Get the Runway Look with The Elastic Braid: Quick and Effortless

We often admire hairstyles from fashion shows and think they are too difficult or impractical to wear in our daily lives. However, after seeing the sleek gold-rimmed ponytails at Valentino’s show during Paris Couture Week, I came up with a variation called The Elastic Braid that is not only perfect for second day hair, but also helps with growing out bangs and layers. This braid is easy for anyone to create.

Elastic braid is my version of the late summer/early autumn faux braid. All you need is a black elastic bands…. How easy is this? Mornings just got way cooler and hella easy.

I love re-purposing from the runway, don’t you? Do you have any similar fun and easy fashion tips? Please share below.

What You’ll Need:

Zulfaye Elastic Hair Bands
Hair Thickening Texture Spray (for volume) and/or Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray  (for natural beauty waves)

Scroll through to see how it’s done!

Step One

Start faux braiding by parting your hair to one side. Feel free to rough section, just using your fingers. Next, tie your first rubber band close to your scalp so you have a good portion of your front fringe removed from you face.

Step Two

Next, add hair from under your first gathered section and tie it together with a second elastic band. You’ll be repeating this faux braiding (roping) technique throughout the length of hair (at the front).

Step Three

You can stop faux braiding with the elastic bands when you get to your ear, but I kept the party going until I reached the ends of the model’s hair.

Step Four

Roping your hair with elastics until your reach your ends, gives your style more edge. Add effortless volume and waves with texturizing and sea salt spray for even more drama (two of my faves are from Not Your Mothers are listed above). You can also add further volume by tugging at the hair between the elastics to create small bubbles of hair.