Best Smart Scales To Monitor Your Body Composition

The best body fat scales of today are not the same that they used to be during our father’s time. The finest products are jam-packed with features that can literally push people towards their fitness goals. So, there’s no need to settle for a conventional weighing scale with lackluster features. Today, we present to you the top five weighing scales available in the market these days. Before we get to the best smart scales, let’s dive into some shopping tips.

Best Body Fat Scales: Buying Guide

Accurate Weighing
No matter how advanced a smart scale is; it should not fail you in its primary job, i.e., to display your stats correctly. So, you should invest in a scale that shows accurate readings. Even if it means spending a little more than usual to get a scale that shows actual numbers, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to your wallet. After all, it’s totally worth spending some extra bucks on a scale that provides accurate readings as opposed to getting something that provides fluctuating results.

Advanced Scale
As hinted earlier, the weighing scales have evolved a lot over the years. The newer models will show your body fat numbers and a lot more such as your muscle weight, bone weight, metabolic rate, and so on. Other than providing you with this priceless information, the fat scales of today also make it easier than usual to track your progress by helping you go back to the stored memory for later comparison. Moreover, the ones that are Bluetooth compatible can be synced with any fitness app of your choice.

Other Features
It goes without saying, the display of the shortlisted fat scale should be bright and clear to read. And, it should stay long enough on the screen for you to read easily. Moreover, the fat scale should support enough profiles so that all members of the family are able to use the scale without any issues. Also, all the controls on the scale must be properly labeled for easy use. And, you should be able to interpret your results without any fuss. All the other instructions should be easy to grasp as well.

The price gap between a standard fat scale and a smart weighing scale can be like night and day. Generally speaking, the more you pay for a scale, the more features you can expect. If you do not need any fancy features that come with a high-tech fat scale, you can go with a basic scale because it won’t cost you much. Ideally speaking, you must first decide your tentative budget for the product. Once you have finalized the budget, narrow down all the choices in your price range so that you can easily take a final call from the shortlisted products.

Best Body Fat Monitor in UK 2023

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

top quality fat scales
If you have searched hard for accurate weighing scales with no luck, the RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale can come to your rescue. This health device not only provides 13 essential health metrics, but it’s also accurate as hell. A myriad of past users have confirmed that the recorded results are spot on. In fact, very few similar products out there can beat this smart scale when it comes to tracking personal figures. And, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to measure all the vital body stats. That said, this thing works best on solid surfaces. Even if you scratch the surface of the product features that this device has to offer, you will be highly impressed by what the product has in store for its price point.

Product Highlights:
The display on this scale is bright and easy to read even from a distance. That said, the real magic happens when the scale is connected to the accompanying app, which provides users with several different health metrics. Another good aspect of the app is that it syncs well with different fitness applications. It’s also easy to export all the health measurements to an Excel file. Furthermore, this digital scale comes with a fairly generous 12-month guarantee to help users shop with immense confidence. Everything considered; anyone who is trying to get fitter would be glad of his/her little investment on this product.


  • The setup is easy. Frankly speaking, you won’t even feel the need to take a glance at the user manual. And, it syncs flawlessly with any other health app of your choice.
  • The app is a real motivator. Intentionally or not, it motivates users to achieve their fitness goals. If nothing else, it will at least encourage a person to drink more water throughout the day to stay hydrated.
  • This digital scale is very modern-looking and smart. And, it can be used by multiple users without any hiccups. Not to forget the fact that the readings are almost as accurate as professional testing.


  • Although the device provides total body fat percentage, it takes into account only the lower half of your body. For the upper body, one would need a scale that comes with hand sensors.
Etekcity Bluetooth Body Fat Scales
best fat scale monitor 2019
If you need a reliable body fat scale to measure your improving health, you should take a shot at the Etekcity Bluetooth Body Fat Scales without missing a heartbeat. Apart from showing you how much you weigh, this little device can provide a wealth of information about your body. Yes, it could provide some eye-opening and inspiring body stats. And, this thing syncs very well with your phone and popular health apps such as Fitbit, APPLE HEALTH, etc. Simply put, this fat scale is no less than a professional-grade medical equipment.

Product Highlights:
This is not your standard body fat scale. When paired with the app, this thing will provide with a whole new world of measurements such as your body weight, BMI, metabolic age, muscle weight, hydration, and whatnot. Despite the next level technology, this smart scale is insanely easy to use. You simply have to stand on the scale, and your phone will speak up all your measurements in a melodic sound. You will almost feel like you paid a visit to a private hospital for a health assessment because of the wealth of information you receive from the device.


  • Unlike other cheaper body fat scales, this scale doesn’t play games with you. It will provide you with accurate readings at all times. The built quality of this scale is also very impressive.
  • It tracks all your vital body stats. Therefore, it can prove to be a fantastic tool for any health mission that you may have in your mind.
    The app can save and record stats of all the users in the family. So, everyone in your family will be able to use this device without any issues.
  • The Etekcity Bluetooth Body Fat Scales comes with a two-year warranty, which is worth the paper it’s written on because you are dealing with a highly reputable company.


  • There are absolutely no weak links to this product. So, you can certainly consider this fat scale without any hesitation. It’s totally worth every bit of the price you pay for it.
Vitafit Smart Body Fat Scales
Vitafit Smart Body Fat Scales
If hours and hours of research and product comparisons have brought you to this product, we can assure you that your search for the best body fat scale has finally ended. This Bluetooth device does everything that the product description says about it. The Vitafit Body Fat Scale can provide you with a lot of health information in a jiffy. For instance, there’s a BMI gauge on the app that will tell you whether you are overweight or underweight so that you work towards getting yourself in the healthy BMI zone. Frankly speaking, this thing can put even your gym scales to shame. The short version of the story is that this fat scale is amazing by all means. In fact, we can’t recommend this product enough. You will not be disappointed with this digital scale.

Product Highlights:
It’s super easy to connect your phone to the scale by downloading the linked app. Your body fat, BMI, muscle proportion, bone mass, water percentage, metabolic age, and several other body parameters will be shown in the app. Basically, this device will provide a physical blueprint of your health within seconds. Keep in mind that this product is FDA approved, and it has a maximum user weight capacity of 180 kgs. For anyone who works out regularly, this body fat scale should be a no-brainer choice. Although we can’t put a price tag on our health and wellness, this digital scale is a bargain at its asking price.


  • The Vitafit Body Fat Scale can be connected to Fitbit or any other popular health app that’s trending these days. The scale has a glamour angle to it as well. It’s stylish to look at.
  • This scale comes with advanced BIA technology. So, the readings from this device cannot be doubted. Almost everyone has reported of accurate readings.
  • The Vitafit Bluetooth Body Fat Scale will take very little storage space due to its compact size. So, it’s easy to hide this thing when it’s not in use.


  • Some users have reported of a missing user manual. This isn’t a big deal because it’s pretty easy to use the scale. You just have to download the mobile app, sign up, connect via Bluetooth, and then stand on the scale.
TANITA BC-730 Body Composition Monitor
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If your old mechanical scale keeps failing you, it’s time to upgrade to this smart body fat scale, which will surely measure up to your expectations. For those of who are not aware, the TANITA BC-730 Body Composition Monitor features everything that a progressive body fat tool should have. Apart from telling users their body weight on the in-built LED screen, it provides an array of health information that your traditional scales will never offer. Of course, the detailed list of health measurements can provide useful insights into one’s overall body composition. The best part is that this scale is quick, precise, and affordable, all at the same time. It’s honestly very helpful.

Product Highlights:
This smart scale is great for someone who can’t afford to shave off top dollars for professional testing. Once the scale is calibrated to the accompanying app, one simply needs to step on the scale to get a bunch of different health readings. Keep in mind that all the calibrated information is automatically sent to the app within a matter of a few seconds as soon as you step on the scale. The app will show your BMI, hydration, skeleton mass, protein, and other vital health stats. It will also go on to tell you whether your hydration or BMI falls in the normal range or not. This is truly a smart device as the makers advertise. The TANITA fat scale’s built quality is also superb.


  • The TANITA Smart Body Composition Monitor needs 3 triple A batteries for operation. The good news is that the makers throw in those batteries for free.
  • This sleek looking fitness gadget can motivate you to bring your numbers up or down depending on what your fitness goals are. Even a slight change in the readings can encourage you to be on track.
  • The synced app stores everything. Therefore, you won’t need to maintain a written record of anything. This device will do all the monitoring for you.
  • Compared to other similar digital weighing scales out there, this fitness gadget has received the least amount of negative reviews. Seriously, every health conscious family should own this device.


  • The only downside to this weighing scale is that the measurements on the scale cannot be changed to stones. It’s set to pounds or kilograms only.
Mpow Body Fat Scales Body Composition Monitor
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For a fat weighing scale that looks and performs wonderfully, you should take a shot at the Mpow Body Fat Scales Body Composition Monitor without any second thoughts. This body fat scale is reliable, affordable, and highly accurate. Once you step on it, it sends your body measurements to your phone. The information is then automatically sent to any health app of your preference. Basically, this thing works seamlessly without any hiccups. Also, the reviews for this product are the best for a fat scale in this gadget’s price range. It’s truly as good, if not better than other high-end body fat scales out there.

Product Highlights:
This thing is as modern as it can get with respect to aesthetics as well as product features. It’s not just the body weight; this body fat scale can tell you the BMI, water %, fat %, metabolic age, muscle mass, protein, and so many other things that will motivate you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, the simplicity of the data transfer from the scale to the app is phenomenal. It’s pretty much plug-and-play because it hardly needs any setup. You simply have to download the app, enter your basic details such as your age, height, etc., and then stand on the scale. Boom! That’s it. Your body composition will be uploaded within seconds. Also, this smart scale has a weight capacity of 396lbs/180kg.


  • The Mpow Body Fat Scales Body Composition Monitor looks sleek and beautiful. Also, it’s very easy to keep this scale clean. Moreover, it’s compact enough to facilitate effortless storage.
  • As mentioned earlier, this thing is easy to calibrate. And, it allows multiple users to create a profile. Also, the accompanying app is completely free to use.
  • You will truly be pleased with all the information this device provides. The best part is that this tool also acts as a great motivator because it shows graphs that will tell you how you are progressing.


  • The stock batteries aren’t the best. They would have to be replaced within 2 months. Another issue with this product is that it doesn’t sync with the Samsung health app.