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What are the Best Pregnancy Sleeping Positions

Discover what are the best pregnancy sleeping positions and the many benefits of keeping the correct posture during rest. The pregnancy period is an important and delicate time in every woman’s life and requires taking into consideration many things that used to be secondary to us, like sleeping. Ability to do things right during pregnancy will give both the mother and the expecting baby in a healthy state.

Best Pregnancy Sleeping Positions

Pregnancy sleeping positions is one of the things that an expecting mother should know, the pregnancy sleeping positions must be adhere to as soon as the woman has realized that she is pregnant. What usually happen is that common sense always struck in and many women do the right thing without any instruction from anybody, this is why you see many women sleep on their side.

Research has shown that the best pregnancy sleeping positions is the left side, this side is good for the mother and her baby but any women that found this position non-comfortable can use the other right side. Many women usually have problem sleeping at night and such people can support themselves with pillows in the abdomen and within their legs.

Sleeping on the back could be very dangerous, especially when the pregnancy has entered the third trimester; it could cause a problem known as supine hypotension syndrome where the pregnant woman will be experiencing problems like nausea, loss of consciousness and many other related issues. It is always better to sleep by the sides as directed by older people or the doctor in other to avoid any difficulty during pregnancy and to keep the baby safe. Adopt both left and right pregnancy sleeping positions will be safer and you can change from one side to the other when you are feeling uncomfortable.

When you sleep on your side during pregnancy, it will help you to keep the pressure from the weight of the baby on the vena cava, this is the large vein that supply blood to the legs and when this is done the result is that the pregnant woman will be experiencing unconsciousness and dizziness when walking. Looking at all the issues at hand gives any women no choice than to use the side’s pregnancy sleeping positions. You can also get a U shaped pregnancy pillow, which is specifically made to give comfort to the mother and her baby during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Sleeping Positions to Avoid

You should try to avoid sleeping on your stomach during the advance trimester of your pregnancy due to the physical change of your abdomen. You should also try to avoid sleeping on your back for medical reasons as it can cause many problems like hemorrhoids, decrease circulation and puts pressure on the intestines and the vena cava.

As an expecting mother is your duty to find as much information about your condition as required. Like I said before, is not only about pregnancy sleeping positions that you should learn, but also the kind of food to avoid and the type of medications that can be dangerous to your baby.

Conclusion: Pregnancy Sleeping Positions

Starting a healthy diet and sleeping comfortably will give you the confidence that your baby is doing fine and help you prevent any additional back pains due to your pregnancy. It is always important to consult your doctor for any changes or worries about your diet, medicines and pregnancy sleeping positions.