best bath lift chairs for seniors

Best Bathtub Lifts For Seniors

Bathing is a major problem for many seniors and disabled. It can be difficult for them to get in and out of the bathtub. Besides there is always a danger of slip and fall for them when having a bath. Thankfully, we have bathtub lifts for seniors and the elderly to make the process a more safer and comfortable.

A bath tub lift or a bath lift chairs ensure elderly and those with disabilities take bath without much difficulty. It allows them to get up and down easily. This is a great way for improving bathroom safety for seniors, and it won’t cost you much. But, how to choose the best model?

According to our research, Pro Bath Chair Lift is the best bathtub lift for seniors. The Pro Bath Chair Lift is the most reliable option in UK. It has user-friendly controls that allow for smooth transitions with minimal installation requirement.

This guide explains the best bathtub lifts for elderly in UK. This article will cover everything you need to know about bath tub lifts, and how you can choose the right model for you or your loved ones.

Best Bath Tub Lifts For Elderly in UK 2023 – Reviews

1. Drive Bellavita Lightweight Reclining Bath Lift
best bath lifts for seniors UK
If you are looking for a bath lift that is durable, lightweight, affordable and also pack with great features, then look no further.

The Bellavita Bath Lift from Drive DeVilbiss allows seniors to take safe and comfortable baths anywhere they go. This bathtub lift weights only 9.3 kg (20.5 pounds) is the lightest bath lifts you can find on the market that can safely support up to 140 kg total weight. It can be lowered to a minimum height (2.3 inches) and will submerge you in water for a more comfortable bath.

Two-piece construction with quick-release suction cups and fold back mechanism makes installation, disassembly, transport and storage easy and convenient. The washable seat and backrest cover sets are available in blue, white and gray to match your bathroom decor.
batteries is also simple and fast as the hand control can easily be unplugged from the bath lift and connected to the charger.


The bellavita two piece bathtub lifts can easily fit in any standard or deep bath tubs. Thanks to its innovative ergonomic design with padded seat and backrest, the seniors feel much more comfortable and safe. One of the great feature this bath lift that is not available in other lifts is that, the back angle can be adjusted independently of the lowering motion. This is a great feature as it allows seniors to remain upright while lift is in motion. The backrest can be lowered up to 50 degrees allowing seniors to have more space to relax while they bathe.

The seat comes with two side flaps that can be raised to create a transfer surface for easy getting in and out of the bath lift. The bath lift can be lowered to 2.3 inches to provide a more relaxing soak. It can also rise to the maximum height of 18.8 inches making it functional even for deeper tubs.

To keep the seat in place, the bath lift uses 4 durable suction cups that stick to the bottom of the bath tub. It also features waterproof remote that can either be hung on the hook on the bath lift or can float in the bath tub. The handheld remote has four buttons that are color-coded: on/off and up/down. However, these buttons have no label, so elderly with memory problems or those with colour blindness may find it difficult to use.

Bellavita bath lifts are also equipped with smart batteries with enough power that allow the user to raise and lower themselves at least 4 times before it need to be recharged. There is also an integrated safety mechanism that stops the lift from lowering unless it has enough power to raise it back again. Charging these


  • Weighs only 9.3kg which makes it lightest bath lift on the market
  • Easy to use, install, dissemble, store and transport
  • Padded and comfortable seat
  • Can be lowered to a minimum height of 2.3 inches
  • Can be raised to maximum height of 18.8 inches
  • Reclining backrest, that can be reclined up to 50 degree
  • Maximum weight capacity of 140 Kg
  • Colour coded, waterproof and floatable hand control
  • Built-in safety mechanism to prevent bath lift from lowering without sufficient charge
  • Quick battery recharge


  • The seat get secured, but the suckers at its base didn’t seem to have been fully attached at the sides
  • Battery discharges quickly – This become inconvenient for elders or disabled person to recharge the handset often
2. Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift Chair
best bath tub lifts for disabled U
The Bathmaster Deltis is high quality, battery operated and elegant reclining bath lift. This makes it possible to bathe independently for people who have difficulty to sit and stand from bath tub due to age or disability. A lightweight and floatable hand controller allows you to raise and lower the lift. The lithium-ion batteries in the controller provide better performance and longer battery life. he handset can be charged separately from the lift. This allows the unit to be placed in the bathtub while the handset is being charged. The lift also has a flashing light that warns you when the battery is low.

The unit can be divided into two pieces for easy installation. The heaviest part weighing under 7kg, that makes transport and storage easy and convenient. This premium quality bath lift is comes with a reclining backrest and compact frame that fits almost any bath tub. The all-plastic frame is designed to provide maximum durability and stability. It is easy to clean and resists corrosion, which gives the user peace of mind and long-term, hassle-free use.

The highly supportive, reclining backrest of the Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift offers maximum relaxation. The backrest and seat are contoured to provide maximum support for the Bathmaster Deltis when it is lowered or reclining. The lift also features with two large side flaps that make side transfer easy. It comes with three year warranty, which shows the high quality and reliability of this bath lift.

The bath lift is also equipped with high-quality suction cups at its base to prevent it slipping in the water. It is very smooth and stable, which makes it ideal for frail users and those with low strength. The lift can also reach almost to the bottom of the tub, so the user can be submerged properly in the bath tub.


  • Lightweight, and separates in two parts for easy transport and storage.
  • Powerful motor for lifting
  • Compact frame that fits in all standard bath tubs
  • It is easy to clean and resistant to corrosion
  • Superior comfort with a contoured seat and backrest
  • Hand controller that is small, lightweight, and simple to use
  • Side transfers are made easy by large side flaps
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Guarantee


  • One user complained that the sucker feet didn’t fix firmly on the bottom of their bath tub.
  • Battery is not powerful
3. Kanjo Eco Lightweight Reclining Bath lift
best affordable bath lifts UK 2021
The KANJO Eco bath lift provide safety and hygiene for elderly and disabled while bathing. The ergonomically designed seat and back, as well as a function that allows the user to change from a fixed position to a reclining one at the touch of a button, allow users to relax and enjoy a comfortable bath. Additional convenience is provided by optional covers made from tear-resistant or, in certain cases, antibacterial materials.

The Kanjo Eco can fit into almost any standard size bathtubs, including corner baths. The bath lifts can be lowered to a height of 2.5 inches (6.5cm) from the tub floor and reclines up to 40 degrees. It comes with 4 suction cup to properly secure the lift at the bottom. The unit can be removed from the bath and folded in two sections when not in use. Kanjo Eco Lightweight has a 3 cell lithium battery.


  • Lightweight and easy to disassemble; unit separates in to two parts
  • Non slip and stable base plate
  • Users can be fully submerged as the lift can be lowered to 2.4 inch from the bottom of bath
  • Easily fit in almost all standard bath tubs including corner baths


  • Some user complain that there is no hook to hang the hand control remote
  • No indicator about how much power left in the battery

What is Bathtub Lift

A bathtub lift or bath lift is basically a medical equipment that mechanically lowers and lifts individuals from a bathtub. Most bath tub lifts are battery-operated and can be controlled by a button. This is an ideal tool for those with limited mobility or elderly who lacks strength to take a relaxing and comfortable bath.

Bath lift chairs are designed to provide for maximum comfort. They often have a reclining backrest so that you can relax. There are many types of bath tub lifts available. Some are designed to install on wall or floor, while others are portable that can be moved around without any need for installation. The majority of bathtub lifts can be installed without damaging the bathtub. They have suction cups that attach directly to the bath floor, making installation and transport easy.

Types of Bathtub Lifts

There are different types of bath lifts available in the market. The most common types of bath lifts include:

Floor Mounted Bath Lift

The floor mounted bathtub lift can also be considered a traditional bath lift. These are the ones which are widely used and also tends to be more economical. Installation of floor mounted bath lift are easy and can be done with little effort and time.

A floor-mounted bath lift is attached to your bathtub’s floor. You can fit the entire equipment into your bathtub, so make sure you purchase the right size to fit in your bathtub. Although the exact mechanism used to mount the device can vary, most use suction cups to attach to the bottom. This keeps the device in place and prevents it from moving. These type of bath lifts are easy to pack and transport.

Wall Mounted Bath Lifts

Wall mounted bath lifts, on the other hand, are more expensive compare to floor mounted bath lifts. They are difficult to install, You need to have a fair degree of installation and DIY knowledge to install them. But they provide more safety to users. So what exactly is wall mounted bath lifts?

This is a bath lift that mounts to the wall of your bathroom instead of the floor of your bathtub. They don’t have any suction feet. The lift is secured to walls using screws and a fixture. The seat is designed to lift the user into the tub from outside. The fitting allows it to mount on the wall and can be moved across the room. As mentioned above, they can be more costly and will likely need to have professional installation. They take up more space, so they might not work well in a small bathroom.

Inflatable Bath Lifts

Inflatable bath lifts are a cheaper alternative for those bathtubs that cannot accommodate suction feet. It’s easy to set up and move an inflatable bath lift. You just need to set the bath lift in the tub and then inflate the bath lift with an electric pump. After you sat down on the seat, the machine deflates the item and lowers it into the tub. To get out, inflate the chair again.

Inflatable bath lifts are almost flat when deflated. This makes them ideal for deeper soaks in the tub. However, inflatable bath lifts don’t raise very high. The inflatable bath lifts are soft and flexible and have nothing to hold onto. For seniors with poor balance, they can make it difficult to get up from.

Water-Powered Bath Lift

This type of bath lift, as the name suggests, is powered by your home’s water pressure. The water pressure works to raise or lower the bath lift by attaching it to a shower pipe or diverter. This type of bath lifts does not require any battery, so you don’t have to worry about recharging. But, the downside is that you need to have strong water pressure at home for it to work.

What Factors You Should Consider Before Buying a Bath Lift for the Seniors?

There are many bathtub lifts available today, but it can be overwhelming to choose the right model from them. What bath lift chair is best for you? We want you as informed as possible, so we have listed the top factors to consider when selecting the right bath lifts for you.

Tub Size

To ensure the lift fits in the bathtub, measure the length, width, and height of your tub before you buy a bath lift. Most bath lifts will fit in a standard-sized tub, but may not fit well in bathtubs that are deeper, wider or smaller. However, there are some bath lifts that can be extended to fit deeper tubs.

Seat Size

For many reasons, it is important to think about the size of the seat in the bath lift chair. First, consider your mobility and then check to see if the lift chair’s size will be sufficient to allow you to enter and exit the bath safely. You may choose bath lifts that have seat with flaps on either side to have more space to maneuver yourself over the top of the bathtub wall. Some bath lifts also offer a rotating seat that allows you to move over the top of your tub wall and also help you exit the bath lift seat easily.

Maximum Lift Range

The maximum lift range must be sufficient to reach the top of your bathtub, otherwise it will be of no use. Most bath lifts have a maximum lift range of 17-18 inches. It is easier to get up from a higher seat, so seniors who are taller and have trouble standing may appreciate a greater maximum lift range.

Minimum Lift Range

The minimum lift range means the lowest position the seat of the bath lift can submerged in to the bath tub. The lower the minimum lift range, the more submerged you’ll be in the water. A few bath lift models can reach a height of 2.3 inches with batteries, while the air-inflatable models can reach a height of just 2cm.

Swivel seats

Bath lifts with swivel seats can provide many benefits to seniors. It allows the seat to turn freely. The idea is to have seat rotates around the bath’s side facing outwards. After senior is seated on the seat, they can press a button to turn it around. The usual lifting mechanisms kick in, and you are able to get into the tub. Although it’s not a necessity, it can help make your bath lift more safer. Bath lifts with swivel chairs will be more costly than those without them. This feature is dependent on personal preference and user needs.


To keep the bath lifts in place during use, they should be equipped with a suction cup attachment. Safety cup attachments are essential to ensure your safety in the bath lift chair. However, it is also important to check that the suction cups match the tub’s surface. Some suction cups won’t stick to textured surfaces, so make sure you inspect your tub and talk with representatives about the compatibility of bath lifts suction cups.

Battery Powered

Most bath lifts available in the market are powered using batteries. This is a great advantage as it takes the hassle out of your job. The lift will start operating when you press a button. It’s easy to use and accessible even for those with poor motor skills or extreme muscle weakness. It’s worth searching for bath lifts that have a fast charging feature. Although it is not essential, it can make your life easier. You can charge your battery quickly with fast charging. This is useful in situations when you forget to charge your battery after a bath. This ensures that you have a full charge or near it in an hour.

Weight Capacity

Different bath lifts support different weights. Some bath lifts are smaller and can lift up to 240 pounds. Others can lift up to 360 pounds. Seniors over this weight should consider a bariatric bath lift. The lift could break if they are exceeded to its weight capacity. Most bath lifts have features that won’t allow a person to be lowered into a tub if the weight of the person is exceeded to its weight capacity.


A few bath lift seats have a recline function that offers additional comfort. You can adjust the angle of your seat so you can relax in the tub. This feature is also useful for certain tasks, such as shaving your legs in the tub. If someone has back problems or needs to be able to recline, it may be necessary.