Best Acupressure Mats For Pain Relief

Acupressure has been a trusted form of treatment across the world for centuries. The benefits of acupressure were carried down as ancient remedies and were adopted as a form of alternative medicine. Now, this form of healing has become an important part of treating many ailments.

Many people suffering from muscle or joint pain, digestive issues, and even headaches trust acupressure therapy. One of the best ways to experience the benefits of acupressure is by getting yourself an acupressure mat.

These mats are very helpful when you want to alleviate any body pain naturally. You can find a large number of such mats online. However, picking the right one can be too much of a hassle. With a large number of options available, it might get a little confusing picking one that works for you.

You need a mat that gives you the right acupressure therapy and does not drain you of your money. Mentioned below is a list of the best acupressure mats you can buy online. Continue reading to narrow down your options and find the best mat for your personal use.

Best Acupressure Mats UK 2023 Reviews

Here are our top picks for acupressure mats that you can consider buying. These mats are affordable and comfortable to use. Take your pick from the following prospects!

1. PRO 11 WELLBEING Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set with a carrying Bag

Best Acupressure Mat 2020

If you are looking for an acupressure mat that can help you with your back or neck pain, this is the right option for you. This mat tops our list because of its superb quality foam as well as an incredibly practical carry bag.

If you have no prior experience with acupressure mats, this is a great option for you. It comes with a very soft base that helps bring back proper circulation in your body. This mat has acupressure spikes on its surface that do all the work.

It comes with a pillow to rest on too. This way, people with previous ailments can relax on the mat without straining their joints any further. You can easily carry it anywhere you go with the help of the carry bag provided.

The size of this mat is reasonable. Its dimensions are 65cm × 40cm and have proven to be a very comfortable choice for many people in the past.


  • Easy to carry because of the drawstring bag
  • Very effective for people suffering from neck, back, joint pain
  • Soft foam base for added comfort
  • Acupressure pillow included for ease.


  • Size not adequate for full body

2. Supportiback Wellness Therapy Acupressure Mat Set

Best Acupressure Mat UK

This acupressure mat is one of the easiest to use, making it a great choice for beginners. One of the best features of this mat is that it is very easy to clean after using it. It comes with a 100% cotton cover to keep it safe when not in use too.

This mat has strategically placed Acupressure points to target all the crucial areas in your body. This helps by giving you the most out of your Acupressure experience. Additionally, it also comes with a neck pillow, so your comfort is not compromised.

The dimensions of the mat are 65cm×40cm. The material of the mat is foam and is very comfortable to sit on. This provides a good base for the spikes and gives the mat a somewhat cushion type feel.

The mat also comes with a travel bag for extra convenience to the user. The lightweight of the mat, 0.35 Kilograms, is a major plus point for its superior portability.


  • Comes with a travel bag
  • Fitted with a washable cotton cover
  • Has a soft foam base to increase comfort
  • Acupressure pillow also included with mat.


  • The size of the mat is small.

3. Anself Massager Cushion Acupressure Mat

Best Acupressure Mat UK 2020

If you are looking for an easy to use acupressure mat with a hassle-free set-up, you can consider this mat for yourself; the Anself Massager Cushion Acupressure Mat comes third in our list because of this very easy to use design.

One of the best aspects of this mat is that it comes with an Acupressure cushion. The cushion ensures added comfort to the user during therapy. You can use the pillow to support your neck when you use this mat for your lower body.

Its fine cotton and plastic raw materials make for a comfortable experience. Moreover, its scientific design helps it ensure for added effect on the applied area. You can use it for a large number of problems.

The dimensions of the mat are 66cm×40cm. The manufacturer claims that this mat is large enough to massage your back with the use of the pillow. The dimensions of the pillow are 38cm×15cm×10cm, which is adequately sized for adults.

It might get difficult to carry it with you anywhere you go because of how much it weighs. The total weight of the complete set of mat and pillow is approximately 0.75 kg or 750 g, making it a little heavy to carry around.


  • Comes with an Acupressure Pillow
  • Made of Soft Cotton and Plastic raw materials


  • Does not have a carry bag
  • Weighs more than other mats

4. TOMSHOO Acupressure Set

Best Acupressure Mat

The TOMSHOO Acupressure Set has an unmatched value attached to its product. You are provided with an Acupressure Mat, an Acupressure Pillow, 2 Massage Balls, and a Travel Bag. You get all of these at a very affordable price. So, if you are looking for a good mat within your budget, this is a great choice for you.

You can easily carry this mat around with you anywhere you go. This is because of the travel bag you get with the mat. Moreover, the massage balls you get along with it are also a great addition to your acupressure kit.

The acupressure pillow is also very useful for users to get the complete acupressure therapy experience too. Along with these, the helpful spikes on the mat are made up of fully recyclable ABS plastic to ensure prolonged, wear-free use.

The fabric of the mat is 100% Natural Organic Plant Dye Dyed-Cotton, so you can rest assured that you will not experience any allergic reactions. The dimensions of the mat are 68cm×42cm×2cm. The dimensions of the Pillow are 33cm×15cm×10cm.


  • Comes with an Acupressure Pillow and 2 Massage Balls
  • Has a travel bag for Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Slightly larger than the other mats


  • Plastic spikes too sharp for beginners
  • Mat slightly less comfortable than other mats

5. Lixada Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set with 2pcs Spiky Massage Balls.

Acupressure Mat 2020

This mat is the perfect option for you if you are looking for a reasonably priced acupressure mat that has a great product design. You get a ton of additional products along with the mat at a great price too.

This Lixada acupressure mat comes with an acupressure pillow and two massage balls in the package. The mat is very safe to use if you have sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions. This is because the mat itself is made from safe, ecological, and skin-friendly cotton fabric.

The interior of the mat is made up of environmentally friendly 18D high-density foam. The spikes on the mat are made up of 100% natural, hypoallergenic, non-toxic ABS plastic. Along with the mat and Acupressure Pillow, you also get 2 Massage Balls and a Carry bag for added convenience.

The dimensions of the mat are 68cm×42cm×2cm. This makes it one of the largest mats on our list! The dimensions of the Acupressure Pillow are 33cm×15cm×10cm. This mat is a little on the heavier side. The total weight of the mat is over 665 g, and the set weighs about 700 g.


  • Comes with an Acupressure Pillow and 2 Massage Balls
  • Mat has a detachable cover.
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • Has larger dimensions than other mats


  • Heavier than other mats
  • Use with caution if an open wound is on a body part that is coming in contact with the mat.

Everything you need to know about acupressure mats

Here are a few things that you should know about before buying an acupressure mat for yourself.

The cost of the mat

The first considerations you need to make is the price of your Acupressure Mat. An Acupressure Mat could set you back by about £15-50. Any mat claiming a higher price than this is not going to be worth it.

Due to their simplistic nature, a mat does not have a lot more to offer than spikes on a mat. Quality may factor in with regards to the sturdiness of the spikes and the material used to make the mat. However, it will not be enough to raise the price above the price ceiling we have mentioned.

Sometimes, a higher price is quoted because the manufacturer is also providing you with accessories such as storage bags as a bonus, and the quality of the mat may be more or less the same as lower-priced mats.

The type of spikes on the mat

The mats usually have the same number of spikes on them, and the size of the spikes on the mats was also more or less the same. This is an important factor to consider as a higher number of spikes would mean a finer area of your body being applied pressure on. This is crucial while trying to reap the benefits of an Acupressure mat.

The size of the spikes also greatly dictates the pressure applied to your body and should be paid attention to as well. Very large and sharp spikes can make it very difficult to move on or off the mat without help. Having diabetes, poor blood circulations, and a thin layer of skin are all red flags while buying an Acupressure mat as the spikes might be sharp enough to make you bleed if moved carelessly upon them.

Another precaution that you must take is to avoid the usage of Acupressure mats if you are pregnant, as most manufacturers also recommend against this. Having issues with blood pressure is also a reason to visit the doctor to find out if these mats are for you or not.

The size of the mat

Figuring out the size of the Acupressure mat you will also be required crucial. Smaller mats are more helpful in the recovery of specific body parts and can somewhat play the role of Acupressure pillows. They are also more portable and easier to handle and take along with you on long-distance journeys.

Larger mats that can accommodate your whole body are usually meant for lying down on and relaxing or releasing tension from the body with the help of yoga or massaging. Mats can also be rolled and used as a nifty way of massaging the body with more pressure than simply lying down on the mat.

Having a case or some sort of storage facility for the mats is advised. This helps in keeping the mat clean from dust particles that might get stuck in between the spikes of the mat.

The material of the mat

Acupressure mats are available in different materials ranging from plant-based foam and cotton to nylon. Always verify the material used as certain materials are easier to take care of than others. For example, the cotton mats might be more comfortable to handle but would take a longer time to clean than the nylon mats. Most cotton mats would be advised against being cleaned with a commercial washer or dryer.

The rating online

Always opt for acupressure mats that have highly rated customer reviews and are using good quality raw materials. Also, opting for a well-known and trusted manufacturer is advised.

Finally, always remember that Acupressure mats cannot replace the medical treatments prescribed to you by a medical professional and will not play the medication’s or treatment’s role in healing you either.

To conclude with

Acupressure mats are a great way to help relieve any type of body pain that you are experiencing. With the help of the above-mentioned mats, you are all set to find one that fits your liking. Make sure you go through all the specifications properly before settling on an acupressure mat. As long as you take precautions and use the mat correctly, you will have nothing to worry about!