how to wash memor foam pillows

How to Wash a Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are quiet comfortable.When your head rests on it, you will feel very satisfied with your sleeping conditions. These pillows can support your head and neck better compare to ordinary pillows; generally, this type of headrest is one of the best concepts ever.

Memory foam pillows are made from a material called polyurethane. What it does is it reacts to the presence of the head pressing against it and the heat generated by the person, thus adapting to the natural shape of the person’s head in a short period of time. These pillows are getting more steam when it comes to the contemporary tastes of people.

Cleaning memory pillows are also part of how you could maximize its ability to provide comfort. Here are tips on how to clean it.

Cleaning Facts

  • Memory foam is a sensitive material – if you want to clean your memory foam pillow using the traditional methods, like scrubbing, rubbing, swirling it in water or using strong detergents, then you would contribute to it easily breaking apart. Only use mild detergent for this one.
  • Use water sparsely – when water seeps into memory foams, it would be difficult to remove it. It is a highly absorbent material. Wetness causes bacteria and mold to form and you don’t want that to happen.
  • Wash the pillow separately – Don’t mix your memory pillow with the rest of your clothes. Don’t shove it in the washer or use the dryer on it. It also doesn’t tolerate any scrubbing, so you don’t want to mix it with your clothes or linens when you wash it.

Cleaning Spills

It is easy to bring water and other drinks into your room and just drink them from the comfort of your bed. But you can’t be too sure when it comes to not spilling your drink. When it does happen, you would need a batch of dry towels so that you can press it on the foam pillow. Pressing the towels would help to release the liquid from the foam and let the towel absorb it.

You may need ample amount of time to accomplish such a task. Once you’ve made sure that your foam pillow is free from the liquid, you would need to place it in front of a fan or a window so that air would dry off any straggling wetness.

Getting Rid of Surface Stains

If the fluid that has been spilled on the memory foam pillow has a tint or some form of coloring, then you should note that merely dabbing the liquid off is not enough. You would need to mix cold water and a mild detergent soap in a container. Then you have to soak a towel or cotton in the mixture. You would only need to dab at the stained area and even mildly stroking the towel or cotton on it. You may need to repeat the process until you have removed the stain.

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Staving Off Odor

As time goes by, your memory foam pillow can be exposed to different substances or conditions that would make some odors cling to it. Thankfully, there are easy ways on how to make that odor go away.

Use baking soda

Baking soda is actually an effective remover of smells. You need only to sprinkle some baking soda on the pillow and let it be for a day. Afterwards, you need to remove the baking soda by either using a vacuum cleaner or by manually removing it yourself. Once you’re confident that the pillow is free from the smell and the baking soda, then you can replace its pillowcase.

Make use of the sun’s rays

Sunlight can have a very positive effect on foam. Have you ever tried letting your pillow or your mattress soak in the head of the sun and smelled it afterwards? Doesn’t it have a fresh smell? Well, items made from polyurethane can take on the sun’s rays, so it’s safe to let it lie underneath the sunlight.

Fighting Odor in an Intensive Way

Sometimes, there are just going to be liquids or substances that smell really bad and they’re going to be spilled on your memory foam pillow. Pet urine is an example of this. Well, you shouldn’t worry and you still shouldn’t soak your memory foam in a tub filled with water and detergent. Just use an enzymatic cleaner or a mixture of ½ part vinegar and ½ part water.

You need only to spray the solution on the surface of the affected area liberally, let the solution stay for five minutes, then dab the solution and the foreign fluid off. After doing this, you should sprinkle baking soda on your pillow, let the baking soda stay on the pillow overnight, then vacuum it off. Your memory pillow should be fine.