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Best Battle Ropes in UK

Battle ropes are an amazing way to improve strength, endurance, and mental toughness all at the same time. They can be used for a wide variety of fitness goals – from strengthening your core muscles to improving coordination. And best of all? Battle ropes are one of the most cost-effective pieces of workout equipment around! In this article we will discuss what battle ropes are and how they can help you reach your fitness goals. We’ll also give you some tips on how to choose the best battle ropes in UK based on your personal needs!

Quick Comparison Chart

If you don’t have the time to wade your way through this entire review, you can rely on our top 5 picks.

ProductMaterialLengthThicknessOur RatingCheck Price
Poly dacron9m/12m/15m38mm/50mm4.8 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Bonnlo Battle Rope
Poly dacron9m/12m/15m38mm4.7 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Display4top Battle Rope
Poly dacron9m/12m/15m38mm4.5 out of 5 starsCheck Price
ZELUS Battle Rope
Poly dacron9m/12m38mm/50mm4.5 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Yaheetech Battle Rope
Polypropylene and Polyester9m38mm/4.4 out of 5 starsCheck Price

What are battle ropes

Battle ropes also called as power ropes are thick and heavy ropes that are designed to provide significant resistance. It can be used for cardiovascular endurance, strength training and coordination among other things. They are usually made up of synthetic fibres like polyester or poly dacron and nylon.

Battle Ropes were introduced to the fitness industry by John Brookfield in 2010. He took very heavy and thick ropes, turned them into a tool for self-improvement, then realized others could benefit from their use too.

Most battle ropes comes in standard diameter of 25mm and 44mm and three standard lengths of 5m, 10m, and 25m. Battle ropes have a low risk of injury and are perfect for all levels athletes as well!

Why use battle ropes

The benefits of battle ropes are great: it’s low impact on joints which means you can use them with ease and for longer periods than other types of exercise—and there’s also a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) component that burns fat quickly!

Battling ropes is a system that trains your body from head to toe. You are engaged in constant movement, and the workouts can be tailored however you desire: whether it’s for weight loss or strength improvement. Battling ropes combine both speed and power into one workout; there’s no lull in action because of how they create velocity like water running through rapids-relentless—never pausing.

The battle ropes are excellent for home use because all you need is the rope and some space. You can get a workout in by yourself or with friends, which makes it perfect not only for fitness but also as an outlet to blow off steam from work or school! The best part of using battle ropes on your own is that you don’t have to worry about weight or space: they can be packed up and used anywhere.

Best Battle Ropes UK 2023

POWER GUIDANCE Battle Rope Review
best battle rope
The Power Guidance Battle Rope is the best all-around rope kit available on the market for a number of reasons. It’s flexible in design and can be used wherever you need it, whether at home or outdoors! The length variants cater to different workout scenarios as well, with your choice between 9m, 12m and 15m lengths. For those who like an extra challenge there are 38mm ropes and inches thick ropes also available; giving everyone exactly what they want!

It’s also great for improving your grip strength and coordination, as well as building muscle. These ropes are made of 100% Dacron instead of a blend, so they are more durable and heavy duty than others on the market today. They come with nylon sleeves to protect them from damage and heat shrink grips for improved grip capabilities.


  • Nylon sleeves cover for less friction enhanced durability
  • Include battle rope anchor
  • Available in three lengths (9m, 12m and 15m) and 2 (38mm and 50 mm) thickness
  • Made from 100 Dacron
  • Heat shrink handles for a strong and comfortable grip


  • Expensive
  • Sleeve makes the rope get twisted sometime during work
Bonnlo Battle Rope with Protective Cover Review
best battle rope UK
The Bonnlo Battle Exercise Training Rope is a must-have for every fitness enthusiast, and it’s the best option for performing cross strength training and circuit workouts. This fitness rope has been rigorously tested and offers the best grip protection out there, making it very durable. It also comes with nylon covering that protects you from friction which can cause fraying over time. The Bonnlo Battle Rope features poly dacron material which makes them as strong as ropes you’d find on a shipyard. It is also easy to coil up for storage when you are done training. This also means this rope can be easily rolled up and taken with you on the go because of its flexible nature.

The Bonnlo battle ropes comes in 3 different lengths: 9m, 12m & 15m and 38mm in thickness. This ropes comes with high quality handles and measures 1.5 inches in diameter and 7 inches in length. The heavy duty nylon grips are heat shrunk onto the rope, preventing them from ever becoming dislodged – no matter how sweaty you may happen to be.


  • Nylon sleeve covering to protect ropes from friction and fraying
  • Quality handle with comfortable and strong grip
  • Easy to roll up
  • Good for all fitness levels


  • Expensive
Display4top Battle Rope Review
best battle rope 2021
The Display4top battle rope is the perfect starter rope for people who want to get into roped training without spending a ton of money. It is basic and super affordable battle rope that comes in three lengths 9m, 12m and 15m. Made from Poly Dacron this battle rope is durable and also suitable to use both indoors or out. The Display4top battle rope comes in only one thickness of 38mm that suits beginners of those with smaller hands.


  • Available in three lengths 9m, 12m and 15m
  • Rope end is sealed with a rubber seal to avoid fraying
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Available only in 38mm thickness
  • Not for professional workout
ZELUS Battle Ropes with Anchor Strap Kit Review
best battle rope
ZELUS Battle Ropes Pure Poly-Dacron Exercise Rope is a must have for those who are looking to get an intense full body workout while building muscular endurance and cardiovascular conditioning. These battle ropes provide dual force dynamic effect which allows you go as hard as possible without losing your grip on the rope. Zelus battle ropes have ergonomically designed handles with heat shrink caps on both ends of the ropes, that provide strong and comfortable grip. It won’t slip out even when you are sweating.


  • Provides comfortable and firm grip with non-skid coating
  • Available in two lengths (30ft and 40ft) and two thickness (1.5″ and 2″)
  • Include anchor strap
  • Durable


  • No protective cover
Yaheetech Battle Rope Review
Yaheetech Battle Rope
The Yaheetech Battle Rope is affordable exercise tool for anyone looking to work out their entire body. It’s constructed with 3-strand nylon and easy to begin working. This battle rope is available only in 9.2m in length and 38mm in diameter. It also comes with heat shrink cap ends that help keep its shape, making it easier than ever before to grip this rope without worrying about it slipping from your hands during intense workouts. You can use this battle rope anywhere – whether you’re at home or on the go!


  • Inexpensive
  • Made from 100% Polypropylene and Polyester
  • Easy to grip
  • Heat shrink cap ends


  • Available in only 9.2m length
  • Not flexible

How to choose best battle ropes

Battling rope can be a great effective new strength and endurance training method. however using a battle rope that is to heavy or too light, too long or too short can mean you will not get the most out of the equipment. It is therefore very important to select the correct rope for your training. We have put together this guide that will help you select a quality battle rope without breaking the bank.

Rope Thickness

Battle ropes come in various thicknesses and depending on your goals can drastically affect what type of workout you’ll get. If you’re looking to blaze through a HIIT training cardio blast like we mentioned earlier, the 1.5″ diameter rope is perfect for that. These ropes are comparatively lighter and gives you a solid grip. But if you are looking to build more muscles than go for 2″ diameter rope. These battle ropes will require a relatively larger hand and stronger hand to maintain proper grip on the rope.


The length of the battle rope is another important factor that should be consider. They come in various lengths, ranging from 30 feet to over 50+ feet. It is advisable to buy a length over sized as you may outgrow a shorter length and have to purchase a new one. However depending on the length of your rope determines how much space it takes up or if the workout is light/heavy because shorter ropes require less space and heavier workouts tend to be done with longer ones. When you have limited room at home gym, consider buying a shorter rope.


Battle ropes are made from a number of different materials, with synthetic and natural types being the most common. The three main synthesized battle rope material include polypropylene, nylon and dacron.

Manila, a natural rope made from plant fibres and Polypropylene, a synthetic rope made from extruded plastic fibres.

Manila rope is considerably heavier that polypropylene and is the better choice if;

a) Space is limited and you have to use a shorter rope

b)You feel the lighter poly will be too light and consider yourself very strong and able

c) You feel the natural look of manila is more in keeping with the idea your trying to sell, i.e. a boot camp will like the raw, old look of the Manila

Polypropylene is considerably lighter than manila, however this factor can be outweighed by selecting a longer length rope poly ropes are the better choice if you are;

a) New to battling ropes and fitness in general poly ropes are both cheaper and easier to use

b)Have large spaces at your disposal to run longer lengths

c) Are using indoors at home where you want to keep it tidy as manila will initially shed some fibres, this will only be over the short term whilst the rope gets used to being worked

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the best length for battle ropes?

It all depends on your fitness goal and availability of the space. If you have lots of space, than buy the most popular 50 ft length ropes. This gives you 25″ in each arm, which is perfect for creating momentum filled waves that are perfect to create a low impact workout without too much strain on your body. But if you are short in space than go for 30 ft.

What muscles do battle ropes work best?

Battle ropes are great for building the entire body, but particularly your shoulders and core. They can be used to target your upper back, abs, arms and glutes but if you try using these ropes properly while jumping or doing squats then you’ll also work on developing thighs too.

What is the proper technique of using battle rope?

Always have your feet shoulder width apart when standing. Slightly bend the knees and keep a straight back to avoid being hunched over or leaning too far forward which puts stress on the lower spine, hips, and upper legs.

When sitting with rope in hand for wave making purposes you want enough slack that can create smooth waves but not so much as it becomes difficult to move up from an upright position if need be- instead of pulling tight, let gravity do work by simply letting go of tension at this juncture.

Are battle ropes bad for shoulders?

A common misconception is that battle ropes will hurt your shoulders. The reality though, it’s not the rope – if you execute any exercise poorly from squats to bench press or deadlifts then you’ll be hurting yourself. Bad form is what cause injuries, not the movements themselves.

Battle ropes safety precautions

In order to perform these exercises through functional ranges of motion, it is important for a person exercising to understand that there are significant loads being processed. The rope adds a new direction of tension in the body which differs from gravity’s normal or amplified load and causes people who exercise without full-body awareness to make mistakes when they start out with this type of training.

One common mistake is raising one’s hands above their shoulders during waves because doing so puts too much strain on the back muscles, neck, and deltoids (muscles around shoulder blades) – not what you want if you’re trying to stay healthy!

Keeping your head up while using battle ropes will help you generate more force through the transverse, sagittal and frontal planes of motion. Tucking the chin slightly and keeping eyes forward might be a good way to start building some better posture habits as well!