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5 Best Massage Tables of 2022

If you are a masseur, a therapeut, athlete, massage enthusiast or healer, you know that besides the extensive knowledge and energy needed for massages, your most important tool is a proper message table. We will look at what you need when choosing a proper message table and look at the best ones you can find for different populations.

Best Massage Table Reviews (UK 2022)

If you are really picky about massage tables, you owe it to yourself to read this article because you might get brain-blocks trying to find a good one on your own. So, let’s introduce you to the best massage tables that the market has to offer.

1. JL Comfurni Portable Massage Table

Best Massage Table UK 2020
Whether you are in the beauty business or not, the JL Comfurni Portable Massage Table deserves your attention because this professional-grade massage table scores really well in all areas of use. To begin with, it doesn’t cost a bomb. Luckily, this massage table is also pretty mobile for a product of its nature. Not to mention that it’s sturdy, generously-sized, and comfortable, all at the same time. Seriously, you will be so impressed with this massage table that you might consider getting another one when the opportunity presents itself.

The Good Things:

  • As advertised, it’s highly comfortable to lay on this massage table. Plus, it has a face hole too.
  • The height of the table can be adjusted, saving potential backache in the process.
  • It comes with all the extras which the more expensive massage tables don’t have.
  • This massage table isn’t too heavy to handle. So, you won’t develop shoulder issues from lifting it.
  • You won’t have to fiddle a lot to put together this massage table. Seriously, it can be assembled in a jiffy.

The Bad Things:

  • The quality of the carrying case isn’t up to the mark. Of course, it’s not absolutely rubbish, but it could have been a bit better.

2. Yaheetech Pro Portable Massage Table

Best Massage Table UK 2020
This Massage table from Yaheetech is a beast in its own rights. It’s sturdy, yet highly portable, and ergonomically perfect on almost all fronts. At 250 kg, the weight capacity of this massage table is a cut above the scope as well. It truly offers a lot of support and cushioning to anyone lying on it. Plus, this massage table comes with all the necessary attachments that you would need. Everything taken into account, it comes as no surprise to learn that this massage table is a crowd favorite. Seriously, it has received abundance of positive reviews on sites/forums that talk about best massage tables. It’s perfect for both home use and beauty treatments.

The Good Things:

  • It opens/closes in no time, making it easy to store away, when not in use.
  • The height of the table can be adjusted at many different levels and angles.
  • As marketed, this table is light enough to be easily carried from room to room.
  • Given the table’s strong built, it will truly hold up to pro use for several years and beyond.

The Bad Things:

  • It has a strong out of the box odor. On the bright side, the odor goes away quickly.

3. Meerveil Portable Massage Table

Best Massage Table UK

If you are after a massage table that’s portable, sturdy, comfortable, durable, and easy to store, this is the right product for you. Not to mention that this massage table has a lot more going for it. Unlike the competition, it’s damn easy to erect and dismantle the table. Also, both the table and the headrests can be adjusted to any height with zero difficulties. The best part is that this massage table offers the vibe of being an overly expensive product, of course, without costing you a fortune like other high-end models. Keep in mind that it’s also dead easy to put together this massage table.

The Good Things:

  • Given the 3-section product design, the Meerveil massage table can be considered for both personal and salon use.
  • This full-size table collapses easily into a suitcase size bag, making it easy to travel with it to a customer’s house.
  • The armrests and the face pillow are removable. Moreover, this thing is designed to easily bear up to 250 kg of weight.
  • The padding is not hard or uncomfortable like you see in other reasonably priced massage tables.

The Bad Things:

  • Just like other equivalent products, this massage table shows mild signs of wear and tear after many uses.

4. Vesgantti Portable Massage Bed Table

Best Massage Table 2020

Constructed from premium-grade materials and deluxe cushioning, the Vesgantti Portable Massage Bed Table is a great bed for massage or therapy. It’s stable, foldable, comfortable, and reliable, exactly as marketed by Vesgantti, proving that it’s a brilliant buy for the intended purpose. The height and width of the table are also good enough to accommodate individuals of different build with no issues. Plus, it does not make a squeaking sound during use, ensuring a relaxing atmosphere in the process. Seriously, you will rarely come across such a well-made massage table that will stand the test of time like no other equivalent product in its price range.

The Good Things:

  • The Vesgantti Portable Massage Bed Table is truly very soft and comfortable. At the same time, it doesn’t move during a massage.
  • The headrests can be adjusted at different positions, depending on your needs.
  • It’s made from vegan-friendly materials that hold up well to regular use. It’s easy to clean as well.
  • It comes with its own carrying case. As a result, it can be carried on the shoulders.
  • This massage table is easy to assemble. You won’t even need a helper to set it up.

The Bad Things:

  • The product illustrations could have been a little better. That said, it’s easy to put together this table.
  • It’s a bit difficult to carry because this table is a little on the heavier side.

5. Massage Imperial Deluxe Lightweight 3-Section Portable Massage Table

Best Massage Table 2020

The Massage Imperial Deluxe Lightweight 3-Section Portable Massage Table will really please you with its premium look, comfort, construction quality, and durability. It features a German Beech frame along with strong support cables to be a solid host to individuals weighing up to 273 kgs. It’s very well-padded too. Also, the backrest on this thing can be adjusted at ten different positions for supreme client comfort. It looks really smart too.

The Good Things:

  • It has the height, width, and weight-bearing capacity to accommodate bigger guys as well.
  • It doesn’t move during use. Not to mention that you will feel lovely and comfortable when lying on it.
  • It’s light and compact to be easily carried around for any massage treatment.
  • This thing can be stored away easily in the accompanying storage bag to keep it dust-free.

The Bad Things:

  • It would be great if the future tables come with wheels for ease of transportation.

What type of Massage Tables are available?

There are so many different types of Massage Tables available – the first thing to decide is whether you want to be mobile or not.

If you work in a Salon, Spa or permanently at home, then an Electric Lift or Stationary (Static) Massage Table is suitable. These are strong, durable and heavy, sturdy enough for your clients to lie on safely and comfortably. Prices and styles vary considerably and are a more expensive investment.

If you want to be more mobile, able to move to different venues easily, then a portable Massage Table is a brilliant investment. It is also the cheaper option, and you can even quite easily use it permanently in a Salon and Spa.

Will your clients need to sit upright for any of your Therapies?

* A Massage Table with a lifting backrest is the most versatile. Your clients can lie down or sit upright – you can offer a variety of treatments.

* A flat Massage Table (no lifting backrest) is the lightest weight. If clients need only to lie down for treatments, this is the one for you!

What width and weight is best for a Portable Massage Table?

The carrying weight of Massage Tables vary considerably, from about 9kgs to 20kgs and more.

Go and have a look at the Massage Tables on the market and make sure you try out carrying the Table when it is folded up. Now just imagine when you are out and about having to carry it for a long distance or up a flight of stairs – – – go for the lightest weight that you can afford; it will be worth the extra expense.

24″ is the standard width of a Portable Massage Table and wider widths, 27″ and upwards (depending on the make) are available. The width you choose depends on what treatments you are offering, what is comfortable for your client, and what is comfortable for you to work with.

Do consider your own needs, not only your clients – after all you need to keep yourself in tip top shape to give your best and keeping earning your living..

The wider width is, without doubt, more comfortable for your client especially if they are of a larger size. However, the wider the width, the heavier the Massage Table is going to be and when you are mobile, lugging a heavy weight around is not very good for you or your back!

If you are quite short in height, have shorter arm length etc, you will find it more difficult to reach across a wider width table especially with a client on it – again not too good for you or back.

Many Portable Massage Tables come with additional accessories such as:

  • Adjustable face cradles added to one end of massage tables adds extra length for taller clients.
  • Arm rests on either side of a massage table will add a few extra inches to the width, so will be handy for larger clients and you won’t have lug a heavier wider width massage table around.

Research and go and TRY OUT all different styles of Massage Tables to find one that works for YOU before you buy anything.

What is the right height?

Stand next to a Massage Table clenching your fist – your knuckles should only just touch the top of the massage table. Usually, this a good working height for most Therapists.

There is no “right” height; try out different heights and find what feels comfortable for YOU.

Height Adjustable

A very handy feature on a Portable Massage Table

A fantastic feature to look for is to be able to adjust the height.

Usually you are able to extended the legs of the Massage Table to different heights very easily. For example, this one pictured has clip leg extensions that you need to unclip out (one at a time) when the couch is laid down on its side and clip back in to the desired height.

If a few of you are sharing one Massage Table (perhaps in a Salon or Spa or College), having the feature of height adjustable legs enables each of you to adjust the table to the working height that suits you.

With a height adjustable Portable Massage Table, if you offer a variety of treatments requiring the Massage Table to be at a high height or much lower to the ground, it’s so handy to be able to change the height quickly and easily for each treatment.

Price is not the only important thing to consider

*The first three Massage Table I’ve chosen are fabulous portable couches which have all the accessories you will need and are a great buy at very affordable prices with great reviews. Perfect buy for any budget!

*My third choice is fabulous, although much more expensive; but this type of Massage Table is excellent quality and will last many years.

* THEN take a closer look at my fourth lightweight portable massage table – check out the difference in the carrying weight!!!! This one is only 24 lbs! So much easier for you to carry something this lightweight weight than the heavier models.

Buy a used Massage Table – recycling helps our Earth World!

Are you on a budget?

Are you are a student just beginning to study massage and other therapies?

Not sure you will practise once you have qualified so might not need a Massage Table once your course ends?

Then do consider buying a Massage Table secondhand. You can find some real bargains on sites like eBay, Bonanzle and the like. Also check out freecycle offers, Craigslist and your local newspapers.

It makes “cents” to get a used Massage Table until you can afford the one you want and sure that this is going to be your career. Don’t forget, getting a secondhand Massage Table is recycling at its best – a wonderful way to cut down on polluting our Earth World!

Massage Table Accessories

Without certain massage table accessories, your options for client positioning are severely limited. That’s why most massage therapists look for a massage table package that includes a headrest and arm shelf, at the very least.

Other massage table packages may include side arm extenders, a massage table bag, bolster pillows, or a table cart. These accessories can also be purchased separately. So if you don’t have the funds to purchase all of the massage table accessories you need when you purchase the table, you can always make these purchases later or as the need arises.

Face Cradle / Headrest
Most massage therapists consider the headrest to be an essential massage table accessory. Unless your table includes a face portal (also known as a breathe hole), you will need a headrest in order to position your clients in a comfortable and ergonomic position.

Several types of headrests are available on the market. The cheapest headrests are stationary, which means you can’t adjust the height or angle. For a slightly higher price, you can buy a face cradle that allows for multiple adjustments. Most therapists prefer adjustable face cradles for more flexibility in client positioning.

Headrests are made from different materials. Some headrest materials are stronger and more durable than others. Plastic is the cheapest type of headrest but does not have the same strength or durability as metal or aluminum.

Forward Arm Shelf
Along with the headrest, most therapists prefer a forward arm shelf. A massage stool can double as a temporary arm shelf, but it is less professional and less convenient than a forward arm rest. A massage stool used as an arm rest can also get in the way as you move around the table.

Side Arm Extenders
If your clients are wider than the average body type, you may want to have a pair of side arm extenders on hand to temporarily make the massage table wider than normal. Your wider clients will appreciate the extra room, and you can easily remove the side extenders when you don’t need them.

Package Deals
For the best deal, look for a massage table package that includes all of the basic accessories that you need. It’s generally cheaper than buying all of your accessories separately.

Keeping a Massage Table in good order…..

You have invested a lot of money in your Portable Massage Table, so keep it in good shape and it will last a long time.

Make sure that you do a thorough safety check on your Massage Table regularly to ensure that all connections, braces, nuts and bolts, cables etc are in good working order to avoid any mishaps.

Most Massage Tables are upholstered with an easy to clean vinyl fabric. Use a gentle cleaning product to wipe down the surface often to keep it fresh and clean. Afterwards, I love to mix an essential oil like Tea Trea or French Lavender with water and wipe down again – they’re natural antiseptics and makes the massage table smell lovely.

Keep your Massage Table covered with a to welling couch cover for great comfort for your client (also protects the vinyl.

A paper towel roll is a great way to cover your massage table and protect it from the stains caused by massage oils. There are Paper Roll Holders available to fit the end of your couch to hold the Paper Roll and make it easy to then cover the length of your Massage Table.

Safety tips when using your Massage Table

Portable couches although sturdy, may unbalance if the floor is uncarpeted and if your client is too near the edge when getting on and off the couch – make sure you are there to assist each client during this process.

Remember – your clients will be different heights and ages and have different capabilities, which may make getting on and off the couch more difficult and challenging for some. One simple solution is to invest in a footstool – a step is all that’s needed to make sure your clients, from the shortest to the tallest, no matter what age, can get on and off your couch safely and comfortably.