Best Duvet Covers of 2023

I spent many hours researching and testing different duvet covers and finally found the perfect one – the Kotton Culture 100% Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover. Not only is it incredibly soft and comfortable to sleep under, but it also held up well in the wash – unlike some of the other covers I tested. It comes with sturdy comforter ties and even comes with its own storage bag. The fabric is crisp and breathable, just like the luxurious covers you’d find at a fancy hotel.

While you can certainly find cheaper options, the Kotton Culture duvet cover is made of high-quality long-staple cotton which makes it softer and longer lasting. And the best part? It’s still reasonably priced!

What is a duvet cover?

If you’re looking to cover your down or down alt comforter, you may be confused by the term duvet cover. Technically, a comforter is a covering that’s sewn shut, usually comes in a pattern or color, and doesn’t require a cover. A duvet cover is a removable bedding item that fits over a duvet, which is a type of comforter or quilt. It is similar to a pillowcase in that it covers and protects your duvet, but it has a wider opening on one end so you can easily slide the duvet in and out. However, “comforter” and “quilt” are commonly used in the same language.

Duvet covers are typically made of a fabric that is soft and comfortable to sleep under, such as cotton, linen, or microfiber.

There are several reasons why you might want to use a duvet cover

  • Protection: Duvet covers help protect your duvet from stains, grime, and general wear and tear. They come in especially handy if you have children or dogs who could unintentionally spill anything on your bedding or make a mess of it in some other way.
  • Ease of cleaning: Duvet covers are much easier to clean than a duvet itself, as they can be removed and laundered separately. This is especially helpful if you have allergies or sensitivities and need to wash your bedding frequently.
  • Style: Duvet covers are available in a broad array of colors, patterns, and styles, which allows you to simply modify the look of your bedding to complement your existing furniture or to reflect your current state of mind.
  • Versatility: Duvet covers are a great way to add an extra layer of warmth to your bed in the winter, or to lighten things up in the summer. You can switch out your duvet cover as the seasons change to match your needs.


How we picked and tested

To find the best duvet cover, I considered several factors. Strong seams, minimal shrinkage in the wash, well-made duvet ties, and sturdy buttons or snaps at the closure were all important to me. I also looked for covers made from high-quality cotton fabric, which is soft and moisture-absorbing to keep me comfortable all year round.

I started by looking at sheet brands that had received good reviews, and then checked to see if they offered coordinating duvet covers with strong user reviews as well. I avoided big box and department stores, as they often change their bedding designs frequently and I didn’t want to recommend something that might be hard to find in the future.

Linen startup companies like Casper, Brooklinen, and Parachute Home have been building strong reputations over the past couple of years, and I’ve tested (and liked) many of the sheets from these companies. I had a hard time locating trustworthy user reviews for a number of them, and a few of them were ridiculously expensive. The vast majority of us are willing to shell out between £50 and £100. Although a duvet cover that costs £250 may be stunningly beautiful, it is not in keeping with what the majority of us seek.

To test the duvet covers, I used a Macy’s Hotel Collection Primaloft comforter ( 96 x 101 inches) that was slightly wider and shorter than some of the other covers we tested. I found that the comforter fit into all of the covers just fine, so you don’t need to worry about whether your comforter is the exact same size as your chosen cover.

I also tested the strength of the duvet ties by securing them to the comforter and giving them a shake to see if the comforter would come loose. I found that covers without any ties tended to receive negative marks, as nobody wants a duvet that shifts around inside its cover.

All of the covers that were put to the test were washed and dried without any fabric softeners being used, and all of their fasteners were secured. In addition to that, we dried them for a time in the dryer. Because in our normal lives we aren’t always right there to pull clothes out quickly, we were curious to see how rumpled and wrinkled these blankets would become over time. After that, we gave them another wash with the closures open, and this time we saw that they were less likely to become tangled and wrinkled if the closures were fastened before being placed in the washing machine.

After the first and second wash, we folded each cover to check that the seams remained straight and level. Twisted seams can make it difficult to correctly put a duvet inside the cover, and they can make a bed seem disorderly when it is made.

Best Duvet Cover in UK 2023 – Reviews

Kotton Culture 100% Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

Kotton Culture 100% Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

Kotton Culture 100% Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover
The Kotton Culture 100% Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover was the softest cover we tried. In fact, it was just as comfy as more pricey covers, while also being able to withstand being washed better than the majority of its competitors. There are also some nice extras such as ties to secure the duvet, a fabric bag for storage and a good range of colours and patterns. This cover is more expensive, but we think you will enjoy using it for many years due to its high quality.

The duvet cover is made of an extremely soft and smooth percale fabric in long staple Egyptian cotton. It is lighter and cooler than a most satin cover and feels like crisp bedding sheets you’d find in an expensive hotel.. (If you prefer silk sheets, opt for a satin cover; the Cuddledown cover we tested was our favourite satin). A good soft percale has a thread count between 250 and 300, while Kotton Culture ‘s is 600. In my opinion, the duvet cover is cooler, smoother and softer than any other duvet covet. I believe this combination provides sufficient warmth without overheating or weighing down.

This duvet cover comes right out of the box and leaves a mark. It comes neatly folded in a charcoal grey fabric bag and a packet of Laundress first wash detergent. Available in 27 different patterns.

With a price tag of about £64.99 for a king size, the Kotton Culture duvet cover is cheaper than the L.L.Bean. Launched in 2015 with the goal of producing high-quality bedding that is sold directly to customers at a reasonable price. So far, we’ve found that it produces high-quality bedding at a great price. We have tested both the bed linen and the duvet cover and both were among our favourites, meaning that they have been independently tested and proven to be free of 100 substances harmful to the environment and humans.

This cover has a few drawbacks. It wrinkled a bit when we washed it. Percale tends to wrinkle more than satin, but our premium and economy models performed better, even though neither is made of satin. Many sheets and duvet covers are treated with anti-wrinkle treatments, but we have discussed with this duvet cover that they do not use any treatments to prevent wrinkling and shrinkage (we have not experienced any shrinkage problems with the duvets). Follow the care instructions provided and be prepared to take off the iron or live with a wrinkled bed.

Because the duvet cover is so lightweight, it feels like two sheets folded around a duvet. It still creates a nice effect on the bed, but if you’re an active sleeper and like to take your feet out at night (like me), the duvet comes off the sides of the blanket and you can feel like you’re blending into multiple layers of sheets. These drawbacks did not hinder the very good quality and reasonably priced duvet.

Pizuna 100% Cotton White King Size Duvet Cover Sets

Pizuna 100% Cotton White King Size Duvet Cover Sets

Pizuna 100% Cotton White King Size Duvet Cover Sets
If you’re in search of the ultimate in comfort and luxury for your bed, look no further than Pizuna Linens’ 100% cotton duvet cover sets. Made with 100% long-staple cotton and a 400 thread count, these duvet covers are ultra-soft, durable, and able to withstand repeated washings without pilling or losing strength.

Not only are these duvet covers incredibly comfortable, but they’re also designed to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. The special sateen weave of the fabric is naturally breathable and absorbs sweat quickly, ensuring a balanced temperature for your skin to stay relaxed and rejuvenated.

In addition to their comfort and durability, these duvet cover sets are also luxurious and affordable, making them a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bedding without breaking the bank. And with a wide range of colors and sizes available, you’ll be able to mix and match pillow cases, fitted sheets, and duvet covers to create a fashionable and personalized look for your bed.

So if you want to experience the comfort and luxury of a five-star hotel in your own home, give Pizuna Linens’ 100% cotton duvet cover sets a try. You’ll be dreaming sweetly and waking up happily every day.

Sapphire Collection Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

Sapphire Collection Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

Sapphire Collection Egyptian Cotton
If you are looking for the perfect duvet cover to keep you cool, comfortable, and protected while also affordable? Look no further than the Sapphire’s Duvet Cover!

Made from 100% breathable cotton, this duvet cover promotes a sounder night’s rest and is recommended by doctors nationwide. It features an exclusive BugShield Zipper System that fully encases and protects your comforter, so you can sleep easy knowing you’re safeguarded from allergens and other irritants.

The Two-Part Zippered System with an auto-locking zipper ensures that your duvet stays clean and protected, while the added barrier creates a fabric shield under the zipper closure to doubly ensure there are no gaps. 100% cotton weave is woven so tightly that only air can get through, making it breathable and comfortable to sleep under. With a mean pore size of 2.6 microns, this duvet cover will keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

Not only is the Duvet Cover soft and durable, but it’s also noiseless when you move around while asleep. This duvet cover is designed to provide an extra layer of quality protection for a peaceful night’s rest. When it comes to care, the Sapphire’s Duvet Cover couldn’t be easier. It’s fully machine washable, making it the perfect choice for everyone. So why wait? Get your National Energy Duvet Cover today and sleep soundly, knowing you’re protected and comfortable all night long.

Amazon Basics - Duvet cover set

Amazon Basics – Duvet cover set

Amazon Basics - Duvet cover set
This lightweight bedding set comes from Amazon’s Basics brand and contains two pillowcases as well as a duvet cover. You have the option of picking from solid colours, as well as patterns that range from bright and bold to more subdued stripes and patterns. However, the fabric made of microfiber is exceptionally soft, long-lasting, and can tolerate being washed multiple times.

The fabric dries quickly and curls not because of the material, but also because of its thickness – or rather, its thinness. We’re not fans of either. Polyester microfiber mimics cotton, but does not replace it. People who have sensitive skin should generally be wary of this type of fabric. 

One reviewer said the bedspread he bought for his son, who shares his bed with his dog, was “very soft/light/soft.” The reviewer had purchased the bedspread for his son. “I like how rapidly the fabric made from microfiber absorbs moisture. We have had possession of it for close to seven months at this point. Since we purchased it, it has been put through one wash per week, but the fabric has retained its like-new quality, and the stitching has not been compromised in any way. It is not going to break under the pressure!”

Ikea Dvala Duvet Cover and Pillowcase

Ikea Dvala Duvet Cover and Pillowcase

Ikea Dvala Duvet Cover and Pillowcase
The IKEA Dvala was the cheapest cover we tried, but it was much better than the other mid-priced options that we have tested. The fabric, which is essentially a mid-weight 100% cotton muslin, is not as soft as the thicker percale fabrics of Brooklinen and L.L.Bean duvet covers, and I don’t think it will last as long. However, if you’re looking for a cheap duvet, this one is a bargain, especially since it comes with two pillowcases.

While the Dvala cover is not as smooth as the Brooklinen material, it is lighter and softer than the other two lower-priced covers we tested. It remained cool to the touch, but when we turned on the fan, it warmed us up quite a bit. In contrast, we felt damp and hot under the Room Essentials and Hemstitch duvets. The IKEA material also doesn’t wrinkle too much; other cheap duvet materials wrinkle so much that the bed looks very messy, even when made.

The IKEA cover is smaller than other covers we’ve tried (102 x 86 inches for the king size we tested), but this actually means the comforter doesn’t pull to the sides. The smaller cover helps keep the comforter cozy and slightly fluffy inside.

The Dvala doesn’t have straps in the corners to secure it, so we used blanket clips like this one. But other than that, the IKEA cover is surprisingly well constructed, with minimal shrinkage when washed and no crooked seams. By comparison, Room Essentials and Hemstitch both became difficult to fold after one wash. I also prefer snaps instead of regular snaps, which can be a little tricky.