4 Things That Should Not Be Worn in the Gym

Your workout routine takes a sacred space in your life. Never compromise on the regimen nor on the attire. But with active wear becoming an expensive proposition, many of us tend to hold onto it way beyond its functional years. This could create havoc on your body. Before you get ready for another bout of fitness regime, make a  note of things that should NEVER be taken to a gym.

1. Never ever wear cotton to the gym

It’s true that 100 percent cotton clothing is popular as they seem cool and comfortable. They are also easy to wash and wear. However, it’s not the best material for exercising.

  • absorb a lot of moisture,
  • are slow to dry,
  • will weigh you down making it impossible to move about freely,
  • are the root cause of infections, chills or body rashes.

So what to wear?

Many synthetics, including cotton substitutes, are available that can keep you dry and cool, and help with thermoregulation. These blends may contain some cotton to make the material feel better. It’s okay as long as most of these blends don’t contain cotton.

You can also choose blends of rayon, nylon and latex. It is important that the material you choose wicks moisture. Most exercise clothes available today have moisture-wicking capabilities.

It is best to buy:

  • quick drying synthetic clothes
  • moisture wicking fabrics
  • clothes that keep away droplets from the skin

2. Ditch your old worn out shoes

Old shoes cause lot of damage to the feet. They are the partners-in-crime for joints damage. Therefore shoes with deteriorated soles and arch supports can lead to knee and foot pain. It is best to replace tennis shoes once a year if you are a mild runner else once in three months if you run daily.

Next time you decide to buy a new pair of sneakers, foot therapists recommend seeking professional analysis of your walk. This way the right shoes you wear will correct your foot’s natural gait of rolling either inward or outward. Shoes doctors say are a ‘prescription’ and not a style statement. Therefore exercise lot of care and seek professional help when in doubt.

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3. Jewellery

It is a sin to exercise while wearing jewellery. Jewellery items could not only cause injury to your body, the precious item itself might get damaged. Let’s say you are wearing necklaces. “If you run with a long pendant on your neck, The best we hope, it beats against your chest and hits you in the face. But worse it can get tangled up with your earbuds, or the elliptical arms.”

You might think rings are okay, but wearing them while lifting weights could cause a loss of grip and increase the risk of injury if they slip out of your hands. Many studies have shown that hand eczema can be linked to wearing jewellery while participating in sporting activities. This is due to the oxidation effects of certain metal elements. You can leave your jewelry at home if you are afraid to leave it in the locker room.

4. Unsupportive sports bras

A good sports bra protects the ligaments and tissues in the chest from getting stretched or stressed. They provide support in pushing yourself to the boundaries without any injury.

To pick the perfect bra keep in mind the following points:

  • The kind of workout you do and its impact on the upper part of your body
  • The shape of your body.
  • Low-impact sports bras are best designed for yoga or walking
  • High-impact sports bras are ideal for intense cardio workouts and interval training
  • Not just tank tops/t-shirts, bras too should be made from moisture-wicking fabrics
  • Heavy chested women should opt for bras that have wider straps and wider bands at the bottom for support.
  • Discard bras that have distorted cups, weak elasticity or do not fit flat against the body.

Clothes shoes and your inner wear form a vital part of your working out regime. By choosing the right ones and discarding the old, you stand to gain a lot from all that hard work. Stylish well cut clothes matter, so do branded shoes and expensive bras, but if they impede your workout, they cannot have a place in your wardrobe. Discard them and choose brands like Glamorise, which aid and abet your fitness regime for many years!