderful mix. Since it is a vegan product, it is gluten and dairy-free.

With a per serving of this (40g), you get 30g of protein. The mix has Curcumin and Black Pepper Extract in it. These have proven anti-inflammatory properties that help you recover quickly during strength exercises. You have shorter breaks and more exercise without doing any damage to your body.

It is no replacement drink to a healthy diet and can be taken once or twice daily between meals or after exercise. This product is not recommended for those below the age of 16 years. The packing is plastic-free and completely environment friendly which means that you don’t get any scoop with the packaging.

5. Supernova Living Vegan Plant-based Protein Powders

best protein powder for women UK

Protein powder made especially keeping in mind a woman’s body needs. It is soya, gluten and dairy-free vegan protein. It contains all nine proteins that are not naturally synthesized by our body but are great for your muscle growth.

There are sachets inside the pack, each containing 30g of powder. Each gives you 17g of plant-based protein, 10-13g of organic superfood and adaptogens that gives the body wholesome nutrition. It includes Ashwagandha, which is a proven stress buster

It comes in eco-friendly packaging with 97% of the packaging being bio-degradable. Due to this, there is no plastic scoop inside the packing. The 480g packing comes with 32 sachets that we discussed above.

With each shake you consume of this protein powder, you make your gut healthy, improve the anti-ageing properties of your skin, improve your energy levels and build those lean muscles that are much required not only to look good but to stay in overall good health.
The price of this vegan protein powder is a bit higher compared to its competitors. We recommend other vegan protein powders that cost less than this but provide more protein along with the eco-friendly packing that this comes in.

What is Protein

Protein is the building block of all tissues, organs and muscles in our body. The word protein comes from a Greek word meaning “primary”. Of the three primary macronutrients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, this is the only one without which the body cannot survive.

The protein molecule is a complex structure made up of molecules called amino acids. There are 20 amino acids that combine in a different order to make the largest molecule, depending on the use of the protein. Of these 20, nine are “essential”, which means the body cannot make them on its own. The other 11 can be made from other proteins or nutrients.

Are you getting enough protein?

Protein requirements vary depending on your body weight and activity level.

The recommended dietary protein intake for an average person is 0.8 grams per kg of body weight. This translates to about 55 grams per day for a 150-pound woman ( Source ).

This number is a bit misleading as it is the lowest number to prevent muscle loss, not the actual number you need to maintain a healthy weight or build muscle. Most people probably need a lot more protein.

A 2016 study assessed the protein intake of more than a thousand people aged 60 to 99. They also measured the percentage of body fat and muscle mass.

Only 33% of women and 50% of men responded to the RDA for protein.

Those who ate enough protein had significantly more muscle mass and less body fat than those who did not ( Source ). This study indicates that many of us don’t eat enough protein to even support the muscle mass we have.

For older people, as in this study, this is a major problem because a lack of muscle mass can lead to falls and injuries.

Calculate your protein needs

A better way to determine your protein needs is to calculate them based on the percentage of total calories from protein. The recommended% is 10-35% of your calories should come from protein.

How do you see what this means for you?

First of all, you need to know how many calories you need. The most accurate way to calculate calories is to use an equation called Mifflin St. Jeor .

Let’s say you need 2000 calories a day, just to make the math easier.

If 10 to 35% of the calories of those calories are from protein, that would translate to 200 to 700 calories.

Protein contains 4 calories per gram, which means you need 50 to 175 grams per day.

Yes, this is a huge range for your protein needs.

If you are very sedentary, you can probably get away with eating at the lower end of that range. If you’re training or trying to lose weight, aim for the high end.

If your goal is to eat at the high end of the range, this can be a challenge. Protein is very filling, which means it makes you feel full quickly. In order to meet the 175 grams of protein per day, you would need to eat about 25 ounces of meat (beans, eggs, tofu, cheese, yogurt, and milk are also good sources).

It would probably make you feel full, but protein powder can help you achieve your goals without feeling full.

How to choose the best protein powder for women

There are several things to consider when choosing a protein powder. First of all, think about dietary restrictions. Are you vegan or vegetarian? Lactose intolerant? Or do you have food allergies? All of these types of questions will guide you to which type to choose.

Second, what are your goals?

The best protein powder for your body will help you in three important ways:

  1. It will keep you feeling full and satisfied so you can easily stick to your healthy diet and fitness routine to hit your goals.
  2. It will be affordable for your budget.
  3. It will be designed perfectly to meet your goals.

Since your budget and your goals are different from those of your friends and relatives, this is a decision that you need to make for yourself. If you don’t know what your health and fitness goals are, now is the time to determine what you want for your body and put those goals on paper.

Some protein powders are ideal for those who want to gain muscle and bulk up, while others are ideal for those interested in losing weight and developing a well-toned body with a low fat percentage.

Decide what you want so you know the protein powder you select is designed to get you to that goal. You cannot get there if you don’t know where you are headed.

Four Questions to Answer before Purchasing a Protein Powder

You will determine the best protein powder for your body and your goals by asking four questions of every powder you consider:

  1. What type of protein is included in this powder?
  2. How much protein is supplied in each serving of this powder?
  3. How many calories and fat grams are in each serving of this protein powder?
  4. Are there any extra or unnecessary ingredients in this powder?

This is where it helps to have your health and fitness goals set in stone. You will select a protein powder according to the source of protein used, the amount of protein supplied, and the nutritional content of the powder. The right answers to these questions will depend on your fitness goals.

Pay attention to the last question on this list. You do not need a lot of added ingredients or additional supplements to create the best protein powder. In fact, those added ingredients can take down the amount of protein you receive per serving.

If you need to add other supplements to your diet for some reason, resist the temptation to do it through your protein powder. In most cases, adding a high quality multivitamin is enough to meet your body’s needs for nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

What Type of Protein Is Best for You?

There are six main types of protein that you will find on the protein powder market today:

  • Whey
  • Casein
  • Soy
  • Pea
  • Rice
  • Hemp

There may be some other vegetarian sources of protein that you find in select powders, but these six types currently dominate the market.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, then you should select from the last four options on that list. Soy is the most popular option, since it is most like the animal sourced proteins in terms of complete amino acids. If you are not a vegetarian, then it is best to select from whey and casein protein powders.

Casein takes longer for your body to absorb and is ideal for slow-release nourishment over a longer period of time.

Whey is absorbed faster into your bloodstream and is ideal for a post-workout pick-up or a bedtime snack. You can use either type of protein as a small snack between meals or to increase your calorie intake to help with weight gain.

How Much Protein Do You Need?

women drinking protein shake

Once you determine what type of protein powder you want to use, you can start shopping for specific brands that may meet your fitness needs. This is where you will compare the amount of protein, calories, and fat supplied through different formulas.

It is always best to invest in a high quality powder that supplies more protein per serving. If you find two protein powders offered at a similar price and one has more protein, then it is likely your best option.

How much protein your body needs on a daily basis depends on your lifestyle and your fitness goals. Protein is important to every body, but it becomes more important if you live an active lifestyle and have serious weight loss or weight gain goals that you are determined to meet.

The more active your life and the more ambitious your goals, the more protein your body will need to build and maintain muscle to support your busy body.

Active Lifestyle

How much protein you need to supplement through a powder also depends on how much protein you are able to take in through your diet.

For example, you may need to consume 200-400 grams of protein per day if your goal is to gain muscle and seriously bulk up. It is extremely difficult to consume that much protein in a single day, even if you do eat a lot of lean mean, fish, eggs, and poultry.

Your ideal protein powder will contain enough protein that you can consume a couple shakes a day to maintain the amount of protein intake you need to reach your goals.

You may not have such a high quota for protein intake if your goals do not involve serious muscle gain.

For example, if you are a female and simply want to burn off fat while developing a well-toned, attractive body shape, you may use protein powder as a low calorie option to stay full on protein while consuming a balanced diet. You will still want to get the most protein for your money possible, but you may place a bit more emphasis on taste or low fat content.

Why Calories and Fat Content Matter

While protein powder is healthy, not all formulas are light in calories. Some formulas have more fat than others. You must choose carefully if your goal is to lose weight and burn off fat. A low quality protein powder that is high in fat can easily sabotage your weight loss efforts.

It is always better to invest a bit more in a higher quality product that will support the goals you are trying to achieve.

That is why it is so important to read websites like this one to find the best protein powder for your needs. You cannot just walk into a local grocery store and pick up whatever powder they have on the shelf. You must do the research first to determine which powders are going to help you reach those goals.

If your goal is to bulk up and gain weight, then you have more options when selecting a protein powder. You can go with some of the formulas that have more calories per serving if they also offer you a reasonable fat content and more protein.

Since you want to add muscle, you can expect to also see the number on the scale go up. The best protein powder will help you add that bulk through muscle rather than fat.

If your ideal protein powder will help you lose weight, then you need to pay attention to how many calories you consume in each shake. Those calories must balance out with the calories you consume through your meals and other snacks. The total calorie intake versus your calorie burn is what will determine how much the number on the scale drops.


Protein powder is the best way to add needed protein to your diet and help you reach your goals. But beware of the marketing around these products. Take a look at the actual ingredients of the product, not just the hype surrounding it.

A good quality protein powder should not contain more unnecessary added ingredients. Stay away from products containing artificial sweeteners, vegetable oils, thickeners, gums, and fillers. Also, a higher price doesn’t always mean a better quality product, so do your own research to find the best protein powder for you.