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14 Ways to Make Yourself Happier and Smarter Under Five Minute

To succeed in life, every person must have self-esteem and confidence. If you already feel down about yourself and try to achieve something, you may expect the others to make you feel better all the time. This can cause a lot of stress on your personality and mindset. Low self-esteem can lead to you trying too hard for others, or worse, it may mean you don’t try at all. The same is true when you’re insecure in life. These issues can be addressed to help you become more smarter in your life. These simple tips will help you see immediate results.

Pay Attention to Needs and Wants

It is vital to pay attention and be aware of your wants and needs. It is important to listen to your body and mind. If your body is telling you to stop standing too long, then you can just relax and sit down. If your mind keeps reminding you of an old friend, pick up a phone and call them. Anything you feel about yourself is directly related to how you’re treating yourself.

Don’t Keep Looking for Perfection

Achieving perfection is virtually impossible. People who keep looking for perfection feel disappointed when they don’t achieve it. This can make you feel bad about yourself. Instead of perfection, you should focus on your accomplishments. Think about all those things you’ve accomplished in life and feel proud of yourself. You should avoid putting any unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Set Realistic Goals

As mentioned above, you need to set realistic goals so you don’t get disappointed often in life. Before you set goals and make plans, you should gather more information about the hard work you will have to put in. Once you’re sure something is within your reach, take charge and go for it.

Write about things that made you Happy

Spending a few minutes every day writing about what made you happy is well worth it. You can make it a habit to savor every moment. You can also think about a pleasant experience you had in the past.

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Reward Yourself – Most importantly

You need to treat yourself in a much better way. Whenever you accomplish your goals, you should reward yourself with a treat. It can be in any form, including music, your favorite movie, pizza and so on. Reward yourself with something you love, and it would keep you motivated to improve in life.

Learn from Your Mistakes

It is important to accept that every person makes mistakes. Therefore, instead of cribbing over your mistakes, you should consider them to be learning opportunities. There’s no need to hold yourself back because some of your choices didn’t work out.

Something Nice for Someone Else

You need to do something nice for other people. For instance, a simple smile to a stranger who looks sad can make his day and make you feel more special about yourself. You can say a few good words to the cashier who takes your order for food. Helping a friend with his chores can also be a good choice. This will also help you learn many new things.

Address Your Issues Honestly

Addressing your own issues can be quite uncomfortable. However, it has to be done. When you feel insecure, you should not deny the problem. In fact, you should face it and consider it to be a challenge. Try to find positive sources to counter attack and conquer your problem.

Appreciate Yourself

Focus on one thing that you have done well or accomplished today. Or, think of something you did well, such as a phone call, a start to a project or a conversation with a colleague. Drawing your attention to your strengths will lift your spirits.

Avoid Comparisons

When you compare yourself with other people, you unintentionally create an unnecessary and unwanted competition. Most of the time, it results in jealousy and insecurity. You should not compare yourself with others and restrict yourself to healthy competition. According to most experts, jealousy is the root cause of the problem. Therefore, you need to stop comparing yourself with other people. There’s no need to measure up to others. Healthy competition can help you get smart and keep you motivated.

Start Being Realistic

Once you’ve accepted that you need to get smart, you should make some realistic plans to conquer your problem. You can take help from professionals or meditate. It can even be something as simple as a walk. Anything that keeps you relaxed and away from negative thoughts will be perfect to get smart in life.

Examine Your Thoughts

You need to dig deeper and examine your thoughts properly. You also need to determine whether your thoughts are based on clear fact or just assumptions. If your thoughts are based on assumptions, try to look for clarity.

Start with Small Steps

It is important to understand that you can’t get smart instantly. If your problems are related to a relationship, try to improve your communication skills. If it is related to knowledge, try to join some courses which provide you with more knowledge. If it’s about your appearance, join a gym. You need to be patient, evaluate your thoughts and try to be positive in life.

Have Fun

Most importantly, you need to have fun in life. You need to approach every moment as it comes. There’s no need to be lost in riddles and complexities around you. Life is too precious to just bother about menial and unnecessary things. You should not miss out on excitement in life.

It’s important to change negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations. You need to be patient and take things slowly. Unnecessary pressure on yourself will only hit your self-esteem hard. If you keep following the above mentioned tips for about a month or so, you will notice some significant improvement.