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Hair Growth Supplements For Women

Every woman dreams of having shiny, silky, luminous and strong hair. We often neglect our hair due to stress, daily rushing, and unhealthy diets, we end up leaving the health of our hair in second place. For all these reasons, there are supplements available in the market that can help you in the process.

Hair grows at its own pace. Growing your hair faster would be so practical! But how do you do it? While there is no miracle product that will lead to spectacular hair growth, but there are a few simple, natural tricks that can help you achieve good results.

But first, No need to stress too much. Hair will always grow back. And stressing doesn’t help hair grow, in fact this will have opposite effect. Read our tips for natural hair growth and an overview of the best hair growth products that will boost the speed of your hair growth and help you get long, beautiful hair.

Best Hair Growth Supplements For Women UK 2021

Understanding how hair grows

To grow hair faster, it is important to understand the life of the hair. Hair grows from its root, which develops under the scalp in a tiny envelope called the hair follicle. It emerges from the root through the papilla, which is located at the base of the root and through which the blood arrives and feeds it. It is therefore the “raw material” contained in the blood that allows the hair to grow. Secondly, the blood passes from the papilla to the matrix, where the hair’s reproductive cells are located, which are the fastest in the body.

The life span of a hair is genetically predefined. For men, it is on average 3 years, while for women it can be up to about 4.5 years.

How to promote hair growth?

Do you think that promoting hair growth is complicated? In fact, it’s a combination of simple steps that you can easily do at home. Rapid hair growth depends on what the blood brings to the roots, and therefore on our diet. So eat a healthy diet. Avoid poor quality foods and introduce more fruit and vegetables into your diet. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

To promote hair growth, we recommend :

  • Sulphur proteins found in chicken, sole, tuna, cheese, egg yolk, beans, lentils, almonds and pistachios
  • Trace elements such as zinc and magnesium, which are found in bananas, cocoa, oysters, shrimps, egg yolks, soya, cereals, wholemeal bread, etc.
  • Iron, which is found in mussels, egg yolks, oysters, soya flour, cereals, almonds and hazelnuts.
  • Vitamins A, B and C found in most foods.

Take inspiration from natural hair growth tips by using ingredients you have at home in the kitchen. For example onion juice mixed with honey is a very effective natural hair growth remedy. Apply the mixture to your hair, massage it in and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before washing your hair. Repeat two or three times a week for three months.

Other tips for hair growth include brushing your hair every night before going to bed – this activates blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. Massaging your hair while applying shampoo is also good for circulation. Try taking vitamins too! They will help strengthen your hair and nails.

It’s also a good idea to get into the habit of making natural masks based on collagen protein combined with vegetable oils to nourish and moisturise the hair. Be careful not to use masks containing silicone-based products and other substances that are harmful to the hair.

The hair growth of individuals also varies depending upon their ethnicity. Asians generally have faster hair growth compare to Europeans and African. Hair growth also depends on the secretion of sex hormones carried in the bloodstream. Finally, the changing seasons influence hair growth. In summer, growth is stimulated by the sun, unlike winter and autumn, when the whole mechanism is more dormant.

Do Hair Growth Supplements Work?

Poor nutrition can cause hair loss. Hair supplements are a good option if you don’t get enough hair-strengthening proteins, zinc, iron, and B vitamins. These nutrients are mostly found in fish and dairy, as well as nuts.

They work by nourishing your hair follicles from within, leading to longer, thicker, fuller hair. They can also be beneficial for your skin and nails. You shouldn’t expect miracles overnight. Hair supplements should be taken for at least three months before you notice any improvements.

Supplements aren’t independently regulated. This means that brands can tout miraculous results in their marketing materials. Many women does see improvements in hair health, although some did not notice any.

It is possible because hair supplements don’t work if you are already deficient in vitamins. You won’t notice a difference if you already get a healthy amount of nutrients from your diet. There’s a limit on how much vitamin you can absorb. Before you start buying supplements, make sure you consult your doctor to determine if you are deficient in a nutrient which could help your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Anti-hair loss shampoos works?

Contrary to popular belief, it is advisable to wash your hair regularly (at least twice a week) but with the right shampoos! Most of them should be energising and invigorating, as their aim is to strengthen the scalp and restore its vitality. So pay particular attention to the roots when shampooing.

Is it bad to tie hair always?

Having your hair tied up often is not a hindrance to good hair growth as long as the tie is loose. On the other hand, if the hair is tied too tightly, the hair can break or even fall out due to the continuous traction exerted on the roots. So be careful not to tie your hair too tightly at the roots, or it will break prematurely!

Should we use masks to prevent hair loss?

Masks are an essential part of the hair loss treatment and are mainly applied to towel-dried hair. When choosing your masks, opt for those with orange and lavender essential oils (fruit and plant known to restore density to your hair).

Is using hair dryer bad for hair growth?

Avoid using a hair dryer that is too hot and too close to the scalp, or curling or straightening irons that damage the hair and can cause it to break. In this sense, they prevent the hair from growing evenly. Try to limit the use of curling irons, straighteners, or blow dryers.


Hair loss is a complicated nuisance, not only for men but also for women, which is difficult to treat. For those affected, it is not only a visual problem, but it deeply affects the psyche of the individual. Shame and depression can be the consequences. Not everyone wants to go under the knife and consider a hair transplant. Most women therefore opt for a variant that tackles the problem head on and treats the causes of hair loss as much as possible.

Those who want a faster hair growth without side effects are best advised with hair growth products that contain only natural ingredients. One of these effective preparations is Viviscal – Maximum Strength Hair Supplements. This hair growth supplement has not only won us over, but also regularly receives rave reviews from consumers, beauty editors and hairdressing professionals. If you want to go exclusively for supplements, the JSHealth Vitamins Hair and Energy Formula is another good option. Otherwise, it is best to opt for a complete system that includes both serums and supplements. Also keep in mind that there is only one FDA-approved ingredient for regrowing hair.