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Best Ergonomic Drafting Chairs

A drafting chair provide comfort and relief from long hours of sitting at a desk, while giving you the ability to easily move around your workspace. They’re durable and stain-resistant, with foot supports that allow you to perch or lean forward as your needs dictate.

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a drafting chair so it can be customized to your needs. In this article we will explore what you should keep in mind before purchasing a drafting chair, including benefits, features and best practices!

Quick Comparison Chart

If you don’t have the time to wade your way through this entire review, you can rely on our top 5 picks.

ProductMax LoadMax HeightWeightSeat WidthSeat DepthOur RatingCheck Price
SNOVIAY Drafting Chair
135 Kg 79 cm21.7 Kg46 cm50 cm4.7 out of 5 starsCheck Price
SONGMICS Drafting Chair
120 Kg73.5 cm11.3 Kg46 cm45 cm4.6 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Vinsetto Drafting chair
100Kg119 cm9.8 Kg46 cm42 cm4.5 out of 5 starsCheck Price
MOOJIRS Drafting Chair
136 Kg74.5 cm15 Kg47 cm45 cm4.5 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Nazalus Drafting Chair
158 Kg75 cm9.1 Kg47 cm42 cm4.4 out of 5 starsCheck Price

What are drafting chairs

A drafting chair is a very tall, padded seat with or without armrests. You can easily distinguish by its footrest ring located just above the feet of the drafting chair. The height of a drafting chair can be altered with ease thanks to the pneumatic lever on its underside. Ranging from 37 inch to 55 inch, these chairs are quiet high compared to traditional desk chairs.

They are most often used by engineers and architects who spend many hours sitting on uncomfortable stools while designing their plans. The design ensures that they are up higher than the average desk height while also being ergonomically sound. This chair is made of a high-quality reinforced material so it can withstand any weight and still maintain its shape without bending out of form when you’re sitting in it at your desk!

Benefits of drafting chairs

Drafting chairs are a necessary device for any architectural firm, graphic design studio, or office. Drafting chairs make cashier’s jobs easier and provide staff members with the ability to maintain eye contact at standing buyers, when working on reception desk duties.

Drafting chairs are beneficial for a few reasons. One of the main benefits is that you don’t have to be so hunched over when using it while drafting your plans. The chair also keeps your feet off the ground which can help with back and leg pain so long as its not too high up!

The drafting chair will help you maintain your sitting posture, enabling you to work comfortably. Unlike a regular office chair that only supports the lower half of your body weight, this chair transfers all of your upper-body’s full weight into the right positions.

Who should not use drafting chairs

Though drafting chairs are great for those who have receptionist or cashiers who have high desks and have to be at eye level with standing buyers. It is not for those who are seated at normal height desks. Many people initially want drafting chairs, as it will make much easier to use keyboard and mouse. But the drafting chair will make it impossible for people’s leg to git under the table, preventing them from sitting close to desk.

Best Drafting Chairs in UK 2023 Reviews

SNOVIAY Ergonomic Drafting Chair Review
best drafting chair
If you’re looking for a drafting chair that’s tall and ergonomic, look no further. The SNOVIAY Ergonomic Drafting Chair is perfect for people who work at standing desks or sit-to-stand desks. The chair has a height-adjustable footrest to help you move your feet more often and reduce pressure on the back of your legs. It’s designed with contoured padded arm pads and flip up arms that make it easy to get cozy, take pressure off your shoulders and neck, and ensure you have a good sitting posture.

This chair has premium upholstery material, skin-friendly materials, breathable mesh back that keeps you cool throughout all day; it use high quality accessories strictly meet BIFMA Standard to max ensure your safety.


  • Ergonomic design and comfortable to use
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Flip armrest and adjustable headrest
  • Swivel chair with wheels
  • Easy to assemble


  • Armrests may be low
  • Not high enough
SONGMICS Drafting Stool Chair with Armrest Review
best drafting chair UK
The Sonmics Drafting Chair with Armrest is the perfect companion for any type of elevated workspace. It features an ergonomic backrest and armrest, cozy seat with high-density reflex foam, and adjustable looped footrest. The height-adjustable range of this drafting chair is 20 cm, this office chair is perfect for people who want to stand while working but need some support from time to time. Heavy-duty 5-star base, auto-return cylinder, and easy rolling nylon castors ensure this drafting stool has a load capacity of 120 kg; it will not wobble every time you turn or cruise through daily tasks.


  • 360-degree swivel drafting chair with ergonomic backrest
  • Easy height adjustments up to 20 cm
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Affordable


  • Backrest is not adjustable
  • Fixed armrest
  • Not high enough
Vinsetto Ergonomic Drafting chair Review
best drafting chair 2021
The Vinsetto Ergonomic Drafting chair is designed to be used with higher surfaces, so your back and neck won’t get stiff from bending over all day. It has an ergonomic design, foam padded seat, curved back and adjustable height. The maximum load capacity of this chair is 100 kg.


  • Ergonomic design with curve backrest
  • Tall chair – with height adjustable from 97.5-119cm
  • 360º swivel base and 5 castor wheels
  • Metal round foot rest
  • Affordable


  • Lack of lumbar support
  • No armrest
MOOJIRS Ergonomic Drafting Chair Review
best drafting chair
The design of this ergonomic drafting chair is sleek and stylish, with a focus on the aluminum alloy skeleton rather than any plastic casing to cover up its mechanics. This ergonomic draft chair has adjustable headrests for different angles as well as height and depth controls that make it perfect for working long hours at your desk!

The strong frame and functional base are what make this desk so great. Even larger users around 136Kg have no concerns. The fabric is made of high quality 4D mesh from South Korea, with excellent breathability and flexibility. This material can help maintain even and comfortable skin temperatures while providing a stronger sense of wrap-and-support than other materials.


  • Adjustable height and good lumbar support
  • Modern and stylish look
  • Supportive segments and curved seat
  • High quality 4D mesh fabric
  • Max load capacity of 136Kg
  • Adjustable headrest


  • Expensive
  • Armrest lacks padding
Nazalus Rolling Stool Adjustable Drafting Chair Review
Nazalus Rolling Stool Adjustable Drafting Chair
The Nazalus Rolling Adjustable Drafting Chair has ergonomic design, also comfortable and durable. It has a unique ergonomic concave cushion design seat which naturally wraps around the hip. You can adjust the height to suit your needs with just one switch in the middle of the backrest.This rolling chair has an oversized base that provides stability and safety while also being explosion-proof. Plus it has an oversized base that provides stability and safety while you work!


  • Unique ergonomic concave cushion design
  • Sturdy and durable, with Max weight capacity of 158
  • Smooth rolling with reinforced nylon dual swivel casters
  • Anti-exploding iron plate


  • Expensive
  • No armrest

Things to consider before buying a drafting chair

The best drafting chairs are typically designed while keeping ergonomics at the top of the list. However, the term ergonomics is often abused by the manufacturers to sell their products. Here are some of the factors that you should keep in mind while buying an ergonomic drafting chair.

Adjustable Height

It is one of the most important features to have in any drafting chair. Drafting chair differs from office chairs mainly in height, they are high to allow users to work on tall desk or tables.

But whether you are an engineer, architect or a receptionist, you need to work from different heights and angles. The best drafting chairs will allow you to adjust the height of the chair. Your feet need to rest either on the floor or on foot rest.


Drafting chairs are made in different sizes. Depending on the size of your office, you need to choose a drafting chair that will fit in it. If you have a small space like an apartment or studio then go for smaller sized chair so as to save some room. You can also use armless drafting chairs if there is not enough space for it.


Armrests are a great way to get comfortable while you’re sitting at your desk. But sometimes they come in the way of your work, in that case you should look for flexible or adjustable armrests, that allows user to lift the armrests when needed.

Seat material

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the material for your chair. You want something that’s comfortable and durable so it will last, but also fits with what you need in terms of comfort or style. Fabric may be easier on skin than leather is if you happen to have sensitive skin.


Footrests gives your legs a break while you’re sitting. It also allow you to keep your posture right. The best footrests are the ones that not only have a wide diameter, but also an adjustable height to give your feet some much-needed relief.


Your budget is an important factor, in buying any product. Setting a budget before you go out to buy something is important in order to keep from going overboard on your purchase.

You can find great deals on these chairs if you know where to look for. You should also be aware that some manufacturers produce exclusive lines with more expensive models and less-expensive versions of their higher end models as well as range of options in between.