cupcake carriers in UK

Best Cupcake Carriers in UK

Nothing is worse than bringing a box of cupcakes to an event and finding that they have become a mess due to being jostled about! Your cupcakes will be safe and sound with a quality cupcake carrier. The cupcake carriers are designed in a way that it helps keeps your pastries in their place while being transported.

You will need to have a deep understanding of cupcake carriers in order to find the best product. There are thousands of cupcake carriers on the market. It is important to know the material used in cupcake carriers, their quality, capacity, and how easy it can be carried around.

We sifted through hundreds of reviews to narrow down the top 10 most recommended highly recommended products.

Best Cupcake Carriers in UK 2023 – Reviews

1. VonShef 2 Tier Cupcake Carrier
best cupcake carriers UK
Tiered cupcake carriers are useful when you need to transport more standard size cupcakes. With this 2 tier cupcake carrier you can easily store and transport 24 cupcakes. Each layer can hold 12 cupcakes in specially moulded cups. This ensures that the delicious treats stay put. The BPA-free carrier can hold 24 cupcakes. However, you can remove the molds to place a larger cake or bread inside.

The sides of each tier have clamps that ensure they are secure and won’t move or fall. The outer clasps form an airtight seal when closed that will keep your cupcakes fresh, and the slim carrying handle makes carrying easy. You can also use the shelves to hold half-sheet cakes. This carrier is dishwasher safe and weighs in at 4 pounds. It measures 14.6×10.6×7.9 inches.


  • Two Tier Cupcake Storage Container. Dimensions: 35.5 cm x 25.5 cm x 19 cm
  • Split the layers for 12 Cup Cakes in each Container
  • Lightweight & Hygienic – Keep your baked goods fresh!
  • Strong Locking Clips ensure Safe Storage & Maintains Freshness
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included
2. Kumica Cake and Cupcake Carrier with Handle
best cupcake carriers 2021
Kumica cupcake and cupcake carriers are perfect for any occasion. It is made of high-quality materials and elegantly designed. The tray of this cupcake carrier comes with a dual function . One is for cakes and the other is a 5-section serving tray. The clear lid and container are securely secured to the tray by the 3 locking clips. This clear cover protects your food and creates a beautiful window.


  • HEAVY DUTY: This cake and cupcake container is made with durable materials to securely storage and easily transport your food
  • MULTIPLE USES: it is not just a cake container but also a carrier for 10 muffin, a 5 section serving tray and it comes with a cake serving spatula
  • SECURE TO TRANSPORT: the cake container has 3 durable locking clips best for airtight storage and it has a non-slip base ideal for safely transporting your food
  • FOOD GRADE MATERIALS: it is made with eco-friendly materials which is the best way to keep your food safe and healthy
  • DIMENSIONS: the base container diameter is 11inch / 28cm; the cupcake carrier diameter is 10inch /25cm; the clear lid high is 6.7inch / 17cm
3. Flexzion Cupcake Carrier Holder Container Box
Flexzion Cupcake Carrier Holder Container Box
This container is the best way to transport cupcakes safely. This sturdy container is specifically designed to safely store baked goods. This 3-tier container will transport your delicate baked goods and keeps them safe. It is stronger than single-purpose clear plastic boxes.

The large capacity allows you to store 36 cupcakes, three cakes, 36 muffins, and many cookies. To fit larger cakes, you can remove the compartment trays. This 3-layer rectangle cupcake container is great for parties and other similar events. These boxes are BPA-free.

These containers feature strong dual-sided inserts and a secure locking mechanism. They also have a sturdy handle. This container is easy to display and makes cupcake delivery safe and simple. It offers flexibility in stacking, unlike other cupcake containers. You can store up to 12 cupcakes in one case thanks to the 3 tiered compartments. You can also store up to 3 dozen cupcakes in each of the three cases.

If you prefer, you can separate the levels. It comes with a lifetime warranty to protect your investment and ensure that you are satisfied with the product. This cupcake container is an essential kitchen item, especially for those who love baking.


  • Designed to transport and store cupcakes and muffins in a stylish carrier container
  • 3 Stackable trays, each with 13 deep cups to securely hold cupcakes with finger recesses for easy removal; Remove tray to store a tier cake or large cake
  • Lightweight & comfortable carry handle; The lid creates a tight seal to ensure your cakes remain fresher for longer
  • Doubles as cake courier with trays removed; Holds and stores up to 10- inch round cake or pie, cupcakes, cookies and more
4. STACKnGO Carrier Holds 24 Standard Cupcakes
best cupcake carriers
These cupcake carriers made of plastic have inner support columns that can withstand 25 pounds of vertical force. They will keep your baked goods safe and sound without breaking.

Some people complained that the bottom was difficult to separate and ended up ruining their cupcakes. However, most reviewers loved that the material was thick and strong and the cupcakes fit in the slots well without sliding around. The high-domed lids allowed them to stack frosting.


  • 24 Compartment Cupcake Carriers are superior because they use the thickest strongest yet lightest material possible. Sturdy enough to hold 24 full sized cupcakes with just one hand without bending or collapsing.
  • ANTI-CRUSH TECHNOLOGY: Family and friends are depending on you to deliver those delicious masterpieces. You need to protect them by all means. That’s why we engineered support columns that can withstand 25 pounds of direct vertical pressure. So if that watermelon, in the trunk, rolls on the tray – NO WORRIES – your high frosted treasures will be perfectly intact. Phew!!!
  • FILL, STACK-n-GO w/CONFIDENCE: Cakes of Eden is committed to delivering the best quality products and customer service. These STURDY 24 Cupcake Holders is superior to the competition and includes 6 SETS for your convenience + plus our unmatched ‘LOVE IT OR 100% of YOUR MONEY BACK’ GUARANTEE. Questions? TEXT us any time at +1-845-397-2307. Click ADD TO CART now and TRY THEM RISK-FREE for 90 days.
  • LOVED BY MOMS & BAKERIES – You kids deserve the best. BPA Free and Food Safety Approved these trays are lightweight and disposable (please recycle) yet sturdy enough to be reused time and time again with a light washing.
  • SAVE TIME & MONEY: The party is getting late and your kids just had their 3rd sugar rush meltdown. It’s time to go. NOW! We’ve all been there. Well now you don’t have to stress out if you forgot to grab one of the cupcake cases. It’s NP because they are so affordable plus you have more at home.
5. com-four Cupcake Carrier with Handle, 2 Levels and Lifting Insert
best cupcake carriers UK
This handy party container makes it easy to transport delicious home-baked cakes, cupcakes and tarts to school, school, kindergarten, or your birthday party.
You can store your cake in two equal-sized compartments. Snap locks allow floors to be locked from one another and allows for the attachment of additional floors.

This practical cake container is dishwasher-safe and can also be used to store food in the freezer. This is a great, practical household tool that will make your life much easier in many situations. You won’t regret it!


  • PARTY CONTAINER: The large party container is perfect for transporting cakes, muffins, tarts or other food to any party!
  • TWO LEVELS: The cake transport box has two separate compartments that can be closed with a snap lock. The number of subjects can be expanded!
  • VERSATILE USE: The cake carrier is the ideal companion for any party, barbecue or a picnic by the lake and is even suitable for the freezer!
  • EASY CLEANING: The party container with handle and lifting insert can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher after use!

How to Choose The Best Cupcake Carrier in UK – Buying Guide

There are many types of cupcake carriers, each offering a different flavor. Before you buy a cupcake carrier, it is important to be aware of what to look for. Below are the most important things to keep in mind when looking for a cupcake carrier.

Disposable or Reusable Cupcake Carriers

Reusable products are usually made from plastic, which is very durable. Reusable carriers are often more expensive than disposable ones, but they can save you money in the long-term if you bake or buy many cupcakes.

Disposable carriers, on the other hand can be made of plastic or paper. Plastic products can be recycled several times, provided they are washed well. They are also crystal clear so you can show off all your hard work.

Although they may not be as strong as plastic products but are recyclable, paper carriers decompose faster than plastic. They are an excellent option for reducing your carbon footprint.

Size or Capacity

Before you buy a cupcake carrier, make sure to measure its size. This will tell you how many cupcakes and treats you can carry. It will also let you know if the carrier is easy to store. You should also know the dimensions of the cupcake carrier so that you can ensure the cupcakes or treats you bake fit in the cups and trays.

Number of layers

There are many types of cupcake carriers on the market today. Each model could have a different design, style and quality. The most important thing to consider when carrying more than one flavour of cupcakes in a cupcake carrier is how many layers. You can keep your cupcakes separate by using the layers. A cupcake carrier with multiple layers would be the best.


Although it might seem easy to remove cupcakes from shallow holes, your cupcakes could end up falling over during transit. To ensure your cupcakes stay in place, choose a product that has deep and narrow cupcake wells.

Standard-sized cupcakes will be served in wells measuring 2 1/2 inches to 1 8/8 inches. To hold the cupcakes securely, they should be at least one-fourth inch deep. Wells should be at least two-and-a-half inches in diameter for large cupcakes.

You might be a little concerned that the deep wells make it difficult to remove cupcakes from the pans without smudging frosting. But don’t worry! To make it easier to take out your cupcakes, many cupcake inserts have finger grooves.

Tight lock system to keep cakes fresh

There have been many times when we were left with leftover treats or cupcakes from a party. These are too delicious to throw out. Sometimes we bake our sweet treats ahead of time before we bring them to events or parties. You will need a container and carrier that can hold your cupcakes fresh for as long as possible.

You should look for cupcake carriers that are able to keep in the fridge, and have strong locks and clasps that prevent air from getting inside. To ensure freshness, you may want to look at the material of your cupcake carrier. For the best results, choose glass or BPA-free plastic carriers that don’t have holes.


You will undoubtedly find some frosting or crumbs in a cupcake carrier. It is important to understand the best cleaning methods for each product. You might consider a cupcake carrier that can be washed in the dishwasher if you are reliant on your dishwasher frequently.

You will also want a cupcake carrier that is easy to wipe off any frosting or icing accidentally left on it. You can use most cupcake carriers as serving platters or trays, so you might also consider cupcake carriers that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. If you have medical conditions that make it difficult to wash products by hand, you should ensure you look into dishwasher-safe and ADA-compliant products.


Cupcakes, pastries, and other sweet treats are essential to parties and gatherings. Because they make the most delicious gifts, it is important to choose the right cupcake carrier to transport your goodies safely to the party.

Good cupcake carriers should have strong locks and deep wells to ensure that the cupcakes remain in place. The cupcake carriers featured above are made by the top brands. We have narrowed down the products based on reviews from customers and the quality of the product.