How To Build Muscle With Burpees and Push-Ups Supersets

In today’s world, there are a lot of individuals who are dedicated to staying in shape and looking their best, but this is not an easy goal to achieve. It requires a significant investment of your time, and in today’s fast-paced world, time is one of the rarest and most valuable resources; consequently, we have no choice but to organise our schedules in order to make the most of the time we have available to tackle the myriad of responsibilities that make up our typical day.

The use of super sets is the way to go if we want our workouts to be efficient without taking up too much time at the gym. You may shred your muscles in the way that you choose and get more exercises done in the same amount of time thanks to this. When you decide to sculpt your body, you must be prepared for the fact that it will need self-control and work on your side, as well as the fact that it will include following a strategic nutrition plan in addition to a strenuous exercise routine.

Why should you consider combining burpees with push-up supersets?

Maybe you would like to know how this strange name for this popular exercise came into being. In fact there are different theories, one of the most plausible of them being that a lieutenant from New Hampshire by the same name used the combination of push-ups and squat thrusts to drill the soldiers under his command during the Revolutionary War in USA, and after that the tradition was continued by his grandson – a colonel, during the Civil War.

Whether this is true or not, may be not so important but the fact remains it gained popularity because they would whip you into shape quicker than most other exercises since they burn a lot of calories, they make you stronger, and last but not least they require no equipment so you can do them practically everywhere. It’s no wonder athletes, special military forces and football teams include them in their workouts. But they can be done by everyone who wants to get great results in little time. And burpees with a push-up superset will rev up your metabolism even more, and strengthen your arms, back and chest at the same time. It’s an efficient way to work your entire body.

So how can an ordinary person use this effective tool and what is important to know before you choose it?

Of course, it’s always of paramount importance to warm up for about 5-10 minutes before these exercises, which you can do by climbing stairs, dancing, or other movements that will work out the entire body, even fast walking. While probably everyone knows how a push-up is done, there are maybe people who are not so sure about burpees (also known as squat thrusts). How is a burpee properly done? It begins in a standing position, then you squat down with your hands on the floor, straightening your legs in a plank, after which you lower your chest to do a push up, kick your feet back to their original position, stand up and jump.

But what if you’re not in the best physical shape right now? Can you still incorporate burpees with a push-up superset in your daily routine? You can start with a beginner’s version of a burpee, actually skipping the push-up itself, and when you feel confident enough you can add it to get the desired results. You can start with 5-10 repetitions and then slowly increase them.

Here are some tips from fitness experts which might help you get started

  • Breathing is of key importance. Maintaining a breathing rhythm instead of holding your breath will help you avoid feeling dizzy and weak.
  • Keeping pace through the number of reps you’ve set as your goal.
  • Focusing on one movement in a time.
  • Trying to keep the back straight.

Benefits of Burpees

Let’s talk a bit about what are the main benefits of including burpees with a push-up superset in your workout routine.

First, they really burn lots of calories. In fact the number of calories is 50% more than the calories burned with other types of exercises. A person with average weight can burn over 500 calories after an hour of doing burpees. And the best thing about it is they speed up your metabolism throughout the whole day, in other words you’re burning calories even after your workout.

Probably the most attractive thing about these exercises is that they don’t require any equipment, or even going to the gym. It may be probably better to do them outdoors, taking advantage of some fresh air too. (Not applicable if you’re living in a busy city area, in that case you will probably be better if you choose your living room for your workout.) Well, you can certainly save money while getting fitter.

Third, it’s an exercise that will build up your endurance. That is the main reason why it is an inseparable part in any endurance training. If you are determined to get in perfect shape real fast this might be your smartest choice. It is also an effective way to increase the flexibility in the legs, hips, back and core.

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Additional benefits

The other very important benefit is that will undeniably tone up the whole body. Arms, thighs, chest, glutes, and abs – they will all feel and look better than ever before.

Together with the improvement in your muscular endurance it will effectively increase your cardio endurance by keeping your heart rate near its maximum. Improving your body’s anaerobic capacity can help improve the health of your heart and lungs. This might explain why they have become a favorite tool of many coaches (although sometimes used as a form of punishment) and athletes.

Can burpees alone get you in shape?

The burpee is one of the most straightforward but efficient exercises for working out the entire body. It is an excellent approach to engage most of the major muscular groups in your body, which allows you to effectively strengthen both your upper and lower body. Even extremities like your hands get a workout!

Although burpees are an excellent kind of exercise, they do not target all of the muscular groups in the body. Specifically the adductors of the back and shoulders, as well as the obliques. Pull-ups and window washers are two examples of the many types of callisthenics exercises that may be used to address these concerns. Make sure you vary it up.

It is within your capabilities; nonetheless, doing so is not recommended. If a trainer who is aware of and makes use of correct form is unable to get away with it, then I would not propose that another person do it. I was able to assist him in recovering from the discomfort he had acquired by having him to perform rows, face pulls, and dead bugs in addition to the burpees; but, it is not something that I would advocate undertaking.


Finally, you can see for yourselves that including burpees with a push-up superset will help you achieve really great results in a relatively short amount of time but you should keep in mind that they are a quite physically demanding activity, so it might be a wise thing to do them, at least in the beginning, under appropriate supervision and after consulting with your doctor.