What is Garcinia Cambogia and Its Benefits

Whilst Garcinia Cambogia has only recently been heard of by many westerners, it has been used by ancient cultures for hundreds of years as a primitive form of appetite suppressant by adding it to their food, as it had the effect of making their meals feel more filling. It was also known to have other health benefits and was commonly used in traditional medicine, and also commercially used for preserving fish, particularly in Southern India, and Ceylon because of antibacterial properties found in the fruit.

What is Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a member of the Garcinia family is typically found throughout South East Asia, Southern India, and parts of Africa. It is also known as Gambooge, Malabar tamarind, and Brindleberry. The fruit resembles a small pumpkin with a size that can vary between that of an orange or grapefruit. Generally green in colour when ripe, this fruit can vary in colour from red, orange, yellow or brown as it matures.

Garcinia Cambogia is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. In some parts of India, an edible vegetable oil is obtained from the seed of Garcinia cambogia and is fruits rind is used for seasoning in Indian cuisine.

Garcinia Cambogi is much more than an effective dietary supplement for weight loss. It inhibits the absorption of carbohydrates and fats and the transformation of sugars into fat. Its extraordinary qualities make it a powerful and effective appetite suppressant. It allows you to lose weight quickly and without side effects.

What is the composition of Garcinia Cambogia

The skin of its fruits contains a very interesting molecule the hydroxycitric. It composes 20 to 30% of the skin of the fruits of Garcinia Cambogia. Apart from it being a known powerful appetite suppressant, seems to be the effect that Hydroxycitric Acid has on the body when taken on a daily basis, it helps the body to turn excess carbohydrates into glycogen which can then be used as a source of energy rather than being stored as fat.

The AHC has a positive action on the production of serotonin. This neurotransmitter is involved in the regulation of mood, appetite, aggressiveness and sexuality. Its dosage is therefore essential in the mechanisms of nutrition. Garcinia Cambogia offers a rich and complex blend of antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. It contains a combination of vitamin C, citric and malic acid, polyphenols, and carbohydrates.

Clinical studies

One clinical study carried out on a group of volunteers found that over a 12 week period the group had on average managed to lose 17lbs whilst taking 1500mgs of HCA a day. What is more incredible is that the volunteers were told not to change their diet, or to take exercise during the course of the trial, which could be of immense benefit to anyone who is very obese and can’t exercise because of their current weight issues, so Garcinia Cambogia could be taken as the first steps to losing weight until you are able to start on a regular light exercise plan.

Obviously whilst Garcinia Cambogia produces great results without changing your diet or exercising, the most efficient and healthy way to lose weight is to improve your eating habits and take regular exercise, as this will not only improve your overall health and fitness, it will also help to speed up your body’s metabolism which will enable your body to burn more calories, even while resting.

How Garcinia Cambogia Works

Garcinia Cambogia

Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

The active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia, the one that has made this dietary supplement a worldwide success, is hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which gives it its biggest nutritional advantage over other natural supplements.

HCA, combined with the other natural nutrients and compounds present in Garcinia extract, has a very powerful effect on fat elimination. It is especially its miraculous effects on overweight problems that make it so successful even today. But as we said, the extract of pure Garcinia Cambogia has many other positive effects on health.

Reduce Appetite

Some animal studies in the laboratory have shown that Garcinia or HCA can promote a feeling of fullness, which helps to curb appetite throughout the day.

Studies conducted on rats – such as one published in 2002 in the journal Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry – have shown that the level of serotonin in the brain increases after consuming Garcinia Cambogia. This is because serotonin is a neurotransmitter capable of suppressing appetite.

Although there are not many studies on the subject involving humans, people who have used the supplement claim that it increases satiety and reduces appetite. But the effects may be different for each individual, as some people have shown a reduction in body weight, but without noticing any change in appetite.

Positive effect on energy and performance

Practitioners of physical activities can use Garcinia Cambogia to improve athletic performance. Research has shown that using Garcinia or HCA can increase endurance during exercise and prevent physical exhaustion too quickly.

A Japanese study published in 2002 in the Journal of Nutritional Science indicates that HCA increases fat breakdown and reduces carbohydrate breakdown, which helps improve endurance and save sugar reserves in the body. However, more studies need to be developed to prove this benefit.

Boost the metabolism

One of the greatest benefits of the Garcinia Cambogia dietary supplement is that it can help boost the metabolism. This superfruit would help the body to consume more energy which would lead to a reduction in body fat and therefore weight loss.

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Reduce fatigue

A Pure Garcinia Cambogia Cure with the AHC contained in its extract helps to improve your stamina and literally eliminate fatigue, while motivating you to adopt a healthier lifestyle as your physical appearance begins to change. It’s no coincidence that Garcinia is often indicated in fitness cures.

Lowers cholesterol

The AHC contained in this superfruit plays a role in the transformation of sugars and carbohydrates into fats. It has been proven that by consuming this ingredient, the production of negative cholesterol is reduced.

In addition to keeping cholesterol levels under control, Garcinia Cambogia can also be used to reduce high blood pressure. Indeed, cholesterol and high blood pressure can affect the mood, heart health and quality of life of people, Garcinia Cambogia helps regulate all these aspects.

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Natural antidepressant

The natural compounds in garcinia cambogia can act as antidepressants by releasing serotonin in the body, which is the “satisfaction” or “pleasure” hormone. This can work as a self-fulfilling cycle. By using this herbal extract, one can lose weight, feel uplifted and encouraged, and then determined to continue and achieve the goal. This ability to stabilise mood is again based on the benefits of hydrooxycitric acid on neurotransmitters, and the reduced stress levels can often contribute to the treatment of long-term depression.