Upper Body Strength Training

Adding muscle is something that many men and some women are looking to do. Specifically, in their upper body. Upper body strength training leads to a more muscular physique, which many are looking for and having trouble finding. Here are some simple tips for upper body strength training to get you where you want to be and improve your posture.


The foundation behind good upper body strength training and improving your posture is in balance. If you do not work on each muscle group equally, your physique will appear unbalanced and strange. For that reason, working the shoulders, arms, back, chest and abdomen muscles should be regular parts of your upper body strength training routine.

Build muscle by tearing muscle down

The process of building muscle is not necessarily well known. To increase your muscle strength you need to tear your muscles apart. Not completely apart, mind you. That would be called an injury. But the simple fact is that when you strain your muscles with weight and resistance training, you are actually breaking up the muscle fibers, stretching and breaking them. The growth comes from the healing of the muscles, where the muscle group will compensate for the broken fibers by making them stronger and more numerous. This is how muscles grow.

My point is not to tear your muscles to shreds, but to make sure that you rotate your upper body strength training and allow your muscles plenty of time to heal. After all, giving your muscles time to heal between workouts is actually giving your muscles time to grow. Giving yourself forty eight hours between max out exercises for any specific muscle group is ideal to see results from your upper body strength training.

Proper rest is alpha omega

Your upper body strength training routine will need down time. You can still go to the gym, but rotate in other muscle groups, or, especially, make sure you keep cardiovascular activities and lower body strength training a constant part of your exercise schedule.

Core muscles the foundation of proper posture

Pay special attention to your core muscles in your upper body strength training exercises; specifically your back and your abdomen. Keeping these muscle groups strong and lean is important not just for your physique, but for your posture and your general health. More health complications come from having poor back strength than you might expect. And while there might be something satisfying to working on your biceps, working on your back, especially your lower back, will keep you off the sidelines and in the game.

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