Best Paraffin Wax Bath Machine

If you’re someone who wishes for smooth skin on your hands and feet, there’s no way you haven’t heard about paraffin wax. Paraffin wax baths are exceptionally beneficial for getting smooth skin and soothing away joint aches.

It has a variety of uses in spas, salons, the medical industry, etc. They’ve gotten so popular that people have started using paraffin wax baths at the comfort of their homes. To get the advantages of paraffin wax effectively, you’ll need to get your hands on one of the best paraffin wax bath machines.

Truth be told, you’ll find a plethora of makes and brands of the paraffin wax bath machines in the market. While it gives you ample options to choose from, they can also overwhelm you. It can leave you especially confused if you’re a first-time buyer. However, there’s good news for you!

Through this article, we’ll help you find the right paraffin wax bath machine for your needs. We will also highlight some vital factors that you should be mindful of when narrowing down to your top picks.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Paraffin Wax Bath Machine?

paraffin wax machine

Now that you decided to buy a paraffin wax bath machine, you must take into account some factors. You will come across a myriad of brands online that will come packed with exciting features. To help you narrow down your choices, you must look for essential factors that should come with every machine. Here are some factors to consider:

Value For Money

What is one of the foremost factors that govern your choice? That’s right- cost. When you’re going for a paraffin wax bath machine, you’ll find a variety of prices online. Some will be higher than your budget, while some will fit right in. However, what is vital is that you pick the one which gives more value for money.


Who likes to buy a wax machine again and again? No one! While choosing your paraffin wax bath machine, look for durability. You wouldn’t want to spend on a machine that is likely to break apart when it takes even the smallest of the falls. How will you know if the machine you want is durable or not? It is quite simple – through its construction materials.
The external casing of the tank must be solid and scratch-resistant. If the machine in question is built with sturdy material, it will be unblemished and functional for a long time.

Design And Material

If you want to go for a high-quality paraffin wax bath machine, it should be made of non-inflammable plastic or a durable ABS. You should go for a machine whose interior tank is created using a material that can distribute heat uniformly. It should also have an insulating component on all sides to prevent heat loss and maintain a constant temperature. In this regard, anodized aluminum is a good bet.

Adjustable Temperature Control

An ideal paraffin wax bath machine should come with an impeccable temperature control feature for melting the wax. Look for a machine that gives you the flexibility of changing the temperature. While you don’t want unmolten wax, you also wouldn’t want a searing hot wax that can cause accidental scalding.
Machines with temperature dial controls, as well as quick-melt features, come in handy during paraffin wax therapy.

Tank Size

A larger and spacious tank will be able to accommodate enough paraffin wax for usage on many body parts. You must look for a machine that comes with a size that allows you to immerse your feet and hands with ease.

Ease Of Use

If you’re buying a paraffin wax bath machine for usage at home, you must look into its ease of usage. You wouldn’t want a bulky machine that is hard to carry around the house. While for salon usage, you wouldn’t want to end up with a machine that is too small.

Best Paraffin Wax Bath Machines in UK 2023

After having gone through the essential factors, you must now be ready to shop for your paraffin wax bath machine. To make your process simple, we have provided a handy review of the five best paraffin wax bath machines.
Here are our top 5 picks for the best paraffin wax bath machines in the market:

1. Beurer MP70 Paraffin Wax Bath

Best paraffin wax bath 2020
Do you want to have your hands and feet looking like fresh out of the salon? Thanks to Beurer’s MP70 paraffin wax bath machine, you can get salon-like results at home! This machine’s wax bath works wonders to treat stressed and dry skin. With just 20 minutes of exposure time, you can get noticeably soft skin with improved blood flow. It helps your skin to absorb nutrients better and get moisturized without the greasy residue.

You wouldn’t have to limit paraffin wax therapy to only your hands as its generously sized tub takes care of all your needs. It is spacious enough to submerge your hands, elbows, as well as your feet inside it. The depth is about 18.5 cm which is enough to coat your body parts adequately.

This machine comes with a functional temperature adjustment feature that continuously regulates the temperature of the wax. This feature is useful in maintaining an optimal paraffin wax temperature throughout the treatment.

You’ll find this machine extremely portable as it only weighs 10 grams. In addition to this, it also comes with two 450 grams of aromatic orange-scented premium paraffin wax as well as 30 plastic sheets! Not only do you get a functional and smart-looking machine but also free paraffin wax with it.


  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Generously sized for different body parts
  • Comes with adjustable temperature
  • Storage for cord under the unit


  • Takes a while to cool down the wax

2. HoMedics Deluxe Paraffin Wax Bath

Best paraffin wax bath UK
Are you hoping to get that baby soft skin? It’s become possible with the HoMedics deluxe paraffin wax bath machine. This machine can soothe and hydrate your skin using its hypoallergenic wax. Taking a bath therapy using this machine helps to improve your blood circulation and reduce the aches in your joints. It is a great option for mums who wish to treat their joint pain as well as get supple skin.

You’ll be able to use this machine around the house due to its compact and light design. This also comes with a unique lid-locking feature so that you don’t have to worry about accidental spillage of hot wax. It is an especially useful feature for those who have little kids at home.

With the length and height measurements of 33×28.5 centimeters, it makes it possible to use it for hands, elbows, and feet. It comes with a simple control panel that makes it easier to use for even your elder parents.

This machine also comes with three bags of their special hypoallergenic wax that has no added scents or dyes. Also, it includes twenty liners for easy usage!

  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Locking lid for extra safety
  • Comes with hypoallergenic wax
  • Easy to use control panel


  • Single heat setting
  • Repeated use can shorten the machine’s life

3. LYY Paraffin Wax Bath for Hands and Feet

Best paraffin wax bath UK 2020
Wanting to enhance the appeal of your hands and feet? Simply opt for the LYY paraffin wax bath machine. No matter if you’re looking to use this in your salon or your house, it is a powerful machine that can do the job just fine. Its hot paraffin wax baths will heal every cracks and dryness of the skin. It aids in reducing aging keratinocytes and relieves fatigue by enhancing blood circulation.

You won’t have to wait hours for the wax to melt as this machine only needs 15 minutes to do so. It can melt 2 pounds of paraffin wax at 149°F and save your precious time. It comes with an ample temperature range from 131°F to 149°F for greater convenience.

You can soak your feet, elbows, and hands in this machine with ease. It comes with a spacious capacity of 2700 ml and an expansive opening of 26 cm x 18.4 centimeters.

This machine is made of aluminum that is ideal for longevity. It can distribute heat throughout the tank. You won’t have to worry about burning yourself as it also comes with a heat insulation board at the bottom of the liner. This makes it a perfect blend of functionality and safety!


  • Comes with a heat shield to save from burns
  • Has high and low wax indication lines
  • Serves for a long time
  • The inner lining is made of aluminum that is temperature resistant


  • Doesn’t have a temperature control option
  • Doesn’t come with wax
  • The length of the cord is short

4. Deo Paraffin Wax Heater Kit

Top paraffin wax bath UK
Getting professional level paraffin wax baths has become easier with the Deo paraffin wax bath machine. This machine gives you a professional salon-like feel with its intelligent features and design. It is specially designed for heating paraffin wax in a matter of time whilst providing you an array of features.

It allows you to set the temperature of your liking with the help of its temperature control option. You’ll able to lower or increase the temperature by 1°c at a go, and you can choose the temperature from 30°c and 85°c. It quickly warms the paraffin wax and saves your precious time.

You will be able to immerse your feet, hands, and elbows in its spacious tank. It weighs 1 kg and can be easily moved around. It comes in handy in treating a multitude of skin conditions like inflammation, tendinitis, tennis elbow, and stiff joints.

This machine is full of exciting features like last temperature memory as well as a standby mode. Both of the features are unique to this brand and never seen before in the market. What’s more? You will also get an entire wax kit free with this machine. It includes manicure mitts, pedicure booties, as well as 60 disposable liners!


  • Comes with a digital screen
  • Gives precise temperature control facility
  • Quick wax melting feature
  • Comes with a complete wax kit


  • Heavy on the pocket

5. AIYoo Wax Heater Wax Pot

Best paraffin wax bath
Want to get a versatile machine that can do one than one job? Get yourself the AIYoo wax pot. This machine doesn’t only help in providing therapeutic paraffin wax therapy but can also be used for regular waxing! It can melt any kind of wax such as wax beads, paraffin, creme wax, etc.

It does a great job in providing you a nourishing wax therapy that can heal your dry and lifeless skin in a matter of minutes. You’ll get a smooth and hydrated skin using this machine’s wax therapy.

It comes in a spacious tank that can hold 500 ml of wax. The machine comes with an aluminum-lined wax tank and has a solid ABS frame. You also get a protective lid that makes it safe and contamination-proof.

You’ll be able to easily use this machine as it comes with a rotating button that will help you change the temperature. It gives you a range of 50-100°C to choose from. As handy as it is during therapy, it is also equally easy to clean after use. It comes with a handle to pick up the wax pot that makes it easier to clean and use!


  • Advanced coil feature for fast heat-up
  • Can warm all types of wax
  • Comes with an ABS frame and aluminum lining
  • Highly spacious


  • Can’t be used with power cord extensions
  • Not for people with varicose veins, skin irritation, etc.

Final Verdict

Paraffin wax baths are a great way to soothe your skin, and your joint aches away. Since there are a ton of options available online, it can get hard to put your finger on one. If you want a smart machine and can spare some extra pounds, the Deo Paraffin Wax Heater is a smart choice. It comes with a variety of features and a wax kit.
On the flip side, if you are on a tight budget, then Beurer’s Wax machine is a safe choice. It comes with a temperature control feature and is easy to use.