obus forme back support review

ObusForme Back Support Review

The modern internet world has made every human lazy; any products can be reached you by just sitting in the same place with the help of the improved technologies. This has led every one of us to many health problems.

obus forme back support review

Nowadays most of the working atmosphere involve persons to spend too much time on their desks or in front of the system; this will lead to pain in shoulder, neck, upper back, lower back and other common spinal problems.

Apart from this, driving for more hours, performing during sports activities and other activities also cause pains in your various parts of the body especially on your back, shoulders, neck, etc.

Getting rid of these issues is simple, you just need to wear some of the right types of Posture braces or adapt to some backrest for the chair to support while you are performing some activities on your desk, during audio, driving, etc. to get rid of the bad posture and to get rid of other injuries and pain.

Today, in this article we are going to check out one of the top manufacturers who is providing the best back support to adapt for your chair, driving seat or any place where you sit for long hours.

Obus Forme Back Support Review

If you are suffering from severe back pain, neck or shoulder pain due to the long time seating, then choose this Back Support product to fit in your car, chair, etc. without any chaos. Before going in detail about the product, let’s have a short look about the manufacturer first.

About the Manufacturer | Obus Forme

The popular manufacturer who is in the market since 1980, has been awarded for many products as they have applied centric ergonomics science to each of their product while developing, the result would be that the developed product that includes all the requirements that are needed by the human for safeguarding or taking care of the human body.

The manufacturer group is comprised of physiotherapists, chiropractors, industrial designers and other human body related professionals that it’s simple for them to develop anything for a human body support. Both anatomical and ergonomic expertise types of research about the product they produce and then tests the quality.

The manufacturer has created many original awards winning products for their backrest support, therapeutic pillows, footwears, groundbreaking support systems, and mattresses. Just now they have started developing home, office and other indoor products too.

Ultra Backrest Support From Obusforme

Sitting is the new smoking and is considered to be stressful posture for your lower back. Lower back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain are caused especially for the ones who spends many hours in their desks or during driving, etc.

The manufacturer has developed this product just in case of those consumers. You can use this backrest to any sitting chair, desk or seat for improving postures and also for getting rid of pains.

What is the primary goal of Obusforme Backrest Support?

The manufacturer has designed the product for their consumers to relieve the pain from their lower back by realigning your spine as well as for getting the right body posture. This product has been awarded and clinically proven that the backrest helps in relieving your lower back pain with ease.

Main Specifications of Obusforme Ultra Backrest Support

The unique backrest support along with the convex and concave combination design offers support for your spinal cords, thus provide the back postural alignment, aiding in the prevention and relief from any back problems.

The materials used in the backrest is made of high standard quality materials and thus ensures you for the durability and comfort, the S-shape design, helps in converting the spine to a positive, neutral curve and changes to the optimal position for maintaining the normal posture.

The pressure on the lower back and lumbar back muscles are created by using this obusforme backrest support, and thus you will be able to sit in a place with more comfort and for a long period. The backrest also competes for the shoulder blades upwards, and therefore lungs are provided with more oxygen.

You could use this backrest support over your office chair, home chair, driving seat, etc., there are much clinically proven results(by Stanford University, Mets Clinic, and UCLA) for back pain reduction, alleviation from muscle strain, sedentary muscle contraction reduction, improves energy, reduce fatigue, high respiration capacity, etc.

Available in three different sizes, choose the one that would suit your type. Easy to install and can be secured to any seat or chair, the lightweight design is ideal to use it for home, office, and car. There is handle with this backrest for making your transportation easier.

Obusforme Ultra Forme Back Rest Support

Special Feature:

The backrest support along with the convex and concave combination design.

Key features:

+ patent-pending design,

+ three different sizes.


+ lightweight design,

+ flexible.


+ Too thick for the car.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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Final Words

Hope you clear on obusforme ultra backrest support? Any ideas, thoughts, and question on the products are welcome.

Share your experience with us if you are using the product at present.