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Best Blender For Frozen Drinks and Cocktails

Just as there’s nothing better during winter months than a hot drink to warm us up, there’s nothing like a cool drink in the summer to cool us down. If you’re trying to go the extra mile, an ice cold drink is the ultimate in dedication to quench your thirst and avoid sweating in the sun.

Iced drinks come in all shapes and flavours – smoothies and slushies can be great options, or when you need something stronger, margaritas and daiquiris are hot.

These drinks are created by adding the ingredients or flavourings to a blender with lots of ice and blending it straight to the ideal consistency. Sounds simple, right? You can just throw everything into almost any blender and whip up the perfect cocktail!

Unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated than that, as the blender needs to be powerful enough to challenge large amounts of ice. The very last thing you need is for the machine to provide more than thirty minutes of mixing, just to end up with a watery drink full of shredded ice balls. The best blender for frozen drinks should be capable of blending frozen fruits and vegetables into silky and cold smoothie.

That’s precisely why we’ve discovered the five best blenders for frozen drinks and cocktails to ensure you feel satisfied every time. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide and frequently asked questions to teach you everything you need to know before you buy your new appliance.

Best Blenders For Frozen Drinks and Cocktails in UK 2023 – Reviews

1. Magimix 11627 Power Blender with Quiet Mark Approval
best blender for frozen drinks in UK
The Magimix Power is an excellent blender that packs quite a punch. This blender has powerful 1300-watt motor that can crush everything from ice to nuts. It comes with a durable glass jug and it is one of the most stylish blender that you can find in the market.

This blender is not cheap, but it’s well worth the money. This price includes a glass blender, two cups of different sizes for making smoothies on a go, as well as a mill attachment for grinding nuts, coffee, and spices. This machine is versatile and powerful. It can blend almost any ingredient. If you plan to make full use of the attachments, it will be a worthwhile investment.

This thing is very capable of making the creamiest soups. You can also use it to make smoothies or granitas. All of these can be blended very well. There are multiple settings which can change the way that the blade operates (speed up or slow down, pulse, etc.). This makes it extremely versatile and allows you to see how well everything mixes together.

The glass jug can be used for both hot ingredients like soup or cold ingredients like ice and frozen fruits. The lid fits snugly and there is no leakage. This blender can make smooth batters and purees, crush ice quickly, and is able to handle different foods. The package includes a 700ml and a 400ml smoothie cup. They share the same blade assembly, so the results were the same. The result was a smooth smoothie. Although the oats were finely pulverized, there were still raspberry seeds. This attachment can be used to grind beans and spices. This blender can be used for many purposes, however, you will need to keep it all together.


  • Stylish, Sturdy and durable, with 30 year motor warranty and 3 year parts warranty
  • Five pre-set automatic programmes; Dessert, Ice, Soups, Smoothies & Auto-Clean
  • Makes less noise
  • Eight speed settings
  • Dishwasher safe attachments
  • Removable blades
  • Easy to clean
2. Ninja 2-in-1 Blender with Auto-iQ
best blender for cocktails in UK
The Ninja 2-in-1 Blender with Auto IQ BN750UK is a powerful blender that can quickly blend tough ingredients. It can also easily crush ice and make drinks. The blender is easy to use, especially if you choose the automatic mode. Most powerful blenders can make delicious smoothies from tough fruits and vegetables. However, all that whipping creates foamy drinks. But this blender has been designed to extract air from the jugs before the high-speed action starts. You can get a silky smooth beverage.

It comes with two single-serve 700ml cups. These are great for making healthy smoothies. It’s compact design and one-touch buttons make it easy to whip up quick smoothies. Secure spout lids attach to the cups and make it easy to transport. The powerful 1000W motor and pro extractor blade make it possible to blend tough ingredients such as nuts, seeds, and ice.

Blenders use a “total crushing” blade system. This means that the blender extends upwards from the base and does not sit at its bottom. The blender is extremely efficient in reaching and drawing down ingredients during blending, resulting in smooth results. The blades can be easily cleaned and are interchangeable.

Auto-IQ technology refers only to its preset programs. This blender is unique because these preset programs can be fulfilled in a variety blending phases and pauses. The 60-second blend program changes its speed, much like you would when pulsing manually. There are presets for Ice Crush and Max Blend. For soups, we prefer the presets over the manual settings.


  • Powerful, Stylish, Compact and Fast
  • 1200W motor drives interchangeable stainless-steel blades to blend tough ingredients
  • Easy to Use – Simple controls, manual settings
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher safe attachments
  • Auto-iQ Technology – One-touch blending programs
  • Large capacity
3. Ninja Blender and Soup Maker
best blender for ice cubes in UK
This is another Ninja 2-in-1 model that double up as a soup maker and blender. There are a variety of preset and manual programs for each mode, and there is a keep warm function that preserves heat for up to one hour.

The Ninja Blender and Soup Maker comes with a huge variety of programs that turn this blender into a kitchen appliance that is so much more than just a blender. The programs are easy to follow and self-explanatory. The built-in heating element is wonderful addition so you can quickly make smooth and chunky soups in just over twenty minutes.

The Ninja HB150UK Blender/Soup Maker offers a wide range of pre-set Auto-iQ’ programs. There are many settings to choose from, including for cold recipes like smoothies, milkshakes, and desserts. You also have hot options, such as soups, soups, and jams. The blender also includes a detailed recipe book and a tamper to poke ingredients through the lid while you blend.


  • Blend hot and cold ingredients – chunky and smooth soups, sauces, jams, smoothies, sorbets and more
  • Easy to use controls
  • Create silky smoothies, fresh homemade soup in minutes
  • Good and impressive design
  • 1000W motor base, 1.7L heat-resistant glass jug, tamper, cleaning brush and Recipe Guide
4. NutriBullet 01410 1200 Series Blender
best blender for slushies UK
The NutriBullet single-serve blender is most commonly used to make smoothies. They can make dips and salad dressings as well as sauces, cocktails, and even cocktail mixes. Traditional blenders use a large jug that is placed on top of the base. NutriBullets, however, have a cup that locks into the base to activate it.

Basic models have only one speed and no buttons, making them easy to use. You can now drink your smoothie straight from the blender cup after it has been blended. This reduces washing.

The Nutribullet 1200 series blender is powerful. You can process a wide range of fruits and other ingredients, such as ice or oats. The blender has two preset blending programs that can be used with just a touch. The NutriBullet 1200 single-speed blenders come with three cups. They can crush and puree frozen fruits and ice but are not great for blending dry ingredients. There are three speed settings, and a vented pitcher to blend warm liquids.


  • Comes with Pre-programmed hands-free Autoburst Cycles
  • Powerful 1200 Watt Bullet Cyclonic Motor
  • Auto shut-off
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Include three cups Handled Colossal Cup (930ml), Vessel Grip (for Colossal Cup), Insulated Stainless Steel Cup (820ml)
5. Morphy Richards 403010 Jug Blender with Ice Crusher Blades
Morphy Richards 403010 Jug Blender with Ice Crusher Blades
The Morphy Richards 403010 blender is simple to assemble, use, and clean. The blender is capable of crushing ice, blending soups and smoothies with frozen ingredients. Although the Morphy Richards 403010 is not as popular or well-known as other blenders, it is a great choice if you are looking for a simple, affordable, and efficient unit. The blender has a decent amount of power and can be set to different speeds to suit your needs.

This model has ice crushing blades that make blitzing ice easy. The detachable blade unit allows for easy cleaning but is not suitable for dishwasher use. The glass jug is sturdy, durable, and heavy. It will be a pleasure to use, especially when you are pouring the mixture into glasses. It has an easy-pour design to prevent spillages.

Overall, the blender was a simple and elegant appliance that we liked. It’s a great choice if you want to have both style and performance for a reasonable price.


  • Affordable and easy to use blender
  • Stainless steel blades for crushing ice and blend frozen fruit
  • Easy pour jug to prevent spillages
  • 5 speeds + pulse setting
  • Large 1.5L glass jug

How to choose the best blender for frozen drinks in UK

Not all blenders will work for frozen drinks and cocktails. The following guide will help you choose the right blender for your need.


A blender could be rendered useless without blades, which is precisely why this has become the best feature you evaluate before buying a blender, especially for frozen drinks where it will need to have the ability to combine hard ingredients like ice and frozen fruit. Make sure you don’t need some ingredients perfectly blended while others have barely been touched, which makes the standard of the blades quite important. Also, it will prevent you from processing several components while waiting for others to break.

There are many distinct blades to choose from, some bent at humorous angles, some stacked, and some wider than others. Placing ice in a regular blender will usually produce the blunt blade, so it is not very useful to have a blender for frozen drinks because of its sharp blade. In fact, a blunter blade might be more desirable because there is more surface space to remove ice hockey pieces.

Also consider choosing a blender with more than one overlapping blade that twists in opposite directions, as this will speed up the process.


Anything frozen will be harder to combine than when it was not suspended, so it is easier to look for a blender using a high power setting (1200 or more) to ensure it has enough power to cope. It is possible to use a blender with a lower power rating, but you may need to chop your frozen fruit and use larger ice cubes.

Unless disposable income means nothing to you, you’ll probably need your own blender to keep you going for as long as you can. Appliances created with high-quality materials like stainless steel and tempered glass are much more likely to withstand countless beverage-making shipments, so start looking for the best high-quality materials possible.

Some blenders have built-in cooling fans to keep the interior motor happy and prevent it from overheating, which can really increase its lifespan. A fantastic warranty is another important feature to look for, in case of durability.


Blender comes in varying size and capacity. There are large and small blenders which can blend different amount. Consider how many you can make at once. A blender with a large blending jar is not necessary if you are only going to be using it for personal use. A larger blender is better if you plan to make drinks for friends and family often. Many blenders will include information in the description about how many they can blend at once. It is worth looking at this information before buying a blender.


Blades spinning at speeds up to 15,000 RPM mean they can spin at speeds up to 280 km per hour. They are not quiet, don’t you think? Combining the motor, blades and processed foods can create a lot of noise. Normal conversation occurs at a level between 55-60 decibels (dB).

A blender with more power will produce more noise. High-performance blenders are made with high quality materials that reduce noise. Look out for manufacturers that promote sound absorption. All manufacturers should be able provide information about the operation sound level of their appliances.


Price is an important factor when purchasing the right blender. You can find a wide range of durable, high-quality blenders available on the market for an affordable price. You will also find a wide range of professional-grade blenders for surprisingly high prices. Before you make a purchase, take the time to evaluate your needs and budget.

Additional Features

Many of the blenders we only looked at had presets already programmed for them, for example an ice drink machine and an ice crusher, which can be perfect for those who don’t need to stand around their blender and manually create their drink. Simply press a button with your daily life and wait patiently for it to finish itself!

Another useful feature is that it is self-cleaning. Blenders can be complicated to wash by hand, especially those with overlapping blades. This is why self-cleaning features are incredibly welcome and useful for people who may be put off by the notion of dreaded cleaning. Different blenders offer many features, so choose what would be beneficial to you and what you can live without before choosing your new appliance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Create Thicker Frozen Drinks?

A very simple method to prevent your frozen drinks from washing out would be to simply increase the total amount of ice hockey you use. If you are using fruit juice for a snack, consider frozen fruit instead. This will reduce the total amount of liquid in the mixture and give you a smoother, more icy feel and consistency.

Can I put ice in my Nutribullet?

Any blender has the ability to shoot a few ice cubes at a time, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re just going to use three or even four to chill your drink. That said, if you’re trying to crush ice hockey, the Grooms advise you to consult the instructions for the Nutribullet model. It’s better to see the words in the manufacturer itself instead of hoping for the best and ending up with a broken blender.

How powerful blender you need?

It all depends on whether you use a handheld or countertop blender. To blend ingredients efficiently, handheld blenders require more than 100 watts. You can use harder foods in your countertop blender, but it will only work at 500 watts.

The way to produce a slushies in a blender?

Put four cups of ice cream in your blender with half a cup of sugar and a third cup of frozen fruit. Combine this for 2 minutes, including a little water and there until you get your preferred consistency. Add some colouring in case you want to replicate traditional movie slushies. But do this before you put too much water in the mixture as you don’t need to be in a hurry.

How much can I spend to buy a blender?

It all depends on your needs and your budget. The cheapest blenders are £30 and the most expensive can go up to £500. In most cases, you get more features and a higher quality blender if you pay more. It is best to not spend more than you can afford. There are many cost-effective blenders that work well and they are very affordable!