Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers: Belly Comfort

Are you a face down sleeper who hugs the pillow and falls flat on the belly all through the night? If yes, then truly you are unfortunately accustomed to the worst sleeping posture. Sleeping on your stomach is often considered one of the unhealthiest sleeping practices by doctors and experts. However, some practices are involuntary, and based on natural instinct. But if you sleep on the best mattress for stomach sleepers you can enjoy your sleep.

So, while you may not be able to alter them completely, you can make small changes in your sleeping lifestyle to negate their ill effects. A stomach sleeper exerts the heaviest pressure in the torso region, by flattening the natural curve of the spine. This can lead to severe low back pain. Sleeping all night with the face down and the head or neck turned in one direction can lead to a stiff and strained neck. Often stomach sleepers also experience a ‘rubber arm’ or sharp pins and needles in their arm due the constant weight of the shoulders and head that rest on their arms.

Is stomach sleeping so bad?

sleeping on stomachDespite the various ill effects of stomach sleeping, it has two benefits. It helps to control snoring and in some cases it also restricts sleep apnea which is a serious breathing disorder during sleep.

However, these are no getaways for an unhealthy practice that you have been following for years, because the ill effects far outweigh these trifling benefits.

The problem often faced by stomach sleepers is to choose a mattress that offers enough firmness to keep the spine straight and aligned and at the same time adequate softness underneath, that keeps the ribs and stomach sufficiently cushioned. But remember, with an over soft or plush mattress you are likely to sink in, causing your spine to arch more than normal.

So, what factors should one look out for in a mattress for the pampered stomach sleepers?

What to look for in the best Mattress for Stomach Sleeper?​

​Proper support and ideal firmness are the two basic factors that every stomach sleeper should eye on.

#1 – Right support

The mid-section of our body experiences considerable pressure throughout the day. For stomach sleepers the ordeal continues at night too. When you sleep pressing your stomach down, it exerts additional pressure on the mid-section. All this accumulated pressure can lead to lower back pain.

A mattress that offers superior support can reduce this enhanced pressure and relieve you of the complexities of back pain. Usually a memory foam mattress with a thickness of 10 inch to 12 inch provides good support and relieves all the pressure points.

Foam mattresses with their countless features offer just the optimum support and prevent back ache, jerks and jolts even when a stomach sleeper changes position during sleep. A mattress that provides the correct support, basically hugs your body contours while supporting the spine gently.

#2 – Ideal Firmness

If you are a stomach sleeper, remember most of the weight is concentrated on your stomach when you fall into your favorite position at night. Therefore, you should choose a mattress that provides just the correct firmness, which means neither too soft nor too hard. An excessively plush mattress can force you to sink into it misaligning the spine, whereas if the mattress is too hard or firm it shall exert a pressure on your chest and stomach which shall be disturbing or painful enough to disrupt your sleep.

The medium firm range is ideal for the stomach sleepers. On the firmness scale, a pointer that stops between 5 and 7 is good enough for stomach sleepers. A small misjudgment in firmness levels of the mattress can leave you suffering from back pains or a stiff neck. Therefore, show utmost prudence in selecting the correct firmness of the mattress, even if it means trying different varieties over a period of time.

Top 5 Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

What’s the best mattress for stomach sleepers? Come let us take you through a guided tour to discover them.​

1. Emma Original DOUBLE Mattress 25 cm high

Best Mattress for stomach sleepers
If you are looking for deep compression, durability and support then this is the mattress for you. This 10 inch super thick mattress is supported by four layers of closely researched composition. The bottom layer is a 5.5 inch support base topped with a 2 inch transition loft pad.

Above that is a layer of visco-elastic memory foam and the top most layer is made up of comforting cooling gel that perfectly allows air flow and maintains the temperature of the mattress avoiding hot sleep. Manufactured by Emma-the company that has earned considerable reputation in the mattress industry, this product promises to provide great support that shall treat your spine with care and ensure a cozy sleeping experience to your stomach that falls flat on it.

The high density foam also guarantees complete motion isolation, where you can enjoy a restful sleep not worrying about the quirky movements of your partner.


  • Structured on plant based memory foam, offering a natural base to stomach sleepers
  • The breathable and adaptable Airgocell foam ensures optimized adaptability.
  • Not too hard-not too soft, offers firm feel ideal for stomach sleepers
  • Organic cotton outer cover with aesthetical appeal
  • High durability
  • Reasonably priced
  • 200 days trial period


  • You may not like the smell of new mattress, but it goes away after few days of use.

Our Verdict

A remarkable well balanced product from Emma, that offers a seamless blend of support and firmness. A good choice for stomach sleepers, with moderate firmness beneath their layer of fat, and supports the spine to sport its natural curve. With its moderate price- a true value for money.​

2. Leesa Mattress

Best Mattress UK

A hybrid mattress that combines the goodness of Avena and memory foam. The Avena foam is somewhat similar to the latex foam, except for the fact that it is loaded with the additional benefits of coolness and lasting durability. While the memory foams do carry a certain degree of heat elements, the Aventa foam layering on top curtails the heat issues by ensuring smooth air flow and temperature control.

For a stomach sleeper, besides support, temperature of the mattress is also a major issue. Since it is the stomach that comes in contact with the mattress you do not want the digestive juices in your stomach to catalyze simply because of the extra heat dissipated by your mattress. The super responsive Avena foam is the star highlight of the product that quickly changes shape to contour your body curves, especially when you fall flat with an increased surface area.


  • Dual layer of Avena and memory foam
  • Deep compression support
  • Moderate firmness-neither too soft nor too firm
  • Seamless outer knit fabric cover
  • Good bounce, pops up back to original shape
  • 100 days trial period
  • 10 years warranty period
  • Cannot be tried in stores, as available only online. However, the 100 days trial period offsets this drawback but only after the purchase is made.
  • Offers only one model; cannot expect different range in terms of firmness.

Our Verdict

A thoughtful product from start to finish. Equipped with the best of both Avena foam and memory foam- it offers great support, response and bounce. Moderate firmness may satisfy some sleepers but not all stomach sleepers, especially if you are looking for a mattress that offers more than average firmness.

3. Purple

Best Mattress 2021 UK
With the hyper-elastic polymer as the top surface, this is the most unique mattress available in the international market. It suits sleepers who opt for different positions. With a combined layer of hyper-elastic polymer and polyurethane foam it imparts great support, response and bounce.

On the firmness scale it is a bit towards the firm side with scales bending at 6 or 7. Despite endorsing a generous bounce, the mattress has virtually no motion transfer. The thin outer cover helps easy breathing for the mattress keeping it light and cool. The mattress performs well for all three types of sleepers-back, side and stomach sleepers.

  • Hyper-elastic polymer foam for strength and support
  • Temperature neutral
  • Pressure releasing comfort and support
  • 100 days trial period
  • 10 years warranty
  • Not suitable for thin sleepers, as may feel too firm on shoulders and hip
  • Available in only 3 sizes as against the standard 6 sizes
  • Costs slightly higher than its counterparts

Our Verdict

The uniqueness of the mattress is appreciated but at times it is too unique to suit some sleepers, especially those who weigh light on their feet or those looking out for soft to mid firmness in their mattress. The hyper-elastic polymer foam is the star attraction of the product but its availability in only 3 sizes acts as a major constrain specially for the large sized stomach sleepers.

4. Amerisleep Americana Mattress

Amerisleep Mattress

Built on a moderate thickness of 10 inches, it is a combination of two basic layers- the 7 inch high density support foam at the base and the 3 inch of Amerisleep Bio-Pur memory foam at the top.

The Bio-Pur memory foam is basically built on open cell technology that ameliorates the breathing capacity of the mattress through the open pore technology, thereby regulating temperature. The mattress also has a durable polyester cover which gives it a suave feel. With 7 point firmness, it suits best for stomach sleepers, providing great support to the distressed spine.

  • Reputed Company with over two decades of standing in the mattress industry
  • With just 2 layers the mattress has a lean look
  • With open cell memory foam, breathability increases
  • Medium firm with balanced hug and sinkage
  • Non-existent motion transfer
  • ​100 days trial period
  • 20 years warranty
  • Not suited for those looking out for a soft medium mattress

Our Verdict

The mattress is specially tailored for the stomach sleepers and the back sleepers. It is built to perform to the minutest detail especially with its Bio-Pur memory foam and open cell technology. A complete steal that ensures a comfortable, pain-free night sleep.

5. Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

Expanding over the last few years, Brooklyn Bedding is an old horse in the industry that has endorsed some of the finest luxury and comfort mattresses and sleep accessories over the years. Built at a moderate height of 10 inches, the Brooklyn Bedding is composed of 3 layers.

The bottom is a 6 inch poly foam support base, above which lies 2 inch of Dunlap latex foam which gives it deep compression and durability. The top layer is a 2 inch of Talalay latex foam offering the desired combination of support, bounce and cooling. With quilted cotton polyester knitted cover the mattress has a soft and cushiony touch making the experience of sleeping extra pleasant.

Catering to customers with different firmness demands, the mattress comes in three variants-soft, medium and firm. Most of the buyers of this product, in particular the stomach sleepers go for the medium firmness variant that gives optimum alignment to the back and braces the body curves naturally.

  • Good body contour and hug
  • 3 Firmness level options
  • Nominal sinkage
  • Good bounce equivalent to innerspring bounce
  • Very little motion transfer
  • Rational pricing
  • 120 days trial period
  • 10 years warranty
  • Distinctive latex smell on unpacking, that lasts for 2-3 days

Our Verdict

The mattress is climbing high on the charts with its all impressive comfort, support and bounce. Stomach sleepers could ask for nothing better as it comes in three firmness varieties to cater to individual needs. Performing fairly well on the sinkage test, this mattress gets thumbs up from every sleeper who wants nothing but the best.

The Bottom Line

​Feeling lost amidst the plethora of mattress reviews each proving its point? Relax, with a little research and understanding of your sleep lifestyle, you can choose the right base for your daily dose of tranquility. Stomach sleeping is indeed an unhealthy practice, but with the right mattress you can reduce its downsides.

The right mattress can reduce many of the ill effects of stomach sleeping like back pains and aches. When making the prudent decision, keep ‘support’ as the cornerstone of your choice. A firm mattress provides the best alignment to your spine. All the mattresses about which you have read in our review above offer the best combination of support and firmness with an underlying comfort to make your night restful and pleasant.

Stomach sleeping carries some complexities, beyond those faced by other sleepers therefore, be very careful before you zero in on any particular brand. If still you wish for more clarity then go in for a few trials before welcoming that ultimate piece of luxury in your bedroom.