resistance band back workout

Build Your Back With Resistance Band Workout

Back exercises help to achieve a beautiful figure and the V-shape so desired by many fitness enthusiasts. In addition, they help reduce back pain by making your back stronger.  This resistance band workout will help to build up muscle in all the right places.

Resistance bands  are probably the most affordable and effective fitness accessory. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, resistance band exercises will challenge your muscles considerably. You can use these bands for exercises that target any part of your body without overworking your joints. And while typical strength training exercises usually focus on large muscle groups, resistance band exercises are great for working smaller muscles that also act as stabilizers.

Take these exercises to the gym or even to your living room for an easy to follow routine. The only equipment required here is a set of bands, a doorway, and you’ll be on your way!

Building Muscle

As women it can often fall off our radar that we need to focus on building muscle. You can do all the cardio or dance classes in the world! Those routines are not going to create the strength you need. We are not just talking looks! Most of all, it’s about protecting our sexy muscle mass for the future as we age. Health and bikinis simply go together – like peas and carrots. (sorry, I just couldn’t resist…)

Building your back is so important for good posture. In today’s age, we are hunched over so much. Maybe we are looking down at screens like our phone or at a desk on a computer all day. So strength training for our back is absolutely critical to stay out of pain, stand tall, and avoid getting slouched permanently.

You know I’m right…

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Resistance training

Resistance and strength training is the most important area of fitness in my opinion. Adding this to your routine (whatever you may be doing now) will be a total game changer. Resistance bands, weights, dumbbells, barbells, and all kinds of other implements make workouts fun! There are so many options to use that you just can’t get bored.

Sure, I love the weights. I use them all the time in my personal workouts. But I love adding bands and other things to keep it interesting, and work the muscles in slightly different ways.

Bands are also an awesome choice if you are a beginner to this whole fitness thing. Because the goal is to make any routine or exercise customizable to your current level of ability. Once you get good at that level – you get to progress! As a result, slow and steady is the name of The Bikini Experiment game.

Resistance band workout that is perfect to build up muscle and definition in the back. This easy to follow exercise routine is ideal for at home or gym.

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Advantages of Resistance Bands

The advantages of elastic band training are permanent tension and resistance that increases as the band is stretched, thus maximising power and explosiveness. The gain in muscle power is due to the fact that the acceleration during the contraction phase lasts longer. Resistance bands are beneficial for variety of purposes.

To improve mobility

Resistance bands are a great way to help you improve your flexibility, but you can also use them to increase the mobility of your joints.

For rehabilitation

Resistance bands have been proven to help recover from injury and are particularly useful when it comes to rehabilitating hips, shoulders and knees.

For strength training

Resistance bands are also useful for strength training. They can be used to add extra resistance to many compound movements such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses. They can also be used for isolation exercises such as bicep curls or shoulder raises.

For pull-ups

Resistance bands can also help you progress with pull-ups. Wrap them around the pull-up bar and place your feet or knees inside the band to carry some of your weight while you work out.

Easy to store

Elastic bands take up almost no space to store, which means you can use them at home even if you have very little space. When your workout is over, simply store them in a drawer until your next session.

Great for travel

Fitness bands are lightweight and easy to carry. You can pack them in your suitcase when you travel and use them to train in your hotel room.

Easy to use alone

It’s not a good idea to lift heavy weights without a workout buddy, but resistance bands can be safely used by yourself. They are ideal for exercising at any time, at home or on the road.

Choosing Resistance Bands

Like I said, customize your resistance bands to your current level of skill. If you are a beginner you’ll want to choose a light band as you are starting out. This resistance band workout can get you stronger slowly, but surely.

True story, years ago when I did physical therapy for my shoulder I could barely lift a dumbbell in certain exercises. I was so embarrassed that I was seen as this “fit girl” who dated a trainer and couldn’t lift a darn thing.

Last week, I used 20lbs dumbbells in my bent over rows. I never thought I’d get there! I surprised even myself. That’s why the goal is to consistently improve, and not take a chance with injury. I was worried about people looking at my tiny weights at the gym! So silly – everyone is worried about their own workout. Don’t ever forget it.

I recommend resistance bands bands for at home workouts because they are inexpensive, portable and versatile. You’ll be amazed at how many different exercises that you can do with them.

Resistance band Exercises

These resistance band exercises are designed to build your back and will be very effective:

  • Kneeling One-Arm Pulldown
  • Standing Row
  • Kneeling One-Arm Crossover Pulldown
  • Bent-Over Low Row

Resistance band workout that is perfect to build up muscle and definition in the back. This easy to follow exercise routine is ideal for at home or gym. || The Bikini Experiment

Form Cues

  • These are the top form cues I want you to keep in mind as you do these exercises
  • Posture is super important! Focus on keeping the shoulders down and away from your ears.
  • Be aware if your rib cage is folded down. You don’t want to the rib cage to protrude or pop out.
  • Tailbone must be kept tucked under you.
  • Only take the band until you feel strong and comfortable so that you aren’t overextending in the exercise. Stop the row just beyond your body.
  • Focus on just the back by flexing the muscles in the movements.

Trainer Tip

This resistance band workout is not meant to be easy! If you feel like you are cruising through or I’m crazy then it up to you! So make it tougher by adding more band resistance or increasing your reps.

Those slow progressions make a huge impact. Because we always want to feel a little bit of challenge going on! We are working towards a goal.

Resistance band workout that is perfect to build up muscle and definition in the back. This easy to follow exercise routine is ideal for at home or gym. My mission is to help you progress in your fitness and get stronger with each workout.

Strength training can be a little intimidating if you don’t know where to start. I want to help you avoid being confused, discouraged, or running back to your full time cardio bunny status.