Best Infrared Heat Lamps for Muscle and Back Pain

Many people don’t know the benefits of infrared heat lamps. Infrared therapy has been used in many cultures for centuries to help with pain and inflammation. Studies have shown that red light therapy can be beneficial in reducing muscle and back pain, as well as improving mood and sleep quality. In this article, we will discuss the best infrared heat lamps on the market today, their reviews, and some tips to using them at home!

What is an infrared therapy lamp?

An infrared lamp is a device that emits infrared heat. It circulates air to create an infrared sauna-like experience. This type of therapy has been around for centuries and many cultures have used it for pain relief, but in the USA, it’s more popularly known as red light therapy because the wavelengths on this kind of radiation are in the red spectrum.

This type of therapy is best for those who experience muscle pain, stiffness and swelling from injury or just a day’s work on their feet. It can also help with insomnia and depression because it increases circulation through changes in blood flow to your skin, which improves mood overall.

  • Heat lamps are ideal for use as an infrared sauna
  • Infrared wavelengths are in the red spectrum, which is better for muscle pain relief
  • This type of therapy can also be used with a massage therapist to help relieve sore muscles and tension spots
  • Red light therapy has been proven by multiple studies to have benefits such as improved mood, increased circulation and decreased inflammation.

Best Infrared Heat Lamps in UK 2023 Reviews

Beurer IL50 Infrared Heat Lamp Review
Infrared heat lamp UK
The Beurer infrared heat lamp has a large treatment area of about covers an 30 x 40 cm and is energy efficient. It also includes an option for timer to turn off the device when needed, which can be helpful in preventing accidental overuse.

This compact infrared lamp has an adjustable head that moves to focus on certain areas of the body. The 300W bulb heats up quickly and helps with any sore muscles or tired joints you may have in your neck, back, feet or shoulders. It’s easy to use with an adjustable tilt angle that lets you target the area you want to treat. And comes with a ceramic glass keeps heat evenly focused inside. The wavelength is 500-2500mn Near infrared.


  • Large treatment area of 30cm x 40cm
  • Auto shut-off timer
  • 300W bulb heats up fast
  • Easy to use
  • Overheat protection
  • Adjustable tilt angle for 0 to 50 degrees


  • Replacement bulbs are costly
Sanitas SIL06 Infrared Heat Lamp Review
Infrared heat lamp UK
The Sanitas infrared heat lamp is a great treatment tool for those who suffer from chronic pain. It features an adjustable head to focus on the areas that need more attention and its ceramic glass ensures consistent heating inside without any harmful UV rays or other radiation.

It provides soothing heat therapy, relieves symptoms of the common cold, and reduces inflammation in nasal passages. With its adjustable angle, position it at a distance of 50cm from the area to be treated for about 10-12 minutes.


  • Compact and light in weight
  • Adjustable angle – 5 positions
  • 100 watts bulb
  • Clear glass bulb


  • Comes with a short cable of 1.5m in length
  • No auto shut off
  • No switch to turn on or off. You need to shut off either from mains socket or unplug it.
Beurer IL35 Infrared Heat Lamp Review
Infrared heat lamp UK
The Beurer IL35 Infrared Heat Lamp is a compact infrared heat lamp that’s perfect for use at home. It has a 3-stage treatment timer with automatic switch-off after 5, 10 or 15 minutes and 5 angle settings to make self-treatment easy. Infrared heat therapy is also effective at relieving the symptoms of a cold as it reduces inflammation.

  • Compact and light in weight
  • 150 Watts bulb
  • 5, 10 or 15-minute treatment timer
  • Auto shut off function
  • 5 tilt angles
  • UV-blocking ceramic glass surface
  • 3 year warranty


  • Short cable length
  • No switch

How to use infrared lamp for muscle pain

Infrared therapy uses different light wavelengths in the range 780 nm to 1000 μm, which are directed at inflamed parts of your body. The good thing about this type of treatment is that it does not damage the skin like ultraviolet rays do.

By using the device, you can decrease stiffness and pain in your muscles. This works by heating up tissue to temporarily increase circulation of blood flow and relieve tension. Whether or not it will work for you is based on how each person reacts differently to treatment so there are no hard-and-fast rules when working with this product!

The best way to create a warm and comfortable feeling is by adjusting the distance between your device surface and head to to 12 inches to produce a warm and comfortable feeling. The actual distance between you and the lamp depends upon your comfort. But generally a distance of inches, the infrared lamp will provide heating of about 40 C. It is not advisable to place the lamp closer than 12 inches to your body.

For best results take a hot shower before applying an infrared lamp on sore areas.

Infrared lamp safety precautions

Do not use infrared heat lamps while standing on a wet surface, or if you have wounds near the treatment area.

Individuals with cardiac pacemakers and wearing hearing aids should be cautious when using this device, as the heat it emits may inhibit or otherwise harm any such equipment that is directly in its path. The infrared heat lamp is not recommended for use by those with cardiac pacemakers or hearing aids.

Do not use during pregnancy. If you are in doubt about unfamiliar symptoms, please consult your doctor immediately for advice.

Keep your skin clear of lotions and creams because they can heighten inflammation and cause irritation to already sensitive areas that are being treated with an infrared lamp. Follow instructions in user manual for best results.

How to choose best infrared lamps

There are many infrared heat lamps on the market today, and it is not always easy to know which ones are best suited for your needs. When you are shopping for an infrared lamp, it’s important to make sure that the wavelength of light emitted is accurate. This guide will help you choose the right infrared lamp according to your needs.


It is the most important feature to consider when buying an infrared heat lamp. The wavelength of infrared light is a function of the frequency at which electromagnetic radiations increase in energy. The higher the frequency, the lower the wavelength and vice versa.

The wavelength of light that the infrared lamp emits can make a huge difference in managing your pain. It’s best to choose an infrared lamp that emits wavelengths of light in the 700 nm to 1000 nm range.


Infrared heat lamps generally comes in 4 different styles, they are: tripod, light panel, desk, and handheld.

  • Tripod: These are the best infrared heat lamps that produces a strong, consistent light that can cover wide areas. They look similar to traditional floor lamp and often have wheels on its base, making it easy to move around. They have adjustable heads to point in different directions and typically come with metal stands so you don’t have worry about tripping over cords or wires. However, these infrared heat lamps tend to be pricey.
  • Light panel: These infrared heat lamps are generally made of light emitting diodes (LEDs). They provide the largest treatment area compare to other types of infrared lamp. They also provide a directional, focused beam that’s great when you want to target the area where pain or injury occurs.
  • Desk: These infrared heat lamps are usually stand-alone units with arm attachments so they can be placed on top of a desk. They look similar to tripod, but are quiet smaller. They’re best used if you need to focus heat onto a specific area and are the same price as regular infrared heat lamps.
  • Handheld: These infrared heat lamps are small and compact enough to be carried in one hand. They’re more portable than the desk or light panel type, but are a bit less powerful.

Size of infrared lamp

The size of infrared therapy lamps is a crucial feature to consider, because you need space in your home for them. Tripod lamps are typically the largest followed by light panels. Desk infrared heat lamps are even smaller than these two types and can easily it on your desk. If you really lack space -or want an option that’s portable – then consider buying handheld infrared lamp.


Some infrared lamps are cordless while others require being plugged in. Cordless lamps allow you to take them wherever they’re needed. They required batteries and mostly you will find cordless option in handheld infrared lamps.

Treatment area coverage

For infrared therapy to be effective, your body must have direct contact with the light. The size of an individual’s treatment area is important for this reason. For example, if you are using a lamp that covers only one-quarter of your chest – without any adjustments in position or angle – then it will not effectively cover all four lobes at once.

So, If you are buying infrared lamp to cover large body are or for multiple ailments, it’s best to choose a model with a larger treatment area.


A timer is a great feature to have in infrared lamps. Many IR lamps nowadays have timer that can tracked treatment time. This will allow you to set it up and let it do its thing and turn off when the timer reaches the set time.