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10 Ways To Relax Without Falling Asleep

Do you feel like some days you’re so drained you could close your eyes and fall asleep at any moment?

It would be great if this were possible, but unfortunately we all lead busy lives. Still there is a way for everyone to find ways in which they can relax without falling asleep – even when people are sitting down! We’re going to look at ways to relax without falling asleep, and you can implement them when you need a boost of energy.

How To Relax Without Falling Asleep

1. Learn how to meditate

This is perhaps the closest you will ever come to sleeping without actually being asleep, but just make sure you don’t fall into the dream world.

A pro tip is to do it while sitting on a hard chair, at least until you become accustomed to it.

Try learning to meditate on a soft sofa and it will end in disaster. Once you actually hit the stage where you can reach a deep meditative state, you’ll never find a better way to relax in your life.

2. Read a fiction book

There are those out there who prefer non-fiction books, which is perfectly fine. For the purpose of relaxation you need to read fiction for a specific reason: once you’re a few pages deep you’ll be transported into this mysterious world where anything could come true. Reading non-fiction and your brain will try to think, which we’re trying to avoid in the first place!

3. Write down what you’ve accomplished

Can you remember the last day you didn’t feel stressed because you had so much to do? The weird thing is, your brain finds it very hard to switch out of this mode unless you can convince it otherwise. Luckily there is a sneaky little trick you can do to overcome it, and all you need to do is find a piece of paper so you can write down all the things you’ve managed to get done. Your mind will suddenly feel a lot lighter.

4. Go pay a visit to the gym

Although this sounds counterproductive, it’s one of the weirdest ways you can relax without falling asleep. Why do you hear so much about people taking out their frustrations on a punch bag? The type of exercise you should be doing shouldn’t be too intense or strenuous since yoga and light cardio are an excellent choice if your gym membership doesn’t cover those activities. If you don’t have a gym membership, then feel free to work out at home or in your local park!

5. Cuddle up to your partner

If you have a partner, cuddle up to them on the sofa. Just make sure if someone falls asleep they are woken up straight away. The reason this will help you feel relaxed is because your mind will feel safe and comfortable knowing there’s somebody out there who loves you. If you don’t have a partner you can cuddle up to a carton of ice cream.

6. Play with your family pet

This is similar to the last relaxation technique we talked about, but I’m sure you’ll agree this one is even better. There is something about holding a pet that melts your heart, which causes your brain to release natural relaxation chemicals. I know everyone doesn’t have a pet, but this will generally work with any animal. All you have to do is make sure it’s not one likely to bite you.

7. Watch a funny movie

Laughter is the best medicine, and not just because we feel relaxed when laughing. We are biologically programmed to emotionally release tension by releasing a laugh or tears that will make us feel better in both body and mind. In fact, laughter can be so helpful it should be considered part of your life long health regimen for those moments you need some extra pep during the day!

Laughing helps keep our stress levels down without drugs or supplements-all thanks to this natural emotion which has an uplifting effect on moods as well as mental alertness (even more if comedy movies help!). So go ahead and watch comedies even while working…you’ll find yourself feeling happier at work too!

8. Chew on a stick of gum

Did you know that chewing gum is an excellent way to reduce high cortisol levels? It’s true! When we chew the sugary substance, it stimulates our salivary glands and releases a rush of endorphins. This boost in mood can help us feel less stressed or anxious about what’s going on around us. If you were to fall asleep while chewing gum you would choke, so it’s very unlikely to ever happen.

9. Go for some type of massage

If meditation is the best relaxation technique for your mind, a massage definitely qualifies as the best one for the body. It just can’t be the kind where they fold you into all of those crazy positions as if they’re trying to break you in half. I know a massage isn’t cheap, so you could give yourself a hand massage instead. There are also those electronic head massagers, plus what about those stress balls for massaging your hands?

10. Get outside for a long walk

Last but not least – one of the best ways to relax without falling asleep – walking.

The majority of the population spend far too much time indoors, so how are we supposed to let Mother Nature help us relax? When you’re walking along the side of a river or through the woods you’ll enter a state of zen. It’s even better when the sun is out if you’re wearing protection for your skin. Even though this is a lovely way to relax without falling asleep, please don’t walk anywhere where you won’t be completely safe at all times.

You’ll be able to keep going until bedtime

If you use any one of these ways to relax without falling asleep, you’ll be able to stay fresh during the day until it’s time to climb into bed.

There is a huge selection of them, so I’d encourage you to try the one that sounds the most appealing. Your circumstances might also dictate which ones you can use, but you’ll always be able to do at least one of them.

It’s hard to feel energetic for the entire day with everything we have going on, but remember you shouldn’t try to fight too hard if you do need a little relaxation. Everyone performs better when they’re feeling their best.