Simple ways to ease neck and back pain naturally

Every day we do a lot of work on our computers seated for more than 8 hours without a break. We keep our necks bent for all that long which causes pain and tiredness. This routine can result to back pain though this is not the only source of neck and back pain. Neck and back pain can be caused differently;

Neck pain

There is no specific cause of neck pain, but the possibility can be, sleeping in a wrong position or using a pillowcase that is not appropriate for you can cause your neck to experience some stiffness or pain. Straining too much- this is another source of neck pain, if you do a lot of work you will probably cause tension on your neck muscle then you begin experiencing pain. Emotional stress is not left out- women mostly have this problem of emotional stress, they get stressed with very trivial issues. With such stress, one can experience neck pain. You cannot rule out disease or injury- in some cases you can experience neck pain which has been triggered by an injury or a disease which may be knocking.

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Back pain

As the same as the neck, back pain can be caused by wrong sleeping position this is one of the common causes among the young people. Though as you age, back pain increases. Straining and doing heavy work that involves your back can be as a result too. When you experience back pain, it means something is not right somewhere, kidney issues can cause back pain which is a very sensitive thing to look into. Sometimes it can be a spinal fracture.

With all these sources, you don’t need to rush to the hospital to something you can work on naturally. The following are the ways that you can use to ease all these pain naturally without taking any medication.

Use lavender oil – You can use this oil to massage your neck softly, consistently and systematically, it will give you a wonderful relieve on your neck. The same thing can apply to your back- it works the same way.

Try Arnica – you can get arnica from arnica flowers, it is one of the best in relieving neck pain and even stiffness.

Cooke Ginger juice – Ginger juice has the best chemistry in neck pain relieving- just extract the juice and take a glass.

Do some exercises – Do some exercises that will help your back to relieve some pain. For instance standing straight with your fit together, arms on your Kimble tilt your waist-round and then your neck. Try that several time you will feel some relieve

Use ice cubes – Ice is one of the best home remedies that you can use, even if there were swelling underway, ice blocks. Just cover the cubes with towel and apply it on the affected area for 15 minutes, if you do this every day, you will experience the difference.

Avoid sleeping a lot – Sleeping is not bad but the longer you take to your bed every day can result to back pain. Even when you are sick, it is good to avoid more than 3 days bed rest.

Your daily chore posture should be maintained well – Whatever you are doing ensure you maintain a good posture- be it cooking, working on your computer. This will help to reduce any pressure to back that cause pain.

Flex your muscles- Your muscles need not have much tension- doing some exercises on your bed when you wake up in the morning enables your back to ease any pain.

Strengthening your core will good – Not everyone would use such criteria; it depends on state of your pain. You can reduce the pain by strengthening the abdominal.

Check on the way you sleep – Sleeping the right way has much to contribute towards your neck and back pain. Sleeping on a mattress without a good support will cause pain on your back and the neck. Mostly if you always sleep on your stomach, the probability of you twisting your head and stressing your back is high- this can also cause pain. If though you sleep on your back, make sure there is a pillow under your knees.

 Avoid smoking – f you smoke, you stand at very high chances of experiencing back pains, though this is not from a medical point of view.

See the doctor – Do not take anything for granted, before resorting to natural remedy, ensure you have a go ahead from the expert. This will help you to understand the cause of your pain, though there are some pains which you might be certain, but it is always good seek an advice.

To be comfortable in your life, you must keep our body fit, any time you suspect any up normality, react to it right away.