Neo G Medical Grade Posture Correction Review

Bad posture is caused due to the wrong sitting and standing habits like sticking your bottom out, leaning on one leg, poking your chin, cradling your phone, hunched back and text neck, standing with a flat back, rounded shoulders, etc. Though these things can bring us more health issues, still we do those as it has originated as we perform the actions often.

You can get rid of these if you adapt to some of the best posture braces or correctors. This will help you to get rid of the bad posture and also helps in providing the good body posture. Today we are going to check about one of the best posture correctors in detail.

About the Manufacturer | Neo G

Before going to the product, let us know few things about the manufacturer. Neo-G offers varieties of medical premium grade products, they are in the market since 2005 and is being registered with MHRA, the FDA and Health Canada.

Many of the customers prefer to choose the manufacturer as they develop each product with the assistance from qualified and trusted orthopedic designers and use medical grade materials for the product development.

The innovative and creative products are undergoing rigorous testing, and the development includes the measurement of high-quality materials. Every product from them is designed using ISO and CE related factories using the cutting edge technology.

Neo G Medical Grade Posture Corrector Review

A medical brace which is designed for providing the good posture to your body, the braces has been developed particularly in targeting the lower part of the thoracic region, where the spine’s bone density is thin when compared to the lumbar lower region.

Help you in relieving from any back pains that is caused due to the injuries, sitting for a long period, if undergoing any medical conditions, etc. by Supporting the entire weight of the torso and get rid of the weight that is occurring on the lower and upper back.

The Posture Corrector is made of multiple synthetic fabrics namely spandex, nylon, rayon, etc. The high-grade quality materials used in the straps and other areas ensure you for the durability. The straps used in this posture corrector is designed for providing extra support to your affected muscles and reduces the pressure to secure the upper and lower back.

The two main straps that are covered using velcro straps are used to wear around the shoulders is connected to the other straps that are being attached to the straps in the thoracic region of the back. This covers the lower part of the chest and then covers the rib cage and finally to the front provides the great support for your back.

These straps apply substantial pressure over the area that the straps are connected, the tight pressure is the main reason for inhibiting the back to bend and provides you good posture. The padding helps in reduces the pressure that the straps incur on it. Design with breathability functions so that the person who wears the posture corrector is comfortable with it.


While considering the cleaning and maintenance, you should not wash this using warm water as it can damage the elastic straps. You can use the washer for washing without any chaos as they are made of high-quality fabrics and nylon materials. You can use any washing soap or mild detergent and then rinse well to get rid of the residue. Hang it to dry.

Benefits of Using Neo G Medical Grade Posture Corrector

Proceed below to check for the advantages of using this Neo G Medical Grade Posture Correction.

  • The material used on this posture corrector is the one that is used on bungee cords, which assures you with the perfect posture.
  • The elasticity remains the same even if you are using it for more than thousands of times.
  • Easily applies pressure over the lower back to straighten and provides the right posture.
  • Best to use for the persons with injuries, people who are undergoing medical conditions, kyphosis and other major spinal diseases.
  • Comfortable to use
  • Can be worn underneath or over the clothes.
  • Affordable rate.
Neo G Medical Grade Dorsolumbar

Special Feature:

The material used in the bungee cords are used in this corrector.

Key features:

+ made of polyamide, polyester, polyurethane, elastane and cotton,

+ rounded shoulders.


+ breathable material,

+ flexible.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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Cons of Using Neo G Medical Posture Corrector

Every product has its pros and cons while considering this medical posture; the only disadvantage is the bulky look. Wearing this will feel like you are wearing a backpack on your shoulders.

Final Thoughts

Hope you got a clear idea on the Neo G Medical Posture Corrector, do you have any queries regarding the product? Feel free to drop down your questions through the comment sections below.

Any ideas, tips, and thoughts on the product are welcome.