Best Office Chairs For Neck and Shoulder Pain

If you’re someone who spends a considerable amount of your day sitting in an office chair, then you understand the importance of having a comfortable, ergonomic office chair. Poor posture, uncomfortable chairs, and long work hours can all lead to neck and shoulder pain. This can be a serious issue, affecting both your productivity at work and your quality of life outside of work. Fortunately, there are office chairs designed specifically to help alleviate neck and shoulder pain.

In this article, we will review some of the best office chairs for neck and shoulder pain and help you find a chair that will provide you with relief while you work.

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HINOMI H1 Pro 3D Lumbar Support Ergonomic Office Chair HINOMI H1 Pro 3D Lumbar Support Ergonomic Office Chair
IntimaTe WM Heart Ergonomic High Back Office Chair IntimaTe WM Heart Ergonomic High Back Office Chair
BASETBL Ergonomic Office Chair BASETBL Ergonomic Office Chair
Hbada E1 Ergonomic Office Chair Hbada E1 Ergonomic Office Chair
Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair

Why You Get Neck or Shoulder Pain When Sitting For Long Hours

Understanding The Root Cause

Neck or shoulder pain is a common issue that arises due to long working hours and improper posture while sitting. The neck and shoulder area is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and is prone to strain and tension. When you sit for long hours without taking breaks or stretching, the muscles in the neck and shoulder areas can become stiff and sore.

How Sitting Causes Neck or Shoulder Pain

Sitting for long periods can put pressure on your neck and shoulders, leading to discomfort, pain, and even injury. Poor posture, such as slouching or craning your neck forward, can also cause neck and shoulder pain. This posture puts a strain on the muscles and ligaments in your neck and shoulders, leading to inflammation, soreness, and restricted movement.

Other Factors That Contribute To Neck or Shoulder Pain

Aside from poor posture and sitting for long periods, other factors can contribute to neck and shoulder pain. Stress, fatigue, and lack of sleep can exacerbate the pain and make it harder to manage. Additionally, carrying heavy bags or wearing backpacks can also cause neck and shoulder pain.

How Proper Office Chair Selection Can Help

Choosing the right office chair can make a significant difference in reducing neck and shoulder pain. A good office chair should have proper ergonomics to support your neck and shoulders. It should have adjustable features to help you maintain the correct posture while sitting. Comfortable padding, proper lumbar support, and a sturdy frame can also make a difference in reducing neck and shoulder pain.

By selecting the best office chair for neck and shoulder pain, you can prevent discomfort and injury and improve your overall posture and productivity.

Best Office Chairs For Neck and Shoulder Pain

HINOMI H1 Pro 3D Lumbar Support Ergonomic Office Chair

HINOMI H1 Pro 3D Lumbar Support Ergonomic Office Chair

HINOMI H1 Pro 3D Lumbar Support Ergonomic Office Chair
The Hinomi H1 Pro 3D Lumbar Support Ergonomic Office Chair is a top-notch option if you are looking for a chair that effectively combats neck and shoulder pain. With four levels of lumbar support and five levels of height adjustability, the lumbar support of the H1 Pro is versatile and can be customized to fit individual needs perfectly. The wider upper frame of the chair provides ample support to the shoulder area, making it well suited for those suffering from upper back pain.

The Hinomi H1 Pro chair has a sleek and polished design that can easily fit into any office or home setting. The chair is sturdy, and although it has a number of parts, there is little rattling heard when shaking the chair. The chair features PU-coated wheel castors that roll smoothly and quietly on both parquet and carpet. Additionally, the height adjustability is super smooth and easy to use.

The adjustable depth of the seat, along with its adjustable lumbar support, makes it easy to find comfort in this chair. However, the mesh fabric can be a bit too rugged for some people, making it uncomfortable when wearing shorts.

Another notable feature of the H1 Pro is the headrest. It’s wide and generally comfortable, and can be adjusted nicely. Although, it lacks an extra point of adjustability for pushing it forwards, which could result in discomfort for some people. However, the stiff adjustment settings are a plus, as they keep the headrest from moving once the right position is found.

IntimaTe WM Heart Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

IntimaTe WM Heart Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

IntimaTe WM Heart Ergonomic High Back Office Chair
The IntimaTe WM Heart Ergonomic High Back Office Chair is an excellent choice for individuals experiencing neck and shoulder pain during extended work hours. This chair features a high-density sponge filling, an adjustable lumbar cushion, and a head pillow that provide extra comfort and support. The seat is thicker than normal cushions, with a thickness of 12cm, making it suitable for extended use.

This modern chair is perfect for various tasks such as work, computer gaming, watching TV, and relaxing. Its ergonomic design is designed to promote a healthy sitting posture. You can easily adjust the chair to your specific needs, with the seat height adjustable, 90~110° rocking, and 360° swivel features. The chair also has smooth-rolling casters, removable headrest pillow, and lumbar cushion, which add to its versatility.

Assembling this office chair is quite easy and saves time, especially when changing armrests. It comes with a step by step instruction manual, including all components and assembly tools. All the pieces of the desk chair are sturdy and stable, making the chair structure strong and capable of handling up to 150kg load without giving away. Additionally, the chair is covered with durable artificial leather that is easy to clean.

BASETBL Ergonomic Office Chair

BASETBL Ergonomic Office Chair

BASETBL Ergonomic Office Chair
The BASETBL Ergonomic Office Chair is an excellent choice for individuals who suffer from neck and shoulder pain. Its adjustable design allows the user to customize the chair to their specific needs, making it a great option for everyone.

One of the most prominent features of this chair is its ergonomic design, which helps to reduce muscle fatigue and back stress. Its weight-sensitive mechanism allows the backrest to tilt back for a comfortable position reducing the strain on the neck and shoulder muscles. Additionally, the adjustable headrest and lumbar support provide extra support for the neck and spine, reducing pain and discomfort.

Another advantage of the BASETBL Ergonomic Office Chair is its 4D armrests that allow you to adjust them to your desired position, easing the tension on shoulder muscles. It has a universal design, and you can set them to your preferred height and switch between the three different sideways positions. This adjustability feature offers relief to people with varying arm and shoulder anatomy.

The mesh back of the chair is another notable feature, providing airflow to keep your back cool and fresh, even during longer sitting durations. The chair’s mesh seat is also covered with a robust breathable mesh fabric that is both comfortable and durable, ideal for prolonged sitting.

The only downside of the BASETBL Ergonomic Office Chair is that some individuals who prefer firm textures may not find it to be ideal. Additionally, some users may require further customization that is not available with this chair.

Hbada E1 Ergonomic Office Chair

Hbada E1 Ergonomic Office Chair

Hbada E1 Ergonomic Office Chair
The Hbada E1 Ergonomic Office chair is a great option for those who suffer from neck and shoulder pain, especially if you are on a budget. The sleek design with simple adjustments makes it easy to match with various decorative styles in any workspace, be it living room, study room, or conference room.

One of its key features is the ergonomic backrest that provides additional support to the natural curve of the lower back, making it comfortable to sit for longer periods. Additionally, the chair has flip-up arms that allow it to be tucked under a desk, saving valuable space.

The adjustable height function is another highlight of this chair as it allows users to change their seating position as per comfort. The high-density mesh back and breathable cushion give added comfort, and the flexible supportive cushioning reduces any strain on the body, keeping the neck and shoulders relaxed.

The adjustable tilt tension feature is another plus point of the chair as it allows one to find a comfortable recline angle that suits their needs. The chair is highly stable and durable, with a maximum weight capacity of 264 lbs. The caster wheels are smooth and prevent any awkward jerking movements while swiveling it around. The heavy-duty base construction ensures that your body is well-supported, preventing any discomfort or neck and shoulder pain.

The chair’s ergonomic design features a headrest supporting 30° angle adjustment and 13 cm height adjustment, and lumbar support that auto-fits the waist, rotating 46° and up & down to fit different body types and sitting positions. The backrest has two height selections to cater to those of varying heights.

Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair

Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair

Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair
The Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair is an excellent option for individuals suffering from neck and shoulder pain, as it offers exceptional comfort and ergonomic support. The high-density foam seat pad ensures a comfortable sitting experience, while the cambered design with resilient mesh offers reliable support to the back and body.

The chair comes with different adjustable functions, which include changing the position of the headrest and neck support, making it a suitable option for people of varying heights. The extendable footrest further adds to its comfortability, making it possible for users to take a nap without leaving their workstation.

The chair is made using durable material and features a heavy-duty base with nylon mute casters and wheels that move quietly and smoothly without scratching the floor. The headrest can be adjusted up and down to suit the user’s neck position and relieve any neck pain.

The stable tilting mechanism allows for easy leaning back and is effective in relieving muscle pain and fatigue caused by extended periods of sitting. However, it is worth noting that the chair is relatively expensive compared to other models in the market, which can be a concern for price-sensitive buyers.

All in all, the Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair is a top-rated product that provides maximum comfort, support, and adjustability, making it an ideal choice for people dealing with neck and shoulder pain.

How to Choose Right Office Chair For Neck and Shoulder Pain

1. Neck Support

When looking for an office chair, pay attention to the neck support. A good office chair should have a high backrest that supports the neck and head. The top of the chair’s backrest should be higher than the user’s shoulders to provide full neck support. The chair’s headrest should also be adjustable to provide support to the upper back and neck. This will help to reduce strain on the neck muscles and alleviate any discomfort or pain.

2. Lumbar Support

Having adequate support for the lower back is very important when selecting an office chair. Look for a chair that has adjustable lumbar support which will help to maintain the natural curve of the spine. With proper lumbar support, the chair will prevent slouching and keep the spine in a healthy position, which will help reduce neck and shoulder pain.

3. Head Rest

In addition to neck and lumbar support, the office chair should also have a headrest. The headrest should be adjustable up and down to accommodate people of different heights. It should also be made from soft and breathable materials to provide comfortable support throughout the workday. A good headrest will help to reduce muscle strain in the neck and shoulders.

4. Breathability

The office chair should be made of breathable material to ensure proper air circulation. This will help to prevent sweating and overheating, which can cause discomfort and lead to muscle strain in the neck and shoulders. Chairs made of breathable mesh are an excellent option since they allow the air to pass through and keep the user cool and comfortable.

5. Adjustability

Finally, it’s essential to choose an office chair that is fully adjustable. The chair should have an adjustable seat height, armrests, backrest, and headrest. With full adjustability, users can customize the chair to their body type, which will help reduce muscular strain and neck and shoulder pain.

By following these guidelines when selecting an office chair, you can reduce the risk of developing neck and shoulder pain. Investing in the right office chair is a proactive approach to your wellness at work that will improve your productivity, overall health, and wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my neck from hurting when I sit?

Are you someone who spends long hours sitting at a desk? If so, you may have experienced neck and shoulder pain at some point. This can be due to poor posture and a lack of proper support. The good news is that there are things you can do to stop your neck from hurting when you sit.

First, make sure your chair provides proper support for your neck and back. Look for a chair with adjustable height and backrest, as well as comfortable cushioning. When sitting, keep your feet flat on the ground and your back straight, with your shoulders relaxed.

Additionally, take regular breaks to stretch your neck and shoulders. Simple exercises like neck rolls and shoulder shrugs can help alleviate tension and improve blood flow. Consider getting up and walking around every 30 minutes to improve posture and reduce pressure on your spine.

Incorporating these tips into your daily routine can help prevent neck and shoulder pain. Remember to be aware of your posture and take breaks often.

Do ergonomic chairs help with neck pain?

As more and more people spend long hours sitting on a chair for work or study, it is essential to understand the role of ergonomics in preventing neck pain. An ergonomic office chair is designed to provide support and comfort for the human body, particularly the neck and shoulders.

One of the most significant features of ergonomic chairs is the inclusion of headrests. These headrests help to prevent neck and shoulder pain by providing support and preventing the head from drifting forward.

Apart from headrests, ergonomic chairs also offer features like adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and height adjustments to keep the neck and spine in a neutral position. It helps to reduce the stress on the neck and shoulders, preventing discomfort and pain.

It is essential to note that while an ergonomic chair is a valuable tool in managing neck pain, it is not a complete solution. A sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, and lack of physical exercise can also contribute to neck pain. Therefore, it is crucial to incorporate regular physical activity, stretches, and mindfulness practices to prevent and manage neck pain.

What position is best for tight neck?

If you frequently experience neck pain, you may be wondering what position is best for relieving it. The good news is, there is a sleeping position that can help alleviate your neck pain – lying on your side.

According to experts, sleeping on your side is the best position if you suffer from neck pain or back pain. This position has been found to decrease discomfort and help keep your head and neck properly aligned with the rest of your body. It can also be beneficial for individuals with snoring issues, pregnant women, or people with digestive problems like acid reflux.

When you sleep on your back, the weight of your head can place stress on your neck and spine, leading to neck stiffness and pain. Similarly, sleeping on your stomach puts your head in an unnatural position and can also strain your neck muscles.

To enhance the benefits of side sleeping, you can also try using a supportive pillow. A pillow that is too high or too low can also cause neck pain. Opt for a pillow that is firm enough to keep your head and neck aligned, but also soft enough to provide comfort and support.

In short, if you’re looking for the best position to relieve tight neck, consider side sleeping with a supportive pillow. Not only can this help alleviate existing discomfort, but it can also prevent future neck pain from occurring.


In conclusion, choosing the right office chair can make a significant impact on reducing neck and shoulder pain caused by long hours of sitting. It’s essential to consider factors such as adjustability, comfort, and support when selecting the best chair for you. Investing in a quality chair may seem like a hefty expense, but it’s worth it in the long run. Remember, taking care of your physical health leads to improved productivity and overall well-being. So, make the right choice, and your body will thank you.