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Best Tinnitus White Noise Machines Reviews

Many people who suffers from tinnitus or those with poor sleep are looking to find the best white noise machines to curb external sounds, and help them relax with a soothing natural and ambient sounds.

When you need to block out disturbing noises for sleeping or concentrating, a white noise machine (also called a sleep machine) can create your own sound environment at the flip of a switch. Once annoying sounds are masked by a consistent and soothing base of background noise, you can then relax and fall asleep.

In this article, We’ve complied a list of best white noise machines in UK, as well as buyer’s guide to help you choose the right machine. We have covered what to look for, the color spectrum of sound, and how to get the most benefit from white noise machine.

Best White Noise Machine For Tinnitus UK 2023 Reviews

1. LectroFan – White Noise Machine

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The ‘LectroFan is the most versatile fan sound synthesizer and white noise machine on the market today. With 20 unique sounds, precise volume control, and a built-in timer, Lectro Fan is in a class by itself.

Many people who have trouble getting to sleep in the first place and then staying asleep report that the sound of a fan is soothing and consistent enough to help them relax, which enables them to fall asleep. The ‘Lectro Fan doesn’t just give you one fan sound, it gives you 10 different fan sounds to choose from: large fan, industrial fan, mellow fan low, mellow fan high, exhaust fan, attic fan, circular fan, vent fan, box fan, or oscillating fan.

If white noise helps you rest better than a fan, there are 10 settings ranging between “dark noise” which is low pitched to “white noise” which is high pitched. Try them all and see which suits your environment.

No matter which of the 20 nice, deep, mellow unique sounds you choose, ‘LectroFan gives you pin-point volume control. You can select across a wide range of sound levels from a whisper to many times louder than mechanical fan-based sound conditioners. The high quality sounds mask noises and soothe you into a restful sleep. This light-weight sleep machine also remembers the last Noise and Fan setting that you made when changing Modes. This way you can easily switch back and forth between your favorite Fan Sound and your favorite White Noise.

LectroFan’s sounds are dynamically generated, they never repeat. Hence your sleep won’t be disturbed by the looping of short recordings. In addition, it has a multi-level volume control so you can adjust to any environment. The ‘LectroFan is perfect for baby nurseries, day care centers, college dorms, apartments — or any sleep environment where unwanted, disturbing, or intrusive noises are a problem.

When you travel, the ‘LectroFan is small enough to take with you and weighs less than one pound. With two power options (the included AC adapter or a power USB source), you have the extra flexibility that you need on the road.

This white noise machine / fan sound synthesizer is easy to use. Just turn on the LectroFan and its automatically in continuous play until the Timer is turned on. The Timer sets the unit to play for a minimum of one hour and then will gradually turn off. Power use is about two watts which is an important consideration if you plan to use every night. Replacing an electric fan that you use for “white noise” with the ‘Lectro Fan will save quite a bit of electricity over the lifetime of the product, which is good for both the planet and your wallet.


  • Weighs only 0.55kg; ideal for travel
  • 20 different non-repeating sounds including 10 white noise
  • Precise volume control — even the loudest is not distorted
  • 60 minute sleep timer
  • Multi-band parametric EQ speaker compensation


  • Great sound quality
  • Compact, lightweight – perfect for travel
  • Easy to use
  • Can be powered via a USB


  • No nature sounds.
  • No built-in battery

2. Roffie White Noise Machine

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The Roffie N500 White Noise Machine offers 30 different sounds. The unit itself is compact and easy to use with a LED light on it. The machines comes with 5 buttons at the bottom front, to control the volume and to choose different sounds.

The unit itself is small and compact – but the built in speaker offers a good sound quality, with a firm rumbly bass (never thought I’d type that in a review). It has 5 buttons on the front, to control the volume and switch between the various sounds (there’s 30 in total).

It has six groups of sounds with five variations of each type. It has a 35 level increment on volume you can go from low 40 decibels which barely noticeable up to pretty substantial 75 decibels. On the back of the machine you have a MicroUSB port to powered the machine. Three timer modes of 30, 60 mins, and infinite loop. And lastly a a 3.5 millimeter audio jack for headphones.

The Sound
The sound is remarkably good. A vertical bar on the front shows you which of the different sound groups you’re currently connect to. The different sounds include fan, rain, forest, ocean, brook and heartbeat.


  • Good sound quality with 30 different sound
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Design is aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to use


  • No built-in battery

3. Dreamegg White Noise Machine

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The Dreamegg D1 is designed to help mask unwanted, uncontrollable, disturbing noises. Research shows that it’s not so much the noise itself that keeps you from getting the best night’s sleep, it is the CONSISTENCY and VOLUME of the noise that troubles most people. However, this little white noise machine creates a constant soothing sound of rushing air so you don’t hear your night owl neighbors or traffic or someone else’s snoring. Also perfect for lulling babies to sleep!

For such a small machine, the sound really fills the room — and without weird vibrations or rattles. The sound is consistent and pure, unlike pre-recorded white noise sounds. It has a total of 24 sounds which is made up of 7 variations of white noise, 7 variations of fan sound. And 10 nature sounds which include ocean waves, birds, brook, lullaby, music box, cricket, campfire, rain, fetal tone, and train sound.

The device has 3 different time options for 30, 60 or 90 minutes, as well as the options to continuously repeat the sound. The Dreamegg D1 actually makes the sound as you hear it and you control the tone and volume with just a “twist.” The dual speeds, high and low, allow for greater flexibility in achieving the perfect tone and volume settings for your environment.


  • 24 variety of sounds: 10 nature, 7 fans, 7 white noise.
  • Rechargeable internal battery.
  • Compact, lightweight and portable.
  • 30, 60, 90 minutes auto-off timer or continuous play.
  • In-built memory function
  • Headphone jack


  • Does not include Power adapter

4. i-Star White Noise Machine

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Tired of artificial sounds? Want a white noise machine that also works on batteries so you can take it camping or other places that don’t have electricity? You have found the solution! i-Star White Noise Machine is among the best in sound therapy systems and is dedicated to making your life healthier and more enjoyable with the very latest technology. The white noise machine incorporates 6 authentic, digitally recorded sounds of nature. Choose from Ocean, Summer Night, Rainfall with Thunder, Dryer Noise, White Noise and Fan Noise.

i-Star White Noise Machine is great for those who suffers from tinnitus. The white noise from this machine helps people fall asleep easier, experience higher quality sleep and provide relief from tinnitus.


  • 6 relaxing white noise and natural sounds
  • 3 adjustable timer options of 15, 30, or 60 minutes
  • Auto shut-off
  • Portable and compact
  • Can be powered by battery


  • noticeable jump between the end of a loop and the start

5. AVANTEK Sleep White Noise Machine

AVANTEK Sleep White Noise Machine
Looking much like a smoke detector, the AVANTEK Sleep White Noise Machine is nowhere near the best looking model of white noise machine on the market. In fact, it will do absolutely nothing to the aesthetics of your room at all but it is amongst the most effective if you are looking for a few hours of relaxation or a good night’s sleep. It’s functionality is incredibly simple with 6 types of white noise, 6 fan sounds and 8 nature sounds.

The machine is also compact, lightweight and perfect for travelling. The AVANTEK is most effective when placed so that its sound can fill the room. Ideally, it should be positioned a short distance away from you. If disturbing noises are coming from a specific direction, it can also be helpful to place the sound conditioner between yourself and the primary source of unwanted noise.


  • 6 white noise, 6 fans and 8 nature sounds.
  • Good speaker quality.
  • Rechargeable internal battery.
  • 1 to 7 hours auto-off timers, or continuous play.


  • Does not come with plug for the usb

Tinnitus – The ringing in my head

Tinnitus is the perception of ringing, buzzing or roaring noise within the one or both ears without a corresponding external sound. A third of all adults is reported to experience this condition at some point during their life. Constant or recurring tinnitus is an extremely stressful condition and can interfere with your ability to work, concentrate or sleep.

Tinnitus is not a disease by itself but rather a symptom with multiple etiologies. Its underlying cause can vary from ear infections to stress and anxiety. The most common cause though is supposed to be the exposure to loud noise, such as an explosion, gun shot or loud music.

Treating Tinnitus

The treatment for tinnitus varies greatly depending on its underlying cause. It can be simple if the cause is ear wax, a foreign object or mild ear infection. But in almost half the patients, the etiology remains unknown. In this case, traditional medicine does not provide a treatment, yet. Instead, it is common to use alternative tinnitus treatment methods such as homeopathic treatment, acupuncture, hypnosis, magnet therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, aromatherapy and others.

Another approach is tinnitus retraining therapy. It is based on shifting the person’s attention away from the noise.

Another alternative treatment is tinnitus masking. It involves listening to other sounds that mask the irritating noise associated with tinnitus. You can find many products such as audio CDs, sound generating software or even hearing aids to relieve tinnitus.

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What is a White Noise?

So you are thinking about investing in a white noise machine. You may have heard about the wonders of such a machine by word of mouth, reading an article or even seeing one on a TV show or in a movie. No matter where you have the idea from, the white noise device has numerous benefits for you, which we will go into in a little while, but you should first know exactly what they do.

More to the point, you should know exactly what white noise is.

The Scientific Explanation

There are two possible definitions of white noise, the first of which is the scientific one. White noise is technically a variety of sounds, all of which are on different frequencies and combined together to create what can be a harsh sound.

Just as there is a spectrum of light, there is a spectrum of sound and combing numerous frequencies essentially scrambles the sound into white noise. The combination can include up to 20,000 tones playing simultaneously and is often used to disguise other sounds because it has a natural masking effect.

The Layman’s Explanation

You may not have understood the scientific explanation unless you have a good grasp of physics but then you do not need to fully understand it to appreciate the value of white noise. It is basically defined as a steady, unobtrusive sound that can be used to drown out noises or soothe the mind.

This might sound a little bit vague but the whole concept of white noise is in general. For example, the Cambridge Dictionary online defines it as “a mixture of sounds or electrical signals which consists of all the sounds or signals in a large range” and the Oxford Dictionary online just states that it is “noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities”. There is no specific explanation because there is no set formula for white noise.

Trying to pin it down exactly is like using the exact composition of Yellow Submarine by The Beatles to define pop music without considering any other song. Depending on the number of sounds and their frequencies, the sound of white noise may subtly differ from one machine to the next.

So how does it work?

Well, to drown out the sounds of neighbours, street noise and other sounds that disturb you it uses a strange method that is similar to distraction. For example, if you are talking to a person then your ear tunes into their speech, just as if you are trying to sleep and you can hear people next door then your ear tunes into that particular noise and keeps you awake.

If two, three, four or even ten people are talking at once then you will be able to listen to just one person by tuning your ear into what he or she is saying. However, if there are thousands of people talking all at once then you will not be able to hear what one person is saying and it becomes a form of white noise. A white noise machine uses thousands of sounds so that your brain cannot isolate any of them. This is why it helps to soothe you.

Benefits of White Noise

White noise is a sound frequency or a signal that one hears as a gentle hiss or swoosh, similar to the sound of wind rustling through trees, a waterfall, radio static or the ocean surf. The sound is not so much repetitive as it is steady and soothing— and it masks the real noise you can’t stand.

Once annoying sounds are replaced by a consistent background noise, you can then relax and fall asleep. Or study and concentrate better. You can also use a white noise machine to lend some privacy in offices or cubicles when on the phone, or when you don’t want to hear your coworkers’ chatter or clicking keyboard. Those suffering from inner ear disorders such as tinnitus and hyperacusis also find white noise machines to be helpful.

Situations Where a White Noise Machine may be Beneficial

Sleep Aid

Noisy neighbors, snoring spouses, barking dogs, sirens, living in an industrial area are just a few of life’s unpleasant noises that can keep you up at night. Unlike playing music, white noise machines do not add to the clamor of sounds. Instead, white noise contains equal frequencies of all sounds. Research has shown that a steady, monotonous stream of the same peaceful sound can filter and mask distracting noises. This gentle continuous sound promotes a calm mood to help you relax and/or fall asleep— without medication!

Busy Offices

White noise has long been used for sound masking acoustic systems and privacy in the workplace. To block unwanted noises and make it more conducive for you to concentrate on your work, especially in a cubicle, a white noise machine can mask your coworkers’ chatter, clicking keyboard, paper rustling, coughing, the copy or fax machine— whatever keeps you from staying fully focused on the task at hand.

White noise can also muffle your phone calls just enough to lend you some privacy when talking to clients, your doctor, or dealing with a family matter.

Study Aid

Students who live in dorms or apartments with thin walls are often distracted by ambient noises that are out of their control. But a white noise machine can create a consistent background that masks the disturbing sounds such as slamming doors, footsteps, other people’s conversations, blaring car horns and more. White noise is great for improving your attention span and concentration skills.

Babies and Dogs

A white noise machine can be particularly helpful in calming fussy or crying babies, or those suffering from colic. The soothing sonic benefits of white noise are quite effective in creating the right ambiance for natural sleep. In fact, many children under age 5 (and their harried parents) can benefit from white noise. Pets can also fall asleep better to white noise, just like humans! White noise is often recommended as a behavior modification for dogs, to help manage their behavior and relax them.

Medical Conditions

Tinnitus is the medical term for “ringing in the ears.” Hyperacusis is a condition where all sounds are painfully too loud. Many audiologists suggest masking the ringing sound by playing a sound at a constant low level to make tinnitus less noticeable. Since white noise contains all frequencies, and therefore very gently stimulates all the nerve cells and allows them to be more easily programmed or reset, tinnitus sufferers may get to the point where their condition is barely noticeable.

For hyperacusis sufferers, listening to white noise for a specific period of time every day can help improve the tolerance of sound. White noise therapy is not a cure, yet it may help improve the quality of life in a noisy world. Individuals with ADD/ADHD, hyperactivity, impulsiveness and other similar disabilities are more easily distracted by different sights and sounds within their surroundings.

By masking or cancelling out extraneous sounds, white noise can be a very effective part of an overall program to promote greater focus, concentration, and productivity, as well as improved interpersonal behavior. Be sure to check with your physician or audiology professional.


Most white noise machines are small enough and portable enough to pack in your luggage. Many can also operate on batteries if you will be camping or in a remote area without electricity. Mask loud, annoying hotel and traffic noises for a good night’s rest. If you are used to having a sleep machine every night, then never leave home without it— take your own comfort zone with you when traveling.

White Noise Machine FAQs

Can a white noise machine damage my hearing?

White Noise Machines are one of the best inventions of man, for one sole reason–it helps you sleep better. With all the commotion and noise going around you, you everyday work and life just threatens you with the most agonizing noise. The endless traffic outside murders the peace and quiet in your home, but even so, inside your house you may also have restless kids, loud stereo or TV, noise will just make you crazy!

Before you go crazy yourself, try to think and see what you can do about the noise. You could plug your ears and save yourself from going crazy, every day. Or, you could always try out one of the best inventions of man, the White Noise Machine, with no side effects!

So how does the White Noise Machine work?

The White Noise Machine works from the concept of the white light. White light is a combination of all the colors producing its white color. White Noise Machines on the other hand produce white noise. This “noise” is actually a combination of all the frequencies that are audible to the human ear. It then blocks al the other noises from entering and disturbing the peace and quiet in your home. After it had intercepted and blocked all the other harmful noises, it produces a soothing sound of your own preference and relaxes your nerves, lulling you to sleep.

It is most applicable before you sleep and the world is still raging of all the disturbing noises. Block them out of your house by placing this machine in between the source of the sound and your location, such as placing it near a window. Then turn it on and you now have a peaceful place to sleep.

It can not only be used before you sleep, you may use it as much as you want, whether at work, at home or even on vacations and trips.

White noise machines allow you to adjust the sound levels or the volume of the white noise. This ranges from meager sounds of a motor, waterfall, to more natural sounds such as the ocean. So you have the power if you want to increase or decrease the volume. It will not affect or damage your hearing in anyway, given that you will only use the white noise in a soothing level applicable for your hearing.

You now have the power to over come the stressful noises, all with just turning on a White Noise Machine in your own home.

What types of white noise machine are there?

There are numerous types of white noise machine out there so choosing between them can be quite a task. There are travel white noise machines for those who want to take white noise with them when moving around for business or pleasure. These types tend to be compact and run on batteries. There are desk or cabinet white noise machines that are slightly bigger and are designed for staying in one room or at least within the house. They are sturdier and tend to weigh more because they are not designed to be moved.

Some are specifically designed for use in a nursery and so come with night lights or lullabies built into their makeup. Finally, there are now also options that combine a white noise machine with aromatherapy or other ambient features that enhance the sleeping process. These are relatively new and are not amongst the best reviewed but they are available. In short, you have plenty of choices out there so be sure to look at all your options before investing.

What does white noise sound like?

White noise is difficult to describe unless you have heard it before. In its rawest state, it is an incredibly harsh sound that will grate on your ears as fingernails being dragged over a chalk board would. Think of a TV when it has not been tuned in correctly and you will get a good idea of what it sounds like. White noise that is used in machines is considerably softer, more like a thousand people talking at once. It has no specific sound but is pleasant background noise that will not provide you with a distraction, much like the sound of an electric fan in many cases.

Are there choices of ambient noise in white noise machines?

This varies from machine to machine. Some have solely white noise as a result of the fact that the machine itself creates the noise rather than having a pre-recorded sound. Others play white noise that has been recorded and digitally loaded onto the machine’s memory. It is in the latter type of white noise machine that you will find a choice of sounds, from ambient sounds like waterfalls and forest noises to pure white noise.

Can I hear the ambient noises before I buy a white noise machine?

In many cases, that just is not possible but if you buy online then you may be able to get an idea of the nature of sounds that are on specific white noise machines. However, if you cannot listen to the ambient noises, consumer reviews will often describe them and so you can get a good idea of exactly what sounds each one plays.

Can I add my own sounds to white noise machines or am I stuck with their options?

Well, the answer is that it largely depends on the choice of machine. Some machines do have slots for sound cards so you can load your own sounds onto them. However, most have not yet embraced this technology. Those that have often cost more and rarely come with sound cards for you to record your own sounds on so it can work out to be quite an expensive task anyway.

Do white noise machines have volume controls?

Yes, they do. The vast majority of white noise machines have some sort of volume controls on them but the level of sound each can produce varies depending on the design. Many now have digital volume controls so that you can alter it by pressing a button but some still have the old fashioned dial that allows you to turn it down. The sales information should include the number of volume levels that each white noise machine has so you can see how much choice you have prior to making a purchase.

Do white noise machines have a loop or a constant noise?

This depends on the type of machine. Some produce white noise organically, meaning that they actively create the white noise and so are able to play it continuously. However, others literally “play” white noise, meaning that it is pre-recorded and on a loop. Although there is no major difference in the white noise from either machine, there is a difference in terms of the continuity. If a white noise machine plays continuously then it will provide a stream of sound until you turn it off.

However, if it is on a loop then it will often have to reset itself when it comes to the end of the recorded sound. This may cause a gap of up to a minute before the white noise starts again and, in some cases, this can actually disturb you. As such, your choice should depend on whether or not that gap would make it less effective for you.

If white noise machines do operate on a loop, how long is an individual sound?

If sounds are digitally recorded for a white noise machine then they have to be loaded into the memory of it before they can be played. This takes up quite a lot of room so the answer is that they tend to be less than five minutes, with most being under a minute. Of course, this depends on the model and the brand of the machine but it can cause a problem.

If the white noise machine on a loop is of a low quality then it may be noticeable when the loop begins to repeat. In some cases, there is even a gap between the track stopping and starting. As such, it is worth looking into these points before deciding on one specific machine.

What are the most popular auto timer settings?

The most popular auto timer settings for white noise machines are 15, 30 and 60 minutes. If the white noise machine that you are looking at has a timer then these are the most likely options for you, although some do have digital panels that you can program to suit yourself. One element that you need to consider though is whether or not the time period given will be enough for you to fall asleep or relax into.

If not then you may want to get another option. However, if you can fall asleep within an hour with a machine on an auto timer then you have peace of mind that it will switch off and you will save energy or battery power when you are asleep.

Are white noise machines energy efficient?

Yes, in many cases they are. Although they generally sound like electric fans, they use a lot less energy than fans do. As with every other gadget, most white noise machines come with energy ratings so you can work out which one is the most efficient and the cheapest to run. Of course, this may not matter to you but if it does then the manufacturer’s information will tell you everything you need to know.

Do white noise machines come with an adapter lead?

The majority of white noise machines do come with an adapter lead that allows them to be plugged into the mains power supply. However, some require you to purchase the lead separately because they are primarily designed to run on batteries.

These are usually the travel or compact models but if you do have to purchase the lead separately then it should be clearly stated that this is the case in the sales information. For example, on Amazon it clearly states that the Naturecare Sounds Machine (110) does not come with a lead as a part of the package but can be bought in addition to the machine.

Are there any major problems I should look out for in a white noise machine?

Yes. The major one that has been reported of some of the cheaper white noise machines is that other electronic devices in the same room may actually interfere with it and create noises that are not supposed to be a part of the white noise or ambient sound tracks. Mobile phones (cell phones) are particularly intrusive and so the white noise machine may actually wake you up rather than helping you to go to sleep.

It is important to read consumer reviews before you invest in a specific machine because they will point out whether machines suffer from these issues or not. The general rule here is the more expensive the white noise machine the less likely it is to suffer from interference issues. The more expensive options tend to be better built and have digital safeguards in place.