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Best Bathrobes For Women

Often, the bathrobe is not considered an important piece in one’s wardrobe. The user thinks that it is only a piece of cloth that covers the whole body on the way from the bathroom to the bedroom. In fact, it is often forgotten behind the bathroom door. However, there are several reasons why you should pay attention to it. It is the garment that provides warmth in winter and comfort in summer. Therefore, it is essential to choose it well. In order to have the right bathrobe at one’s disposal, there are certain points to keep in mind before embarking on the purchase.

A fluffy bathrobe is a great addition to any pampering session, especially if you spend so much time at home. We tested some of the most luxurious women’s bath robes available, and compared their comfort, fit, absorption, and design to help you decide which one would be best for you.

Best Women’s Bathrobes in UK 2023 – Reviews

1.Vlazom Waffle Dressing Gowns Soft Unisex Bathrobe
best women's bathrobes in UK
You will love this stylish and comfortable bathrobe! This is the classic style, perfect for relaxing after a relaxing soak or lounging around the house. When you just want to hill (while still being very fashionable).

This bathrobe is made up of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which is perfect for summer or spring in UK. This above knee length bathrobe contains two front pockets. The fit is perfect with the long sleeves + loops at the waist. A sash can be tied to secure it.

The waffle-like surface also absorbs water well. You can easily slip into your timeless, crisp waffle robe straight out of your warm bath and you’ll be dry and cosy in no time.

2. KATE MORGAN Ladies Soft & Cosy Hooded Dressing Gown
best women's hooded bathrobes in UK
When it comes to clothing, the hardest part is finding the one that matches your build, especially for those with a rather round shape. The manufacturers of this model have thought of everyone. Whether you have a generous waist or thinner, you will find the one that suits you in this model of bathrobe. And don’t be worried about the choice of colors.

This comfortable and practical size product is great option for women in winter. It comes in many colors: 13 shades to be precise. To increase its functionality, two pockets are established on front.

3. Twinzen 100% Cotton Bathrobe - Towelling Bath Robe
best bathrobes for women in UK
Twinzen offers its women’s bathrobe made from 100% natural cotton. Available in many colour, this bathrobe stands out from the rest thanks to the unique texture of the waffle-style fabric. As a short bathrobe with two large outside pockets, it closes with a simple belt knot. It is machine washable, but should be washed with your own coloured cloths on a maximum 30° cycle. Even though the fabric is quite thin, it is still comfortable and very soft to the touch.
4. CityComfort Ladies Robe Terry Towelling Cotton Dressing Gown Bathrobe
best women's bathrobes 2021
Cotton terry is renowned for its water-absorbing properties. This makes a cotton-terry bathrobe the ideal choice to wrap yourself in after a hot shower or relaxing bath and none is better qualified than CityComfort bathrobe.

This gown’s material is thinner than other options. It’s not one you can double up as a regular dressing gown, but rather a smart and comfortable option for towelling.

5. Sykooria Womens Lightweight Cotton Knit V Neck Long Kimono Robes
Sykooria Womens Lightweight Cotton Knit V Neck Long Kimono Robes
During summer we don’t want to be wrapped up in tons of fabric. If you’re careful, you can reap the benefits of a luxurious bathrobe in any season. As it turns out, the Sykooria Womens long Kimono robe works perfectly.

Made from 95% cotton and 5 % polyester, this summer robe feels luxurious against your skin. It has a soft, flattering cling. The fabric cascades gracefully in elegant swathes and forms an elegant silhouette. It’s soft and warm, but still breathable.

So, the Sykooria Kimono robe is perfect for throwing on after your bath, yet also for a little sun protection when you’re chilling by the pool. For casual casual chic, the wrap-around 3/4-sleeve design falls at the mid-calf. The spacious pockets make it easy to keep your must-have chill-time essentials close by.

Why Buy Bath Robes

A bath robe is an essential piece of clothing that can be used in every day life. The primary purpose of this garment is to cover the body after taking a bath or shower. They have double use: it acts as a bath towel allowing you to dry quickly and it also keeps the body warm. As soon as you get up, the bathrobe also helps you avoid catching a cold. The bathrobe is a garment designed to be comfortable and practical. Before buying a bath robe or dressing gown, it is important that you do a research to find the best model.

Bath Robes – Buying Guide


The bathrobe can be made in many different fabrics. You can find synthetic, nylon, and polyester models, as well as cotton and polyester. Because of their low manufacturing costs, synthetic and nylon products are often the most affordable. However, when purchasing your bathrobe, the most important point is to choose a high quality fabric to ensure the longevity of your garment. In addition, polyester and nylon are not good for the skin (whether for big or small).

The best model will therefore be the cotton bathrobe reinforced with a terrycloth finish. The latter gives a feeling of maximum comfort and the touch is very soft and soft. If it’s a baby bathrobe model you are looking for, this one is perfect. But it will also allow young and old to snuggle up warm after the shower and especially before bedtime. But cotton is also a material that effectively absorbs water. Which is an essential criterion.

But polyester bathrobes are also popular with those who love warmth and softness. They make it possible to cover the whole body without the wearer having to experience this feeling of discomfort or swelling. They are also light and bring well-being to its user. You can also turn to bathrobes that blend polyester and cotton.


Like any other item of clothing, bathrobes are also available in several styles. So when you go to purchase, it would be important to choose a specific type. The hooded robe is the best-selling one. The latter is ideal for children, but also for adults. Whether in winter or summer, this accessory will be your ideal ally.

But there are also other types of bathrobes: the bathrobe with shawl collar which keeps warm during the cold periods, the kimono bathrobe which is a very stylish and classy model, the cape bathrobe which is perfectly suitable for children under 2 years old as well as the pareo bathrobe which is suitable after a bathing session.


A product that is designed to fit our bodies and builds will provide the best comfort. Generally bath robes should not be longer than your knees. To determine the exact measurements, you need to take into account the size of the woman’s chest. The calculation parameters vary according to the sex of the customer. In the case of children, the age of the child is taken into account.

Women who have a top between 80 and 89 cm go for a size S and a size 34 or 36. Women with a bust size of 89 to 98 cm are happy with M. And so on and so forth, whether it is a cheaper bathrobe or a more expensive prototype.


The weight of the bathrobe does not only concern its “weight”, but also its grammage (grams per square meter). In fact, the weight has always been a measure of the quality of all bath towels. The higher the grammage, the higher the quality. Normally, the unit for measuring grammage is g/m². For a bathrobe, this measurement should generally be between 250 g and 480 g per m². But be careful not to confuse grammage with the total weight of the bathrobe, as this has nothing to do with it.

The weight is usually between 1 and 5 kg. If it is for domestic use, it is best to opt for the heavier model. However, if you plan to go out with your bathrobe, always go for the light one.

Types of Bath Robes

Classic bath robes

Classic bathrobes have ties at the waist, pockets on both sides and a belt. They are the most popular bathrobe style is the classic. The shawl collar is a common feature of classic bathrobes. Classic bathrobes can be made from terry cloth or light cotton fabric, bamboo and velour.

Kimono bathrobes

The most comfortable bathrobes to use are the Kimono. This style is popular for bathrobes, dressing gowns, and spa robes. Both men and women prefer Kimono-style bathrobes. Kimono bathrobes have no shawl collars and are flat collared. You can choose between a self-fabric or belt-loop depending on which model you have. They have two pockets. They can also have a hood.

The seductive bathrobe

This type of bath robe is comfortable, soft, but above all its aesthetics give it an important power of seduction. Often designed in satin or silk, this bathrobe is a particularly fitting outfit.

Hooded bathrobe

Hooded bathrobes are very practical after a shower or a bath. It allows you to dry your body and head, without having to use an additional towel. Its absorption power is important, so it offers better drying. Particularly soft, this bathrobe is suitable for women, children and men, and it can be worn at any time of the day.

The poncho

This type of bathrobe is particularly suitable for the youngest, because of its practicality. Easy to put on, this bath cape allows children to dry quickly and protect them from the cold.

Maintaining your bathrobe

Proper care of your bathrobe is essential to ensure that you can use it for a long time. A bathrobe is fragile compared to other clothes, which makes it even more demanding to care for. Wash it every other day if you can, adding baking soda to your laundry to keep its original colour. Do not use fabric softener as this will reduce the absorbency of the bathrobe.

Avoid using bleach for cleaning as this can discolour the fabric. To protect your children’s delicate skin, wash their dressing gowns by hand using Marseille soap.

Follow the instructions

Follow the instructions on the labels of your accessory to avoid washing mistakes. Clean your bathrobe before you use it for the first time to ensure that it is optimally absorbed once you have used it. In fact, it is when it is washed several times that it fulfills its main role (being soft and absorbent). Make sure you know how to translate the symbols on the labels to prevent misuse when washing or drying.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to wear a bathrobe?

The bathrobe is usually put on in the bathroom when you get out of the shower. In this case, there is no need to put on a towel first. It dries you from head to toe.

If you are used to getting into a dressing gown when you get home, you can either put on pyjamas or nothing at all. The same goes for putting on make-up. In order not to soil your clothes, it is sometimes advisable to slip into your bathrobe during this time.

Make sure it reaches just below the knees or to the ankles. If it is too tight, it will be uncomfortable. Warm colours like black are suitable for winter, but if you’re going to a spa or need one for a wedding, choose white or cream instead.

What is the difference between bathrobes and dressing gowns?

Modern bathrobes are made from satin fabrics. Older versions were made of terry. Both fabrics provide warmth and a cocooning effect that is worthy of fine hotel clothes. These can be worn both on your way to work or in the morning. You can also wear them after a shower.

As for the dressing gown without a hood, unlike the bathrobe, it is most often made of fleece. These models are the best in the summer. Often it is revealed as a kimono, with drooping sleeves. These specimens are ineffective against humidity.

At what temperature should I wash a bathrobe?

Read the manufacturer guidelines. But in general for any garment, You should not exceed the temperature specified in the manual.

What material should I use for a good bathrobe?

The choice varies according to your preference and needs. In general, cotton, satin, velour or fleece models each have distinct properties. Bathrobes made from Terry cloth are great in absorbing water. They are also light in weight and ideal for summer use. As for the latter, its use is reserved for winter because of its strong capacity to warm the body.

Should I wear Cotton or polyester bathrobe in summer?

Cotton is a better option because it is more hygienic and healthier for the skin. It absorbs perspiration better and feels cooler. Polyester stays cool on contact with the skin, but it quickly draws heat from our body. This material makes us sweat more.

How do I fold a bathrobe?

You should wait until the cloth is dry before proceeding. So, you start by folding it in half across its width. Take care to fold the sleeves inside. Continue along the lengths to achieve a uniform, well-aligned square block.

What size should I choose for a bathrobe?

This depends on your body type. It is important to refer to the size indicated by the manufacturer. Most shopping sites have size guide. You can choose between S, M, L, XL and XXL. Each category has its own measurements. If in doubt, take the larger size to be sure you have a robe that is loose and therefore more comfortable.