The Best 5 Heating Pads That You Should Own

Have you been suffering from back pain for quite some time?

Are you looking for a remedy to get rid of this problem?

This means that you need to get hold of a good quality heating pad.

The good news is that the heating pads can play a crucial role in relieving the pain. What these pads do is that they increase the blood flow to the affected area and this helps to reduce the discomfort. The best part is that the heating pad can be a perfect solution when you are looking for an inexpensive way to relieve your pain.

Types of Heating Pads Available

Now, there are three types of heating pads available.

  • Microwaveable pad
  • Electric pad
  • Chemical pad

Well, if you go for an electric heat pad, then you will need to plug in this pad for some time till it reaches the required temperature. Once the pad has heated up, then you can place it on the affected part of the body. The other variety available in the market is the chemical pads. Now, the chemical pad gets heated up when you put it in boiling water. Again, for this pad, you need to wait patiently till the required temperature is reached so that your skin does not get scalded.

Now, the microwaveable pad has an outer fabric that is made up of grains and flannel. You can put these pads in the microwave and use them to ease the pain of your lower back whenever you feel the need.

Selecting the Best Heating Pad

It can often be confusing how to get hold of the best heating pad so we will just define the criteria here so that you can get hold of the best product. You should go for a pad that is designed making use of the best quality material.

You also need to remember that you will find two varieties of these pads on the market. They are dry ones and the moist heating ones. Well, the moist heating pads have this added moisture in them for all those who feel that dry pads dry out their skin.

What happens in the case of the moist heating pads is that it takes longer for the heat to reach the affected area and soothe down the inflamed muscles. However, you need to be aware of the fact that the results of the moist heat last longer. On the contrary, the dry heating pads give immediate results, but the soothing effect does not last long. This is why it is preferable to go with the moist heating pads.

You can get the heating pads with multiple setting and single setting as well. The multiple setting pads allow you to adjust the temperature as per your convenience. However, you will not be able to adjust the temperature when you make use of a single setting heating pad. Now, the size of the pad should be according to the proportion of the affected area.

When you are choosing the heating pads, then the electric ones are the best option. When you buy an electric heating pad, then make sure that you check out the safety features before the purchase. Make sure that the pad comes with an automatic shutoff feature. The advantage of this feature is that you will not have to worry about prolonged charging and burning.

There are heating pads that allow the user to program the shutoff time as well so you can choose this variety as well. You should also check if the electric heating pad offers a flexible contour because this will help to achieve added comfort.

Remember the brands are important as well when you are buying the pads. Check out the best brands and compare their feature. This way it will become easier for you to make the best pick that suits your requirements and gives you the needed results.

Using a Heating pad

Now it is also important to understand the functioning of a heating pad to attain the maximum benefit. First, it is important to lie down on a stiff surface. This way it will become easier for the back to come into full contact with the heating pad.

It is also important that you should consult your physician regarding the heat setting. As a safety measure, always place a piece of cloth between the heating pad and your skin. This will help to prevent burns.

The pad should be placed directly on the affected area, and you should lie back slowly on it. This way it helps your body to adapt to the temperature change. Next, you should make an effort to sit up and try holding that position for five seconds in one go. This will help the muscles in absorbing the heat. You should just use the heating pad for a maximum of one hour in one sitting.

When you buy the heating pad, make sure that you read the instructions carefully. This will help you to understand the operation of the pad in a better way.

 Precautions You Need to Follow

When you are using heating pads, then make sure that you follow the necessary precautions as well. It is never viable to use the pad without the cover. Moreover, the cover should be removable so that you can machine wash it with ease.

It is also important you should not sleep with the pad on overnight. Moreover, overuse can lead to skin damage, so you need to remember this aspect as well.  It is also important to remember that heating pad should never be used on the broken or swollen skin as it can damage the area.

If you are suffering from Dermatitis or Diabetes, then you should avoid the use of heating pads in this situation as well. When you are using electric heating pads, then you need to follow one rule of the thumb. You should check your skin in the twenty minutes interval for making sure that there are no burns.

Best heating pads in UK for back pain

Now that you have a clear perception regarding how to choose a heating pad and to use it, we will present a brief insight about some of the best pads available.

Dreamland Intelliheat Heat Pad

Dreamland pad makes use of the intelliheat technology for providing the best temperature control. It offers you five different heat settings so you can choose the setting that best suits your requirements. The best part is that Dreamland heats up instantly, so you do not have to face any delay in usage.

Moreover, you can machine wash it with ease. When three hours have passed, then Dreamland shuts off automatically. The best part is that when you use Dreamland, then the running costs are quite less as well. It is just about 1p per session.

What you will love about Dreamland is that it has got a flexible design. This means transportation of this pad will not be an issue. When you want to get the best results with Dreamland, then you should make it a point to preheat it. Another aspect worth appreciating is that it is quite simple to setup this heating pad.


  • Dreamland has been manufactured by making use of skin friendly material.
  • It is quite lightweight.
  • Dreamland is quite cost friendly as well.


  • The manufacturer should think on the lines of improving the heat quality

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Beurer HK Comfort Heating Pad with Cosy Fleece Finish

Beurer HK Comfort Heating Pad with Cosy Fleece Finish

Beurer is available in two different color varieties. You can go for the white color or the pink shade as well. It offers a rapid heat-up function, and the pad heats up within 10 minutes. If Beurer is not in use, then it shuts off automatically after 90 minutes. The controller is detachable, and you can get hold of three temperature settings with Beurer. Moreover, it has a soft and cozy design. Beurer is machine washable, and you get a three years warranty with this heating pad.
This means that if you face any issue within this period, then the manufacturer will make it a point to get the issue fixed.


  • Beurer is quite easy to use.
  • It is available in a perfect size for wrapping around your back.
  • The cover of this heating pad does not wrinkle and fall off after use.
  • It is a budget friendly option for all those who do not want to spend a fortune on heating pads.


  • The manufacturer has to work on improving the durability of Beurer.
  • Moreover, the Beurer cord is a bit short, and this issue needs to be addressed as well.

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Sanitas SHK18 Therapy Heating Pad

Sanitas SHK18 Therapy Heating Pad

Santitas is one of the best heating pads and is quite easy to clean. It offers a foil protection. The Santitas cover can be removed and washed with ease. If this heat pad is not in use, then it turns off automatically after 90 minutes.

It has a safety feature to protect against overheating as well. It has about three heat settings. You can adjust the settings by making use of the user-friendly controller that is illuminated. Another thing worth appreciating is that the electric cord is about three meters long. Santitas offers heating on a consistent basis and is simple to use.

Additionally, it offers a warranty of about two years. Santitas has a user manual as well so that you can get the necessary guideline to use this heat pad. You should follow the instructions to attain the maximum benefit from Santitas.


  • Santitas is light and does not give a bulky look.


  • The manufacturer has to improve the overall quality of this heat pad so that it will last longer.

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Beurer HK35 Electronic Heat Pad

Beurer HK35 Electronic Heat Pad

Beurer HK35 offers an instant heating system and heats up within 10 minutes. You will be able to get three different heating levels with Beurer HK35. It also offers a BSS Overheat Protection System so that the heat pad does not get damaged during charging.  This is due to the presence of the electronic sensor technology utilized in Beurer HK35. It shuts off automatically after 90 minutes if left unused.

This heat pad makes use of a superior quality cotton cover that can be machine washed with ease. It offers three different heat settings and can perform exceptionally well at all the levels. This heat pad fits your budget as well and can be termed as a cost-friendly option.


  • This heat pad is light weight and quite easy to carry around.
  • The length of the cable is perfect and facilitates easy usage.


  • The manufacturer should improve the quality of the connector.

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LIVIVO Electric Heated Fleece Thermal Therapy Heat Pad

LIVIVO ® Electric Heated Fleece Thermal Therapy Heat Pad

Livivo provides a fast heat function. It has about three temperature settings and has got a temperature limiter of about 80 degrees. The controller is quite user-friendly, and this heat pad is available with an automatic shut-off feature.

This overheating protection system prevents Livivo from getting damaged. The best thing about this heating pad is that it can be washed in the machine with ease. It can easily replicate the comfort that you can achieve with a hot water bottle. This heat pad offers a lasting comfort.

This heating pad cover is made up of superior quality and cozy fleece. Moreover, the length of the pad is perfect and covers the entire back with ease. The best part is that you get clear instructions with this heat pad. If you start off with the first setting, then the heat builds up gradually, and the heating is retained for about 60 minutes with ease. The thin foam heat pad offers hot moisture that gives you the needed comfort.


  • You will find the operation of Livivo to be quite easy.


  • Livivo has a very small knob, and the switch is quite stiff.

Make sure that you try out the heating pads suggested, and you will surely be happy with your selection. However, make sure that you decide your requirements and budget before making your purchase. This will make it easier for you to select the products that fit your criteria.

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