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Best Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinders

It’s no surprise that among all the cool kitchen gadgets out there, the battery operated salt and pepper grinder would be one of the most popular. These are just plain cool.

For people like me that sneeze easily, the battery operated grinders make this kitchen task much easier. They will not leave you with large pieces of salt or pepper. You don’t have to grind endlessly or fatigue your wrists. With just a touch of a button you will easily add a lot more flavor to your dishes. These salt and pepper grinders are a must have for any home cook. They are great for daily use and make an impression when entertaining guests. Not to mention pepper just tastes so much better when it’s freshly ground. If you haven’t tried it – you’re really missing out!

Like with most kitchen items, these grinders are available in various colors and styles. Some are simple and just do the job, while others are fancier and make grinding pepper even easier.

Best Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Mill Set in UK 2023 – Reviews

1. Latent Epicure Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder Set
best salt and pepper mill set UK
Latent Epicure’s battery-operated salt and pepper grinders look great and are very easy to use. It features a light that allows you to see how much salt or pepper you are putting on your dishes. There are also controls to adjust the coarseness of your grind and with easy one handed operation, these salt and pepper mills offer great value. It’s got nice stainless exterior and comes with a little tray that you put your set on, so to prevent mess on the table. It needs 4 battery to operate.

This pepper mill set comes with two grinders, one to grind pepper and other to grind salt. You can adjust the coarseness of salt and pepper according to your recipe. To adjust the coarseness, simply remove the bottom lid. There are six settings, ranging from the coarsest to the finest. To make things fast, these grinders have a button that starts the grinding process on the push of the button.

The grinder set is made from a ceramic grinding mechanism that are more durable than traditional metal grinders and produce consistent grains. Ceramic grinders are preferred when grinding aromatic spices and herbs such as Himalayan sea salt.


  • Easy to use, convenient one handed operation by pressing a button
  • Ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Features built in LED light
  • Adjustable coarseness setting
  • Includes complimentary mill tray


  • The grinder set is large
2. Salt and Pepper Mill Set by Flafster Kitchen
best battery operated salt and pepper mill set UK
Flafster Kitchen’s salt and pepper mill is made from the highest quality stainless steel. It looks sleek and stylish and is very durable. You can easily refill the grinders by just twisting the lower portion of the mill. The pepper mill set includes a stand made of metal that protects your counter from getting messy and makes it easier to move the grinders around.

It also features adjustable coarseness setting that you can choose depending upon how finer or coarse grind you nee. The set also has an integrated light, which ensures perfect seasoning. Each grinder requires 4 AA batteries. Pepper mill set can be used with Himalayan Salt or Black Pepper Peppercorns, as well as other spices.


  • Made from high quality steel
  • Easy to use
  • Wide neck compartment for easy refills
  • Adjustable coarseness setting
  • Features bright light at the bottom
  • Rubber Lids to protect counter-tops.


  • Requires 8 AA batteries
  • Makes more noise
3. Oliver's Kitchen Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set
best salt and pepper mill set 2021
Oliver’s electric salt and pepper grinder set is sturdy, durable and should last long. This brand-new salt machine set features a stylish stainless steel design that will be the talk at your next dinner party.

The outer part of this pepper mill set is brushed stainless steel with a clear glass chamber in the middle where you can see the peppercorns or salt. It is very easy to use and can be operated with one hand by a touch a button. This pepper mill set also features adjustable coarseness, that allows you to grind pepper and salt as coarse or fine as your recipe requires.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Adjustable coarseness setting
  • Sturdy, durable made from stainless steel
  • Automatic LED light


  • Containers that hold the pepper and salt are small
  • Grinding quality is not strong

How to Choose the Best Salt and Pepper Mill / Grinder

When shopping for a new set, it’s difficult to pick the right salt or pepper mill. Each one has its own unique features and gimmicks that make it stand out. It can also be difficult to find one that will do all you need without losing one of your favorite features.

Here’s a guide on how to choose the best pepper and salt grinders for your home and everyday use. Let’s take a look at key features you should look for in a salt/pepper grind, and why.

Material of the Grinder

Consider the material of your salt and pepper sets before you buy. This will affect how long the pepper mill will last. The taste of your seasoning can also be affected by the material of the grinder. A pepper grinder made from premium materials will last for longer than one made of lower quality. The core of electric grinders can be found made from Nylon, Zinc, Ceramic, Stainless steel or Carbon steel. These materials all have their advantages and disadvantages. You can pick the one that you feel will work best for you.


Because it is the cheapest, nylon is often used in bargain pepper mills. Nylon is the most soft of all the materials that are used to manufacture pepper mills. The mill’s efficiency is affected by the softness of its grinding mechanism, especially when we are talking about salt and pepper mills. Nylon is rust-resistant, which is the only thing it has going for him. Nylon grinding mechanisms can be used for drying herbs, spices, and salt. A mill equipped with a nylon grinder mechanism is not recommended. They will simply not last long.

Zinc or Zinc Alloy

Zinc grinding mechanisms are the most cost-effective way to grind peppercorns. Zinc is a soft metal, and therefore less efficient. Remember that soft = less efficient. Zinc can also corrode. These grinding mechanisms can be used to grind spices and dried herbs, but not salt. The mill’s life expectancy will be significantly reduced if you grind pepper using a zinc grinding mechanism.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel grinding are more expensive than zinc but are more durable. Stainless steel grinders can be used with peppercorns as they will not rust. A stainless steel grinding mechanism should not be used for salt. Salt will cause corrosion to the mechanism. You can also use stainless steel grinding mechanisms for dried herbs or spices.

Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel grinding machines are more expensive than stainless steel, but are made from a harder metal. Because of its hardness, it is more durable and produces higher output. To prevent rusting, carbon steel grinding mechanisms are often plated and can be used with peppercorns. The carbon steel grinding mechanism will be corroded by salt over time. You can also use carbon steel pepper mills to dry herbs and spices.


It is the ideal material to make salt and pepper mill grinding mechanism. Ceramic grinding mechanisms can be more expensive than the others and are stronger than carbon steel. They can be used with peppercorn and salt crystals. Ceramic mechanisms retain the flavor better than other types.

Body Material

Apart from the material used for the grinder mechanism, the material of pepper mill body can have an impact on the performance of your pepper mill. Although it might seem advantageous to have a transparent body so you can see when you are running low on pepperconrs you must remember that spices should be kept dry and cool. Clear pepper mills can lose their fragrance and flavour if placed on a counter that is exposed to direct sunlight.

Coarseness Settings

The best salt and pepper mills allow you to adjust the coarseness or fineness of the grind based on the recipe requirements and your personal preferences. Some battery operated pepper mills offers six levels of coarseness: very fine to almost cracked. Clear markings on mills make it easier to use. Other devices allow you to adjust the size of your grind, but they might not provide as consistent. This can be especially useful in a pepper mill, but it can also be helpful for grinding salt.


While it may not be an issue for home cooks, you’ll need to refill your grinder more often if you are purchasing for a restaurant, catering company or other business. The smaller models usually hold 1/8 to 1 1/2 cups, while the larger ones can hold 1 1/2 cups. Small to medium-sized mills are best for home kitchens. Spices lose their flavor over time, so you don’t want them to sit around. A large-capacity unit is a huge benefit for those who work in bulk.

Refilling Mechanism

All black pepper grinders use gravity to grind the peppercorns. However, each mill has a different way of refilling the peppercorns. Some mills have a screw-off cap that requires you to remove the head in order to refill the body. While others have a channel that extends to the side of the head, which allows you to refill the tank without having to remove the entire body.

Some grinders have their grinding mechanism located at the top of their mill. When you grind pepper, you must use the mill upside down. The refilling device is located at the rear. It allows you to turn the mill upside down and refill it this way.

Size and shape

While some prefer large wooden salt and pepper grinders, others prefer smaller shaker-sized ones. It all comes down to personal preference. Most people will know on instinct if the set is the right size and shape.


When buying pepper mills, another important feature to consider is the number of attachments it comes with. It is always better to buy a salt and pepper mill that comes with comprehensive set.

The adjustable blade and the grind selection are two important attachments to consider when purchasing the best salt or pepper grinders. Adjustable blades make it easy to change the seasoning of the blade. Led lights are another attachment. When buying a pepper grinder, you should be aware of the led lights. These led lights provide enough light to help you grind. This will allow you to control the amount of salt and pepper that is used, so it’s not too much.


Although performance is important in ranking these grinders, many people also consider style to be very important. Style can be anything from classic wood to modern, sleek versions made of a variety materials.

Some brand offers variety of color options to match nearly any kitchen. There are many other designs available from different manufacturers that can also be used. Salt and pepper mills can last a lifetime so it is best to select a classic, timeless model that you won’t tire of.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to grind pepper in a salt mill?

Although they look similar from the outside and also do similar type of job i.e grind, pepper and salt grinders are not always interchangeable.

It depends on what material you are using to grind pepper. Peppercorns can be very tough. Salt mills have mechanisms that break down large salt grains into smaller pieces. Salt is more soft and brittle than peppercorns so nylon salt grinders may not be able to break through pepper. Ceramic salt grinders are stronger and can be used for grinding pepper. Some pepper mills have interchangeable mechanisms, so you can grind both salt and pepper in either.

Is it possible to grind salt in a pepper grinder

Salt can cause corrosion of the carbon steel in pepper grinder’s teeth. This can reduce its efficiency. Salt clumps that stick to metal can be a result of corrosion and rust. With traditional designs, it is recommended to grind salt in a salt mill and pepper in an electric pepper mill.

How to clean pepper mill

The material used to make a pepper mill plays an important role in determining the way it can be clean. In most cases, You can wipe the outside with a soft cloth and, if necessary, some warm water and soap. Pepper mills should not be immersed in water, or run through the dishwasher unless specifically stated by the manufacturer. There are too many delicate parts that cannot be dried. You should dust the inside of a mill with a soft, dry brush. First, run some coarse salt through your grinder to change the spice. The salt will absorb oils from the previous spice and make the machine sharper.

To get to the inside of the mill and clean it, disassemble it if the grinder is clogged. If the mill is an electric one, you will need to remove the batteries and peppercorns. The metal retainer plate covering the grinding mechanism should be removed using a screwdriver. Use a toothpick to remove stuck particles. Also, check for any broken pieces. It is dangerous to use a grinder with broken parts. Next, use a cotton swab that has been dipped into alcohol to clean the inside of the grinder. This will remove oil and dust. Dry the area quickly.